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News Robot MT4

During the release of economic news, the price can overcome tens of pips only in the first minute after the release. News Robot MT4 is designed to trade on news using market and pending orders.

The time of news release can be entered manually or downloaded from investing.com

When using pending orders, the EA can work with Stop and Limit orders. Prior to the news, the price of pending orders varies depending on the current price of the instrument. When one of the orders is triggered, the second order can be canceled. 

When using market orders, you must first set the condition for opening the order. For example: if the actual data is greater than the forecast, open a BUY order.

To download news, you need to add the address https://sslecal2.forexprostools.com to the terminal settings (Tools/Options/Expert Advisors/Allow WebRequest)

Magic Numbers of the order are set by the EA automatically and are unique for each news.

By default, the robot save a tick history for each news release. It is possible to test news releases on a real tick history in the built-in tester. The test results are displayed in the log and on the chart. Based on the tests, you can choose the optimal parameters for trading.

EA settings

  • Start Seconds - the time for placing pending orders before the news
  • Cancel Seconds - time for cancellation of pending orders after the news

For example, the news release time is 15:30:00, Start Seconds = 30, Cancel Seconds = 15

Pending orders will be open at 15:29:30. If no order has triggered, then both pending orders are deleted at 15:30:15

  • BuyOrderDistance - distance to the Buy order
  • SellOrderDistance - distance to the Sell order
  • ModifyStep - step of the order price modification before news release
  • Lot - lot size
  • BuyOrderTakeProfit - take profit for the Buy order
  • BuyOrderStopLoss - stop loss for the Buy order
  • SellOrderTakeProfit - take profit for the Sell order
  • SellOrderStopLoss - stop loss for the Sell order
  • Use BUY STOP order - ON/OFF BUY STOP order
  • Use SELL STOP order - ON/OFF SELL STOP order
  • Use BUY LIMIT order - ON/OFF BUY LIMIT order
  • Use SELL LIMIT order - ON/OFF SELL LIMIT order
  • Rule 1 - Condition 1 for opening a market order
  • Rule 2 - Condition 2 for opening a market order
  • Trailing - enable/disable trailing
  • Trailing_Start - start trailing
  • Trailing_Distance - distance to the price
  • Trailing_Step - trailing step
  • Trailing_Hidden - hidden mode
  • BreakEven - enable/disable breakeven
  • BreakEven_Fix - the number of pips for fix profit
  • BreakEven_Profit - current profit in pips
  • Save a tick history - Enable save of ticks
  • Start (min) - start recording before the news, default is 5 minutes
  • End (min) - the end of the recording after the news, the default is 180 minutes
Parameters with the prefix "Test_" are used for test news when testing the Robot in the terminal.

ollinruiz1 2019.05.01 11:39 

The product would be great if the author would explain more how to use his product it is so confusing and no guide is provided

It doesn’t support VPs and it’s terrible and late execution. I regret renting

Shay Matityahu
Shay Matityahu 2019.01.06 18:34 

The Best News Product, No problems No issues No 2 mints delay like other (300$) product did, Thanks Andrey... 5 Stars

Elpis 2018.10.05 17:32 

Great Product. 5 Star.

Free2Day 2018.08.30 23:02 

This new version of News Trader is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! The programming and strategy was well planned. No more making mistakes with time settings...no more hassels at manually inputing news data parameters for each news event...Just 4 clicks everything is done for you.

I spent two minutes setting all my trades for the rest of the week. I'm still learning how to "TEST" parameters so an update will be forth coming.

The following link is a successful trade that generated $11+ using .10 lot. Unfortunately I was asleep so I'm unable to give you a blow by blow as to how this trade went...since my profit was $11 I have to assume my TS was hit. My TS is set to trail at 10 pips (broker minimum).


Please NOTE: Profit Tracker doesn't come with the purchase. Personal

indicator I use on all charts.

You can set Pending Orders OR Market Orders. Haven't use Market Orders yet but will get around to doing so.

You can also save your settings for each news event very easily.

I know this isn't a full review...I'm still learning myself. Andrew has created a brilliant update to his News Trading EA that's easier to use.

I promise to stay up for the next successful trade so I can share with you more details on how this EA handle the trade AND the broker.

5 STARS and BRAVO to Andrew!!!

Iury Mendes Da Silva
Iury Mendes Da Silva 2018.07.13 03:07 

Ok, if there is an EA that I recomend, it's this. It really work if you are not greedy.

Suleyman Guliyev
Suleyman Guliyev 2018.05.08 19:14 

Very responsive and helpful author. My respect.

Alessandro Di Pietro
Alessandro Di Pietro 2018.03.23 12:30 

One of the few robots that really earn and above all at a really ridiculous price. It should cost a lot more.

