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ElliottWaveMaker 3.0 - expert for MetaTrader 5

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2013.03.01 13:38
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A detailed description of version 2.0 is given in the article "AutoElliottWaveMaker - MetaTrader 5 Tool for Semi-Automatic Analysis of Elliott Waves".

Version 3.0 has the ability to draw Andrew's Pitchforks. Drawing is performed on three selected wave labels. To start labeling process you have to press "Shift" button, after that select 3 wave labels. Wave drawing will be made after right clicking of the third label. After drawing Andrew's Pitchforks to deselect labels press "Shift" button and click on any wave label. Created waves can be deleted. To do this you should select wave labels on which they have been drawn and left click on the third label. The removal of waves also happens when any label on which they are drawn is removed.

You can display additional tools of Andrew's Pitchforks. To do this you should select the third label and then press the corresponding button on the keyboard:

  • D - show/hide the upper warning lines.
  • F - show/hide the lower warning lines.
  • U - show/hide Schiff lines.
In version 3.0 also the following new functions added:
  1. show/hide horizontal, vertical and price label of a selected label (T, B and G keys, respectively);
  2. show/hide all horizontal, vertical and price labels (Y, N and H keys, respectively);
  3. display of a vertical on a zero bar (M key);
  4. copy chart with label (J key).


Fig. 1. Andrew's Pitchforks drawn using ElliottWaveMaker 3.0 

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

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