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2013.02.19 18:03
2013.02.25 09:25

The indicator's output is calculated base on mathematical approach.

Calculate Price Speed:

Galileo defined speed as the distance covered per unit of time. (

where v is speed, d is distance and t is time. In this indicator we will define d as distance between price series and t is in minute. We use minute instead of second because second is to fast while sometime we found no price movement for minutes. This could be annoying for some peoples.

Calculate Average Speed of Price:

Indicator calculate Average Speed using Arithmetical  Mean. (,


If n numbers are given, each number denoted by ai, where i = 1, ..., n, the arithmetic mean is the [sum] of the ai's divided by n or

in this indicator n is days, a is speed and AM is output of indicator buffer calculated in point/minute.


OneSideGaussianMA OneSideGaussianMA

The Moving Average drawn on the basis of Gauss algorithm

The asymmetry indicator The asymmetry indicator

The indicator which defines the moments when the market becomes asymmetric and there are strong trend changes

TrendPower TrendPower

The trend indicator drawn on the basis of a comparison of six levels of simple Moving Averages with High and Low of the current candlestick

FX_Sniper_Ergodic_CCI FX_Sniper_Ergodic_CCI

The ergodic CCI.