What to do if I am not receiving the verification SMS from MQL5.com to my phone?

Eleni Anna Branou  

Please check the following:

  • Confirm that your phone provider permits the reception of international SMS messages.
  • Ensure network coverage is strong.
  • Ensure the mobile number/s are not in roaming (in that case delivery is not guaranteed).
  • Ensure unwanted SMSs are removed so that phone memory is not full.
  • Restart the phone to refresh network (keep it off for 10 minutes to reset on the network) and then send a message to test.
  • Check for any mobile applications or settings that may filter out SMS messages.

You may swap sim to another phone, then you can send that number a message to test.

If you use an iPhone:

  • Please check if 'Filter Unknown Senders' is not enabled in 'Settings' > 'Messages'.
  • If the function 'Do Not Disturb' is active on an iPhone, you will not receive any notifications when the device is locked.
    Swipe down on the right part of the screen and tap "Focusing".
  • Make sure that there is no third-party app present on the handset that could filter traffic.
Credit to  Abhishek Yadav for these tips.