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The indicator of reversal points drawn on the week candlesticks. Average purple line is a pivot on the week candlesticks. Support and resistance levels are defined by the size of candlesticks.

This indicator was first implemented in MQL4 and published in Code Base at on 18.09.2007.  

Fig.1 The WeeklyPivot indicator

Fig.1 The WeeklyPivot indicator 

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Original code:

TrendRange TrendRange

The trend indicator with three states.

IncGUI_BitPicA IncGUI_BitPicA

An updated version of the CBitPic class with the ability to control drawing transparency

TradeAlgorithms TradeAlgorithms

Trade functions library designed for use in the code of scripts and Expert Advisors depending on a broker

MinPriceChange MinPriceChange

The indicator of the minimum sum of price changes which forms signals after flat movements and before potential breakthrough in this or that side