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MQL5 Source Codes of Libraries for MetaTrader 5


Libraries are small sub-programs containing a certain functionality that can then be used for developing new applications. Once written and thoroughly checked, a library allows users to speed up the development of new MQL5 applications. One of the illustrative examples is ALGLIB library containing multiple numerical analysis functions.

Library source codes can be downloaded and used in MetaEditor when developing trading strategies. They cannot be launched in MetaTrader 5 independently.

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Smooth Algorithms fixed version plus Trade Algorithms plus full operational EA, plus two indicators . So you will get complete project where you be able to see example how to use and implement this libraries

This Include File checks for Market Open Hours. An EA to test it is also included.

With these classes you can create and test your signals runtime.

Monitoring of memory leaks in the strategy tester

Enables Programmers to create Martin Gale and Grid Trading strategies with ease.


Forget about BMP files like a bad dream. Thanks to this library, you can now use the PNG format, which has a number of advantages, such as being more compact without losing image quality and maintaining transparency.

Calculate DST for USA, EUR, AUD and RUB and the offset time of the broker automatically from the 70's until 2030 - even in the Strategy Tester of MQ.

The purpose is to check whether new bar are generated This is a class file that can be used as a class or copied to EA or scripts for use

A set of macros to benchmark small code snippets for their execution speeds.

The 64-bit xoshiro256** Random Number Generator.

Smooth Algorithms - Corrected/Modified

Sort the input array in-place using comparison function less.

for export/import of orders and trades between EAs and terminals

This library shows useful informations and do a lot of functions to a symbol.

Allows you to determine the occurrence of a new bar event in a multicurrency Expert Advisor

The ZigZagExtremaOnArray is an mqh include file which contains the calculation function of MetaQuotes' Examples ZigZag, BUT you can use it on any buffer that contains curves or histograms, similarly to the MovingAverages.mqh from include. The idea was to get highs and lows of an indicator curve quickly with the help of an "onBuffer" function.

Utility for copying transactions from one MT5 account or MT4 account to another MT5 account.

Adds the ability to automatically export the transaction history after running the Expert in the strategy Tester.

from the logistic regression Article, I welcome all the thoughts on how we can build multiple dynamic Logistic Regression

Sorts the values in the first dimension of a multidimensional numeric array in the ascending order.

This EA demonstrates creating and saving a graphic chart using data from the MT5 Strategy Tester.

Simple class for getting the number of microseconds (µs) elapsed since January 1, 1970

A collection of useful string manipulation functions.

Extend of CFile class to work with the .set extension file which terminal will produce when the Input/Optimisation is saved.

This Function will retrieve the Assets next Opening Time and Closing Times, either following the current time or following a given time.

This class loads a licensing file by reading 64bit encrypted account data from a license file into an account array for the purpose of licensing. The Class is initialised with a Filename, a Master Key (m_hkey -> can be a secret key of your choice) and whether the file needs to be saved in the common folders or not.

An easy-to-use multi-currency library, usable in indicators and EA.

hybrid sorting algorithm that provides both fast average performance and (asymptotically) optimal worst-case performance

gnome sort is based on the technique used by the dutch garden gnome

This is a wrap for using databasexxx

a simple sorting algorithm that people use to manually sort cards in a bridge hand

A light header-only version of Log4mql that provides standardized logging.

an in-place comparison sorting algorithm

an in-place comparison sort

a much more efficient version of selection sort

an efficient, general-purpose sorting algorithm

A sorter class to sort an array based on other arrays.

a highly efficient sorting algorithm, based on partitioning of array of data into smaller arrays

represent an operation to be performed on the elements of an object structure. visitor lets you define a new operation without changing the classes of the elements on which it operates

define the skeleton of an algorithm in an operation, deferring some steps to subclasses. template method lets subclasses redefine certain steps of an algorithm without changing the algorithm's structure