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2013.03.01 13:38
2016.11.22 07:32

The real author:

Igor V. Kim aka KimIV

Entries and exits signals on the system "Friday effect" for trading on Friday.

Signals are determined by the daily candlestick of the previous day. If the candlestick is growing, then in hour defined by the HourOpenPos indicator input parameter (position opening time), Long will be opened which in its turn will be closed at the moment of time defined by the HourClosePos indicator input parameter (Position closing time). Analogically shorts on day candlestick falling in Thursday will be opened. The arrows of the indicator identify entries, the rounds - exits from positions.

The indicator does not work on timeframes more than an hour! This indicator was first implemented in MQL4 and published in Code Base at on 24.09.2007. 

Fig.1 The i-Friday_Sig indicator

Fig.1 The i-Friday_Sig indicator 

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Original code:


The class to play music using the MIDI device

MD5 Hash MD5 Hash

Calculation of 32 digit string MD5-hash from transmitted byte array

Narrowest Range Signal Narrowest Range Signal

The narrowest range indicator defines the moments when the market is in the "compressed" state that says of the future breakthrough in this or that side


The indicator that calculates the volume per second (or over period) and the corresponding Moving Average.