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How to Write an Expert Advisor or an Indicator

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Virtual trading environment

ALGLIB math function library (v. 3.5.0) ported to MQL5.

This library will allow you to tranfser realtime quotes from MetaTrader 5 to external server application.

A quick way to draw an arc-shaped channel using four mouse clicks.

Fractal Adaptive Moving Average with floating levels

Bollinger Bands Outside Candle Alert indicator

Class for the calculation of the ENUM_STATISTICS enumeration parameters

CNetMLP provides multilayer perceptron (MLP).

The EasyAndFastGUI library allows creating graphical interfaces for custom MQL programs.

Calculation of 32 digit string MD5-hash from transmitted byte array

Graphic control for color selection.

The class can be used for creation of trade signal classes with reversal candlestick patterns.

Original mathematical functions taken from different places, which either do not have analogues or perform much faster than alternative implementations

This class is designed for creating interactive buttons with various states on a price chart.

This Expert Advisor illustrates the usage of the IndicatorParameters() function to get the information about the number of input parameters, their type and values.

Usually most brokers do not provide M1 data over 3 months in MetaTrader 4, but they provide M1 data over 3 years in MT5. So we can use this tool to obtain the M1 data in MetaTrader 5 tester and save the data into .hst file for MetaTrader 4 backtesting.

Trade signals based on "Morning Star/Evening Star" candlestick patterns, confirmed by Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator is considered. The code of the Expert Advisor based on this strategy can be generated automatically using the MQL5 Wizard.

This indicator will plot divergence lines on the Awesome_Oscillator indicator and will give buy and sell signal by displaying arrows.

The indicator plots the chart of the specified symbol in a separate window.

Graphic Panel Contest submission.

It's an oscillator of the overbought/oversold market conditions. It can also be used as the Momentum indicator. Triple smoothing is used for removing the cyclic components in price movements with the period less than that of TRIX.

The Expert Advisor solves the problem of position trailing along a given curve by moving its Stop Loss and Take Profit.

Delta ZigZag defines the reversal on a minimal height of the swing and also identifies trend on breakthrough of local minimum/maximum levels and colors zigzag sections in current trend color

The library and iCanvas class simplify writing programs using Canvas.

DeMarker indicator with the possibility to select smoothing algorithms that is made in color with dynamically changing oversold and overbought levels.

RSI that is intended to be used as a filter.

CADOnArray class is designed for calculation of AD (Accumulation Distribution, A/D) values on indicator buffers. Test_ADOnArray indicator is provided as the example of the class use.

Reference Slow Trend Line (RSTL).

RSI_X20 indicator is able to color each line depending on its position relative to overbought and oversold areas

Trend Continuation Factor (TCF) indicator with Jurik smoothing identifies the trend and its direction.

More informative Average Directional Index (ADX) indicator with the possibility to select the smoothing algorithm out of ten possible variants.

This indicator is based on DRAW_FILLING buffers. The input parameters are absent, the TimeTradeServer(), TimeGMT() functions are used.

Filter based on the Intraday time filter offered by the standard library.

DLL (MS VC++ 2010) for working with Memory Mapped files.

Linear regression slope normalized to SMA.

The panel for the display of statistical parameters calculated based on the trade history.

Trading signals module for MQL5 Wizard. WPRSIsignal indicator's color arrow serves as a market entry signal.

The spread_on_chart indicator shows the current values of spread, stop and freeze levels.

The indicator helps to find the reversal bar of the trend.

The Williams’ Percent Range Indicator (%R) is dynamic technical indicator, which determines whether the market is overbought/oversold.