HUSHUS 2018.02.21 16:06 

Finally a robot which makes money!

choose6569 2018.02.16 21:20 

icmarkets, tickmill, на впс с пингом 2-3мс, все стабильно в минус(((

MagusNotes 2018.02.09 17:52 

A very effective strategy is made to be super easy to set up and use. Great EA. Thank you!

Vladimir Lutikov
Vladimir Lutikov 2018.01.26 13:26 

Проскальзывает) нужно сделать чтобы быстрее реагировал!

Pip Collector
Pip Collector 2018.01.05 10:46 

Great product and Andrey is a nice person willing to listen and help.

I use it on VPS with no problem at all

Samuel Onyike
Samuel Onyike 2018.01.04 04:31   

I just got this EA.

Sounds like a nice idea.

Let's apply it to the real market situation.

I will modify my review after a month.

Update 04/01/2018

EA works very well manually. However, EA performs very poorly with VPS service.

Please work on this because the essence is that with proper settings, this should work well with VPS

Sairoong Kidtook
Sairoong Kidtook 2018.01.01 19:16 

1 month i test this EA, so maybe i mistake but strange one day EA open with time VPS another day with times mt4 market i miss all time news, very crazy, and another thing trade need stay more 20 sec because many time candle move after 4-10 min, i use this strategy manual i feel i will continous manual is better

Georgetrading 2017.12.18 20:26 

Definitely a good (news) EA! Andrey even updated the EA for me with an extra function.

Saleh Laradhi
Saleh Laradhi 2017.12.18 00:47 

very good

i start today with AUD CPI news AUD/USD AUD/CAD total profit with 2 pair 25$ with small lot

up date it very very good with USD/CAD for any knew with CAD

Sergey Zhuravkov
Sergey Zhuravkov 2017.12.08 19:41 

Попробуем новую версию!

ifatedi 2017.12.01 18:14 

Реально Хорош !

Nice One !

crebcreb 2017.11.18 11:54 

Great EA,easy to use but remember;you have to work with it, and use your brain.

ilja.drobotoff 2017.11.13 11:20 

Отличный продукт! Быстрое исполнение. Автор отзывчивый!

Arthit Arunroj
Arthit Arunroj 2017.11.04 19:37 

*** Real trading *** , http://bit.ly/myFxbook

simke 2017.11.03 02:29 

the best of all ea

all praise for the author. not 5 stars than 1,000,000 stars.

Danis Khaziakhmetov
Danis Khaziakhmetov 2017.11.02 15:16 

Хороший советник! Мне нравится. Единственное, бывает не запускается по заданному времени, поэтому лучше контролировать торговлю чтобы можно было переназначить время и не упустить новость :)

Pooya Nazari Kangarloo
Pooya Nazari Kangarloo 2017.10.31 15:05 

the best ea for trading news

god bless you

thank you very much

Spiros Galiatsatos
Spiros Galiatsatos 2017.10.25 16:24 

So far impressive! Just made over 30 pips on USD/CAD this morning. Will keep you up to date. Good job!

williamhui 2017.10.14 05:49 

It's a five stars EA with easy setup and profitable. The only thing I need to do is to go to read the news calendar to found out which News event is good to work.

Slowpoison 2017.10.12 15:10 

Andrey thanks for creating this fantastic EA it would've definitely changed a lot of lives I'm sure of it, also thanks again for adding the option that I wanted in the EA. Eagerly awaiting the automatic "NEWS ANALYTICAL SYSTEM EA" to be in the market and take it for a test ride.

Btw I've been using the MT4 News EA since past 3 months, verdict AWESOME! 10/10.

Renard42 2017.10.10 10:52 

5 stars!!

I tested this EA for 2 months and it is excellent.

I asked for some modifications and Andrey is very reactive.

I am a scalper, I trade the news and I have little time to open an order. With this EA, I can open until 4 orders at the same time and I have never been problem. Before, I could open only a single order at the same time.

My profit increased by 100 % in 2 months.

I recommend strongly this EA which is certainly the best of his category.

Thank you Andrey!

clauparla 2017.10.02 01:14   

adquiri el robot pero no puedo descargarlo ,, alguien sabe como se hace??? ya realice el pago.-


Hualan Lu
Hualan Lu 2017.09.14 03:37 

i test this semi EA for 3 days, details as following

6th Sep: Canada interest rate, i set TP=40,distance=15pips,stoploss=15, trailing start=10, trailing distance=5, lot=1, finally took profit=323.86usd.

7th Sep: AUD GDP, set TP=20, distance=15pips, stoplos=15, trailing start=10,trailing distance=5, lot=2, took profit=78 (real account)

8th Sep: Canada employment change, set TP-50,distance=15pips, stoplos=15, trailing start=10,trailing distance=5, lot=5, took profit=57.8 (real account)

so this EA is very good, thanks Andrey teach me patiently.

if you want to use this EA, the parameter is very important. this parameter for ref only, test by self .

