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MQL5 Source Codes of Technical Indicators for MetaTrader 5 - 63

MQL5 technical indicators analyze MetaTrader 5 price charts on Forex, as well as stock and commodity markets. Indicators define trend direction and power, overbought and oversold states, support and resistance levels. Underlying mathematical models provide objective assessment of the current market state allowing traders to accept or reject trading system's signals.

You can download and launch offered indicators in MetaTrader 5. The library of indicators is also available directly from MetaTrader 5 platform and MetaEditor development environment.


The oscillator for intraday trading.

The smooth oscillator performed in the form of the color histogram

The indicator forecasts day's price range

A simple trend indicator.

The system of three signal indicators in one window

A typical Moving Average

Phoenix5 is Forex signal indicator which traditionally represents itself a set of pink and blue points

The oscillator that displays strengths of Buyers (Bulls) and Sellers (Bears) separately.

The indicator to display time ranges

QQEA is Forex oscillator with an undistinguished name drawn on the basis of the Moving Averages and the RSI technical indicator.

R-squared is the linear regression indicator to calculate "reliability" of the current trend

The SlopeDirectionLine trend indicator with the ability to change the algorithms of averaging and triggering alerts, push notifications and sending e-mail messages.

The indicator draws the lines of day start and its high and low price values.

The semaphore arrow indicator of trend change

The trend indicator drawn on the basis of a Moving Average

The TTF classic indicator with T3 smoothed method and a signal line.

The trend indicator drawn in the form of the color cloud

The advanced presentation of the Bollinger Bands indicator

The Range indicator calculates the range expansion index and displays the range of price change in the current bar

Two histograms to define the current market situation

The channel formed by two trend lines drawn at the high and low formed by the last two fractals

The indicator that gives signals in round value of price

The indicator draws possible support and resistance lines considering the fractals clusters

A smoother stochastic from the book by Joe Dinapoli "Trading With DiNapoli Levels"

The set of dynamic support and resistance levels using the ATR indicator and Fibo levels.

An elastic, volume weighed Moving Average

The market volume indicator whose main purpose is to filter false signals which occur in the side movement of the market.

The channel indicator that draws support and resistance lines.

The Fast Stochastic indicator is one of modifications of a popular stochastic oscillator.

A semaphore, arrow indicator drawn on the basis of the ADX technical indicator

The mathematical indicator that operates on the principle of approximation of sinusoid waves and realizes visualization of Fourier series for currency pair quotes

The Universal Oscillator indicator can display Bears Power, Bulls Power, CCI, DeMarker, MACD, Momentum, RSI, Stochastic, William's Percent Range. Three modes of overbought / oversold levels: the constant, dynamic (MA), dynamic (Bollinger Bands). Three rendering mode: line, filling, histogram

The market volatility indicator

This indicator uses support vector machines to analyse indicator data and signal future trades. Buy trades are signalled by a green ‘up’ arrow with sell trades signalled by a red ‘down’ arrow.

Triangular Moving Average (TMA). The main weight goes for the average part of the price series. In fact, the Moving Average is a double smoothed simple Moving Average

The trend indicator with divergence histogram.

The typical trend indicator drawn on the basis of three Moving Averages.

Price impulse meter.

The indicator "The Trend Detection Index" is a changed TDI indicator.

This indicator was created by Edward Coppock in 1962. It displays the long term possibilities to buy or sell (in the original, only to buy).