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How to Write an Expert Advisor or an Indicator

MQL5 Source Code Library for MetaTrader 5 - 158


This is the largest free source code library for MetaTrader 5 platform programs. Here you can find ready-made Expert Advisors, technical indicators, scripts and libraries. Use the code library when learning MQL5 language and develop your own automated trading applications based on the provided codes.

You can freely download and test published codes, as well as launch them in MetaTrader 5. The library is also available directly from MetaTrader 5 platform and MetaEditor development environment.

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Trading system using the zero point indicator.

This indicator draws candlesticks in accordance with the color of the bars in histogram of the 2pbIdealXOSMA indicator.

The indicator draws the channel for flat market based on the MA Rounding.

Crossed МА and ZigZag. To be more exactly, МА drawn on the Zigzag principle.

The indicator draws candlesticks depending on the trend direction.

Trading system using the Kolier_SuperTrend trend indicator

The breakthrough trend indicator

Trading system using the RMACD histogram.

The MACD histogram drawn on the basis of the RVI technical indicator and the TRVI custom indicator.

The Expert Advisor drawn on the basis of the MALR indicator. Trailing stop, lot increase, averaging and reversal functions are available

The Exp_MAMA Expert Advisor drawn using the entry when crossing Moving Averages of the MAMA indicator

The indicator for automatic drawing of consolidation areas and channels on the basis of the linear regression

Trading system based on the signals of the parabolic that uses Moving Average values as an input time series.

The Zero Point Force indicator drawn on the basis of two Moving Averages.

The simpliest linear combination of eight stochastics in the form of the oscillator

The oscillator drawn on the basis of four lines of the Ichimoku indicator.

Trend indicator that displays "weak" bars

The Exp_AdaptiveRenko Expert Advisor drawn on the basis of the NRTR of the AdaptiveRenko indicator

The iSAR technical indicator which uses the X2MA Moving Average as the basic price series for the best filtrating of false signals.

The Exp_JBrainSig1_UltraRSI Expert Advisor uses the values of JBrainTrend1Sig and UltraRSI indicators to analyze the market state.

The iSAR indicator's main advantage is that it is based on current price time series thanks to which it can be applied to the other indicators

The Expert Advisor is drawn on the Oracle redrawing indicator

Displaced Moving Averages

The breakthrough trading system using the Candles_Smoothed indicator.

The NRTR Moving Average from Konstantin Kopyrkin for trailing stops and trends display

The Moving Average of a linear regression with two levels of bands like John Bollinger bands

The indicator of price movement relative to one selected time point

According to the author it is the best forecast indicator. The oracle which can be trusted more than analysts

The MA indicator with the ability of fine configuration

The Cynthia Case stochastic.

The simplest script to send instant PUSH-notifications to smartphone

Adaptive filter with the ability to calculate the Laguerre polynomial of any order

The indicator of the star sky on the black chart

The Exp_2pbIdealXOSMA Expert Advisor is drawn on the basis of the 2pbIdealXOSMA indicator.

Weighted Moving Average with a regulated lag using a curve of the normal (or Gauss) distribution as the function of weight coefficients

The VFractals indicator marks the level of the fractal formed on the bar with a volume larger than the average volume of the last 3 bars to fractal

Weighted Moving Average with a minimal lag using a damping cosine wave as the line of weight coefficients

The Exp_2MoHLC based on the signals taken from the 2MoHLC_ indicator

ZigZag with the ability to specify the "significant movement" in points

The 2pbIdealXOSMA indicator represents the MACD histogram based on the 2pbIdeal1MA and 2pbIdeal3MA indicators.