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2017.08.10 10:54

The indicator draws a vertical line (OBJ_VLINE) and then moves it to the specified time (hours and minutes).

Input parameters :

Vertical line, inputs

Only hours and minutes are used from the "Use only Hours and minutes" parameter. 

The vertical line is drawn for the current day. If a new day begins, the line is moved to this new day, and is set at the specified hour and minute.


The indicator has a built-in protection against accidental deletion of the vertical line: the timer periodically checks the existence of the line on the chart. If the vertical line (OBJ_VLINE) is not found, the static variable "prev_date" declared at the global program level is reset to zero:

//| Timer function                                                   |
void OnTimer()
//--- protection against unauthorized deletion

This will cause the creation of a new vertical line in OnCalculate():

   if(prev_date==0) // first start
      MqlDateTime str_input;



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Original code:


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