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Trend Pyramide Free

This system was build as a research work.

The advantage is the ability to change lots of every next order. This helps to adapt system to many currency pairs.

Its a trend system and all orders are opened in the same direction as first order.

SELL signal comes when the high of last bars (InitBarsCheck) is over MA (MA_Period), actual price is below MA and two candles pattern was made (Bullish + Bearish candle).

Trailing Stop Loss is placed above MA + offset defined in SLtoMAoffset.

Second order is initialized when first order has SL in break even (the risk of first order is gone) and if there is new two candles pattern below MA.

Third and another orders in SELL are realized only on candles patterns below MA.

For BUY has the same, but with opposite rules.

On some currency pairs you could limit the chain of orders using MaxOrders parameters.

This strategy cannot open hedge positions. If first order is SELL another orders are also SELL (and opposite with BUY).

MaxDistanceSL & MinDistanceSL is maximal and minimal accepted SL size for first order.

OpenBarEA = M5 is recommended if you want to optimize with M5 Open Prices method.

EATimeframe is timeframe which is used for this EA. Chart period is ignored, so you can easily change you chart period and Trend Pyramide will still work with defined EATimeframe.



  • InitBarsCheck - Number of bars for checking HIGH above MA or LOW below MA
  • MA_Period - Moving Average period
  • MaxOrders - maximal number of orders
  • MaxDistanceSL - Maximal accepted size of SL in pips
  • MinDistanceSL - Minimal accepted size of SL in pips
  • OpenBarEA - Special EA which working on bars open (SL trailing and order placing is realized only when there is a new bar)
  • EATimeframe - Timeframe for MA and HIGH and LOW price. You can easily switch between charts timeframes and the EA still work with EATimeframe.
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