MQL5 Storage: source code repository

MQL5 Storage is a personal online storage for MQL4/MQL5 source code. The service ensures secure access to your files from anywhere in the world and provides the opportunity to develop large projects in collaboration with other MQL5 community members.

Access to the MQL5 Storage is provided free of charge. Enable your personal storage in MetaEditor.

The personal MQL5 Storage of source codes

Direct Integration with MetaEditor

The code storage is integrated into MetaEditor, so you can save and receive data from the storage directly in the editor, without using any additional software.

Built-in MQL5 Storage in MetaEditor

Version Code Storage

The MQL5 Storage features the version control system, which is implemented on the basis of Subversion. You can view details of all updates, such as modification date and author, as well as cancel changes if necessary or revert to a previous version in a just couple of clicks.

MQL5 Storage stores the entire history of changes, which can be viewed at any time.

Access Codes from Anywhere in the World

With the MQL5 Storage, you can access your code files from any computer. Specify your MQL5 account in MetaEditor settings and download available files from the storage.

Data Security

MQL5 Storage ensures security for your source code files. Only you can access the data, which is stored on a protected server. In addition, your local copy can be quickly restored from the storage in case of computer hard disk failure.

Shared Projects

MQL5 Storage supports online shared programming projects. You can create a shared project in MetaEditor, add participants and distribute appropriate permissions. Only an MQL5 account is needed for participating in the project. You may set any of your projects as public and seek assistance from MQL5 community members.

MQL5 Storage supports shared projects

Data Migration between Platforms

In addition to source code, the MQL5 Storage can store other useful files, such as chart templates and profiles, sets of trading symbols and testing parameters for MQL5 programs. Upload files to the MQL5 Storage and access them from any computer using your MQL5 account.

With MQL5 Storage, you can easily transfer files between platforms on different computers

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