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How to Write an Expert Advisor or an Indicator

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Forget about BMP files like a bad dream. Thanks to this library, you can now use the PNG format, which has a number of advantages, such as being more compact without losing image quality and maintaining transparency.

In the fourth part of the book, we will focus on mastering built-in functions (MQL5 API) and will gradually delve into specialized subsystems. Any MQL5 program can utilize a plethora of technologies and functionalities. Therefore, it makes sense to begin with the most simple and useful functions that can be utilized in most programs.

The Heiken Ashi indicator with no repaint or repaint mode input option.

This is an update of the "Simple Yet Effective Breakout Strategy". In this code, I have added some helper functions for prop firm challenges.

This indicator is designed to draw a Fibonacci retracement, using as a basis the ZigZag indicator.

Calculate DST for USA, EUR, AUD and RUB and the offset time of the broker automatically from the 70's until 2030 - even in the Strategy Tester of MQ.

The final seventh part of the book discusses the advanced capabilities of the MQL5 API, which will be useful when developing programs for MetaTrader 5. These include custom financial symbols, built-in economic calendar events, and general-purpose technologies such as networking, databases, and cryptography.

In Part 5 of the book, we'll delve deeper into the APIs associated with algorithmic trading, including financial data analysis and processing, chart visualization, automation, and user interactions.

This EA help you for Auto set the TP & SL by default parameter, Auto trailing stop & step for any order that you place from any device, Easy way to close all orders with 3 Button "Close All" "Close Profit" "Close Lose", Auto close all orders by profit or lose treshold value

Linear Regression Value indicator with an option that allows it to be applied to another indicator

Part 2 "MQL5 programming fundamentals" is an introduction to the key concepts of this programming language. This part of the book is devoted to data types, identifiers, variables, expressions, and operators. You will learn how to combine different instructions to form the program logic.

AO - Awesome Oscillator - without iAO() beginner tutorial to learn how to code in MQL5

The source codes written during the development of the library for creating multi-currency Expert Advisors that combine many instances of various trading strategies.

Moving average beginner tutorial to learn how to code in MQL5

Rsi without Irsi() beginner tutorial to learn how to code in MQL5

Linear Regression Value indicator

Linear Regression Slope

With these classes you can create and test your signals runtime.

Highlights the Forex Market Sessions (Sydney, Tokyo, London, New York).

The indicator draws an arbitrary second time frame on the chart.

Linear regression line with an option to be applied to another indicators

Part 3 "Object Oriented Programming in MQL5" offers an immersion into the world of object-oriented programming (OOP) in the MQL5 language. Software development often involves the complexity related to the management of multiple entities, requiring advanced technology to improve programming convenience, productivity, and quality.

Rsi beginner tutorial to learn how to code in MQL5

A Marubozo is a long-bodied candlestick with no shadow, from the Japanese word meaning "close-cropped". Candlestick charts look at the opening and closing price on a single day and are used by technical traders.

Hidden Engulfing Candlestick Pattern

This indicator helps user estimate the potential price movement for the current day, based on 20 days historical data and market trends.

This indicator calculates the range difference between the 'MACD and Signal lines' and also the range distance between 'the last two MACD bar'.

This is an indicator to calculate 14 types of moving averages based on close price.

This is a script to export rates and ticks of current chart's symbol into CSV-files compatible with MT5's export/import format.

It will detect whether there's confluence between the current chart timeframe and two other timeframes.

main point is changing of MA curve to horizontal line and DPO curve shall represent to distance from close price to zero level or MA curve

Stochastic beginner tutorial to learn how to code in MQL5

ATR - Average True Range - beginner tutorial to learn how to code in MQL5

This indicator uses two moving averages to calculate the market trend and changes color depending on the trend direction.

Historical Strong S/Rs Levels

MQL5 version of harmonic moving average

Root Mean Square

Indicator displays the value of defined stop loss and or take profit in the deposit currency. Note: It calculates an estimated value based on a simple calculation and does not take into account brokerage commissions.

In Part 6 of the "MQL5 Programming for Traders", we will study a key component of the MQL5 language – trading automation. We will start with a description of the fundamental entities, such as financial instrument specifications and trading account settings. These are prerequisites for creating properly operating Expert Advisors.