14th Sep: just trade AUD employment change, TP=40pips, lot=2 , take profit 326usd. very good .

Marina Malk
Marina Malk 2017.09.12 11:28 

The best EA for trade the NEWS I ever used. Very simple and straight forward. If you use it properly, the profits are guaranteed. Author is very responsive and helpful as well.

jos_veg 2017.09.06 02:18   

Estimado. Compre el producto pero no lo puedo descargar. Intantaba instalarse en un MT4 que no uso, cancele la descarga y luego me dio un error.

Como lo arreglamos?? Gracias

simon7806 2017.08.31 15:18 

A nice news robot which is easy to use. it is profitable.

jacu111 2017.07.15 14:19 

Profitable, The best robot for news trading I have found.

Highly recommended.

Ali Shawka
Ali Shawka 2017.06.30 14:31   

You have purchased a consultant

Do you need to add a news site?

What are the currency pairs that work well?

Kjubi 2017.06.17 09:41 

This tools is one of the best i ever seen. Also seller is really helpful and he always helped me with my questions.

Thank you Andrey.

nouvococo 2017.05.11 13:19 

Excellent EA! Very good results trading central banks news or big data release! Need fast broker and VPS of course!

Luis Ainsworth Fahning
Luis Ainsworth Fahning 2017.01.31 23:06   

My licenses are available, but this message show in log file:

18:40:12.293 invalid 'C:\Users\Dell XPS 8300\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\1DAFD9A7C67DC84FE37EAA1FC1E5CF75\MQL4\Experts\Market\News Robot MT4.ex4' license

mrmbawalan 2016.11.02 02:35 

Gotta try this new EA

Vasilios Vikatos
Vasilios Vikatos 2016.09.07 13:23 

This advisor have many uses. Not only for news. Great work, and good price.

60012345 2016.08.05 16:16 

При установке правильных параметров советника и понимании установки времени важных новостей на паре- советник РАБОТАЕТ ! И неплохо! Спасибо Андрею.

moussa 2016.07.23 10:46 

Five-star from me because I used this ea It has made a profits

strongly recommend it for news,You can see the pictures with my comment 4=64

villapezzoni 2016.05.23 17:24 

Absolutely 5 stars!! Works great, but you need to keep confidence with the news because any news is different and you need to find the right setting. The price is cheap, very compliments to the author!!

John Keefe
John Keefe 2016.03.19 00:22 

I have been using this EA for over 6 months. It is my most profitable EA without question. If you look at the 'What's New' section you will see 2 updates v1.4 and v1.5, both of these were my suggestions, the Vendor listened and made suitable amendments virtually immediately, that's what I call 5 star service.

The problem with news trading using the Straddle as this EA does, is that every news event requires a slightly different setting, so you need to test the EA for a couple of months on demo before committing to a live account. The default settings work reasonably well for the Non-Farm Payroll. For other events you will need to experiment. Not all Forex Factory High Impact events are worth trading either.

If you keep at it you will definitely make money. I hardly get a loosing trade using this now.

It’s also a little broker sensitive, but good fast execution brokers like Pepperstone and Think etc work well.

This EA is 100% worth the 5 stars that I have given it, and is well worth the extraordinary low price the vendor is currently charging for it.

バージョン 2.1 2018.09.14
- Added parameter "Font size" - font size of the dialog box text.
- Bug fixes.
- Added a warning if it is not possible to run the test and / or the absence of a tick history file.
バージョン 2.0 2018.08.17
-added downloading news releases from the site.
-save a tick history.
-testing news strategies in the built-in tester
-new interface
バージョン 1.9 2018.05.15
- Added the possibility of cyclic trading on specified days of the week.
- The chart displays all the necessary information on the configuration of the EA, the current time, the date and time of the next trade.
- Added the ability to select options for canceling the second order. The order can be removed after the first order is in BreakEven.
- Spread filter.
- GAP protection.
- Detailed log record.
バージョン 1.8 2016.08.29
- Added option Trailing = ON / OFF - switch on / off the trailing stop function
- Added option BreakEven = ON / OFF - switch on / off the breakeven function
- For convenience, the robot settings are shown in the chart
- Changed the default settings
バージョン 1.7 2016.06.01
- Added breakeven
BreakEven_Start - the number of pips for profit
BreakEven_Distance - distance in pips
バージョン 1.6 2016.04.11
- The robot is now even faster. Immediate opening, modification and deletion of orders.
- Fixed errors that appear with a specific set of input parameters.
バージョン 1.5 2016.03.16
- Fixed bugs
- Improved performance
バージョン 1.4 2015.09.01
Added option CommentOrder - user comment to the order.