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2013.02.22 07:12

OpenSellPosition_X - script for MetaTrader 5

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The OpenSellPosition_X script is created to sell at fixed values of Stop Loss and Take Profit in points from the current price.

The main advantage of this script is the ability to set the amount of losses when the stop loss triggers as a percentage of the deposit, using the LossMM input parameter of the script. Set the StopLoss in points and the amount of loss as a percentage of the deposit - the script will automatically calculate the lot size.

Script input parameters: 

//| SCRIPT INPUT PARAMETERS                      |
input double  LossMM=0.1;   // Losses from balance when Stop Loss triggered
input uint DEVIATION=10;    // Price deviation
input uint STOPLOSS=300;    // Stop Loss in points from the current price
input uint TAKEPROFIT=800;  // Take Profit in points from the current price
input uint RTOTAL=4;        // The number of retries in unsuccessful deals
input uint SLEEPTIME=1;     // Pause time between retries in seconds

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Original code:

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