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Account Info for MT5


The script displays information about the trade account and the current financial instrument.

Information about the trade account:

  • Account - account number and type (Real, Contest or Demo);
  • Name - name of the account owner;
  • Company - name of a company that provide the access to trading;
  • Server - trade server name;
  • Connection State - connection state;
  • Trade Allowed - shows whether trading is allowed on the account at the moment;
  • Experts Allowed - shows whether it is allowed to trade using Expert Advisors;
  • Balance - account balance;
  • Equity - account equity;
  • Credit - amount of credit;
  • Profit - profit size;
  • Free Margin - free margin on the account;
  • Margin - current margin size;
  • MarginCall Level - level at which the account falls under Margin Call (a request to replenish the account);
  • StopOut Level - level at which the account falls under Stop Out (compulsory closing of positions by the broker in case there is not enough free margin on the account;
  • Leverage - leverage.

Information about the current instrument:

  • Symbol - symbols name (symbol description is displayed in brackets);
  • Digits - number of digits following the decimal point in the instrument price (point size in the quotation currency is specified in brackets);
  • Bid Price - last bid price;
  • Ask Price - last ask price;
  • Spread - spread (information whether the spread is fixed or floating is displayed in brackets);
  • Stop Level - minimum allowed distance from the current price for placing pending orders;
  • Freeze Level - range from the current price to the execution price of an order, within which the order cannot be modified or deleted;
  • Swap Long - swap size for long positions;
  • Swap Short - swap size for short positions;
  • Contract Size - contract (lot) size;
  • Minimum Lot - minimum allowed volume of a deal;
  • Maximum Lot - maximum allowed volume of a deal;
  • Lot Step - step of changing of the volume of a deal;
  • Tick Size - minimum change of the price of the financial instrument;
  • Tick Value - minimal price change of the instrument in deposit currency (in addition, its size for profitable and losing positions is specified in brackets);
  • Margin Initial - margin required for opening a position of 1 lot;
  • Margin Maintenance - size of margin required for maintaining a position of 1 lot;
  • Margin Long Rate - margin rate for long positions;
  • Margin Short Rate - margin rate for short positions;
  • Margin Limit Rate - margin rate for Limit orders;
  • Margin Stop Rate - margin rate for Stop orders;
  • Margin StopLimit Rate - margin rate for Stop-Limit orders;
  • Execution Mode - mode of execution of deals (Request, Instant, Market or Exchange);
  • Trade Mode - mode of execution of orders (Disable, Buy Only, Sell Only, Close Only or Full).

The script doesn't have input parameters and it doesn't trade.

Free Version and MetaTrader 4 Version

There is a free version of this app. Unlike the full version, it displays the information about the trade account only (no information about the current financial instrument). There is also a free version and a full version of the application for MetaTrader 4 that have the same features.


The developer of Account Info for MT5 is not responsible for possible modification or termination of the program's operation due to changes in MQL5 used for developing it made by the trading terminal and language developer - MetaQuotes company. The developer of Account Info for MT5 is not responsible for any loss, damage or missed profits caused by the use of the program, its work or malfunction.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the application, comments on its operation or suggestions for future improvements, please send them by email or leave your personal messages via this web site. Let me know what products (Expert Advisors, indicators, scripts) you would like to see.

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