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2013.02.28 09:47

Difference of Two Moving Averages - expert for MetaTrader 5

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madelta_ea.mq5 (4.21 KB)view

This expert advisor has been developed after observing when two moving averages diverge and converge, there is a typically a maximum difference between the instantaneous values of the two moving averages before the trend changes.

The difference of the two moving averages is amplified by a non-linear cubic transfer function to differentiate between major and minor excursions from zero.  The final step is a simple level discriminator with high and low thresholds which responds to the major excusions before signalling a change of trend.

Whilst this advisor with default settings produces good optimised results over the period of the last Championship using 1H time frame with EURUSD, it exhibits the usual characteristic of requiring different parameters for optimum results over a different time period.

In the interest of reducing optimisation time the advisor does not use a custom indicator, although a custom incremental indicator is included for use with the strategy tester in visualisation mode and this can be disabled in the optional line  GI=iCustom(NULL,0,"madelta_inc",d,m,F,FM,FP,S,SM,SP); The indicator demonstrates the operation of the cubic function with high and low threholds and the signal colour changes to yellow for buy and red for sell.

Test results


I welcome any suggestions as to how this advisor could become self optimising so as to produce consistent results over different time frames. 

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