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MQL4 ve MQL5 kaynak kodu kütüphanesi


MQL5 veya MQL4 programlama dilini öğrenmeye nereden başlayacağınızı bilmiyor musunuz? MetaTrader terminaliniz için çeşitli programlar burada mevcuttur. Yayınlanmış kod örneklerini indirin ve inceleyin, kendi göstergelerinizi ve Uzman Danışmanlarınızı geliştirin. Uygulamalarınızı en büyük MQL5 ve MQL4 kod tabanında yayınlayın; uygulamalarınız her MetaTrader terminalinde ve MetaEditor'da kullanıma sunulacaktır.

MQL4 ve MQL5'teki kod örnekleriniz tüm dünyaya dağıtılacak ve binlerce yatırımcı sizi tanıyacak!

Kod ekle

for export/import of orders and trades between EAs and terminals

The Roofing Filter Indicator was created by John Ehlers ("Cycle Analytics for Traders" pg. 80 - 82).

This indicator shows trend line and channels using the BSI Indicator. Original work of https://www.mql5.com/en/code/13615

A simple and easy to understand function that calculates todays profit, written to the Expert Journal.

Example of daily loss calculation tool You can update it as you want.

Confirmation (trend) indicator used for lower timeframes

Money-managing stop loss baseline indicator for MT5.

This tool outlines extremes made by the prices within the selected window size. This is achieved by estimating the underlying trend in the price using kernel smoothing, calculating the mean absolute deviations from it, and adding/subtracting it from the estimated underlying trend. Originally Made By LuxAlgo. Coded in MT5 format.

The indicator is an equivalent \"Chart Window\" version of MACD.

Automatically export csv file

The Restoring Pull Indicator was created by John Ehlers (Stocks & Commodities V.11:10 (395-400))

One code that works for both Mt4 and Mt5 combined. Salient features of the code: -Filter News by High, Low or Medium Volatility -Filter By currencies -Filter by News Keyword -Auto GMT offset check -Dashboard to show upcoming News (Can be enabled or disabled) -Lines on chart for all Upcoming events -Code can be easily modified to place trade at certain time before or after an event or to just stop trading during events.

Get notifications when hit price level

This EA started off as a job to trail equity. I then added the function of managing individual trades. Thereafter I added the facility of manually putting the price of when it can send a grid of pending order's. This EA does not have condition set in it to open trades. You have to determine that if market moves to an area you believe you would open a grid of orders if you were by your computer watching the market. No what this EA helps is you wake up in the morning you see the area you a grid to open. PUT THE PRICE FOR THE EA TO OPEN A GRID OF PENDING ORDERS. If the market reaches the area price you have set. The EA will send the grid and will manage those trades putting Stop Loss (if you set it) trailing(if you set it). Today 13 Sep 2022 the EA generates has NO ERROR when compiled

Show trade history

he script estimates the bar's High-Low-Close, based on the stream similarity.

An indicator for drawing all important Pivot Points including: "Classic", "Camarilla", "Woodie", "Floor", "Fibonacci", "Fibonacci_Retracement".

Source code of simple order panel

The Predictive Moving Average was created by John Ehlers (“Rocket Science For Traders”, pg.212″).

This library shows useful informations and do a lot of functions to a symbol.

Modify to allow direct specification of the starting point of the Parabolic SAR.

Allows you to determine the occurrence of a new bar event in a multicurrency Expert Advisor

Two pending orders at the beginning of the day

The Expert Advisor is a joke: the position is opened randomly. Now there is a Stop Loss, Take Profit and much more

Expert is a joke! The position is opened at random!

A series of indicators 'Four Colors'. Signals are now 'Arrow' in the main window

An exponential moving average of the true range and the offset of its average deviation

Added alerts to custom indicator

Candlestick chart without shadows

A simple trading system using the custom indicator "WPR Custom Cloud"

Added alerts to custom indicator

Colored SAR indicator. Alerts on color change

The indicator draws three daily rectangles

Simple EA on 'iVIDyA' indicator

Indicator based on iAO (signal 'saucer') and filter based on iMA

Service Script for aggregating Economic Calendar data to a .txt file

Trading strategy for the custom indicator 'OsMA Four Colors Arrow EA'

Three candles from another timeframe are drawn using graphical objects

Smoothing the custom indicator 'Relative Momentum Index' using iMA

Two indicator series ('Two MA Color N Bars' and 'Square') in one code