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How to Write an Expert Advisor or an Indicator

MQL5 Source Codes of Libraries for MetaTrader 5

Libraries are small sub-programs containing a certain functionality that can then be used for developing new applications. Once written and thoroughly checked, a library allows users to speed up the development of new MQL5 applications. One of the illustrative examples is ALGLIB library containing multiple numerical analysis functions.

Library source codes can be downloaded and used in MetaEditor when developing trading strategies. They cannot be launched in MetaTrader 5 independently.

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Get the time of the daylight change, (start/end of the summer time).

Class to provide simple reading mechanism from MetaTrader set files.

A class for easy access to the closed position properties.

Header with iRSIOnArray function for use with MQL 4 or 5 code.

converted stdlib library for MQL5 from the MQL4

BitMEX Trading API Header files and example codes to trade on BitMEX exchange.

Custom Price Chart using a simple Artificial Neural Network that tries to project price movements into the future. Not very useful for trading, but fun to watch and learn ;)

Monster Trend indicator that uses data from several time periods.

Trend indicator similar to Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, with a number of drawing options and calculation parameters.

NELODI Trading Terminal is a collection of Indicators and an Expert Advisor, which work together to provide a complete solution for manual Trading, primarily designed for Scalping.

Random number generation using the 32-bit PCG generator.

A fast library for combinations and permutations in MQL.

A class to reconstruct closed trades (paired in/out deals) from history sorted by close time.

A cross platform library/framework

A base class to simplify analyzing trade transactions in MQL5.

This class was developed to exchange data between MetaTrader 5 and CSV files. It converts the strings read from the CSV file to double and integer values depending of the type of the columns. Two producers of CSV files are most important for me. The most important producer are spreadsheet programs, i.e. LibreCalc. Manually entered CSV are the other kind of CSV files I had in mind. Be aware that this class do not use the standard library FileCsv.mqh etc. Instead it works with text files. It splits text lines into fields. Maximum speed and low memory usage were no development goals. This class may not be suited for large datasets or time critical operations. I would not use CSV files if speed was my main goal.

A price channel based on a bar of user-defined duration (timeframe).

Long Short-Term Memory Neural Network - for time series analysis.

Calculating the best trading interval.

The function for moving an open position to a breakeven.

Virtual trading environment

This is the trading signal of PullBack and Candle. The expert code for this strategy is automatically generated by the MQL 5 wizard.

This is the trading signal of Bollinger Bands. The expert code for this strategy is automatically generated by the MQL 5 wizard.

Libraries based on the article "Random decision forest in reinforcement learning"

The library and iCanvas class simplify writing programs using Canvas.

Access to OnTradeTransaction data anywhere within an application

Converts a number to a text.

The library allows receiving a magic number bound to three elements: symbol name, timeframe and prefix index.

This calculates Optimal f using the Geometric Mean. Per Ralph Vince, "In trading we can count on our wins being for varying amounts and our losses being for varying amounts. Therefore the Kelly formulas could not give us the correct optimal f." So, using his equation(s), I created this library for the Geometric Mean version of Optimal f.

Complete and fast functions similar to Bars and iBarShift from MQL4.

A library to provide simple storage mechanism for expert advisors and indicators.

Handy functions for comparison and rounding of floating-point numbers (prices, lots and money).

A module of trading signals based on the Moving Average indicator signal module.

A module of trading signals based on the Moving Average indicator signal module.

This non-trading utility generates custom symbol information on 1M chart.

This non-trading utility generates custom symbol information on 1M chart. Configure using Tick Size, Pip Size, Points or R. Now with Asymetric Reversals!

Printing GetLastError() and MqlTradeResult retcode as text description.

Increased accuracy of the standard timer.

The EasyAndFastGUI library allows creating graphical interfaces for custom MQL programs.

A module of trading signals based on the signal module of the iCCI (Commodity Channel Index, CCI) indicator.