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Laguerre stripped of double stochastic - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2017.08.07 12:09

Instead of using fixed levels, this version of double smoothed stochastic is using "stripped" Laguerre filter for levels and trends.

Stripped Laguerre filter is showing intermediate steps performed by Laguerre filter as "levels" that can then be used as support/resistance (or overbought/oversold) levels (depending on the trading style) of the underlying indicator. In this case a double smoothed stochastic is used for the basic calculation.

Laguerre stripped of double stochastic

Laguerre stripped of RSI Laguerre stripped of RSI

Laguerre stripped of RSI "experiment".

Laguerre stripped Laguerre stripped

A variation of the Laguerre filter indicator.

cheduecoglioni cheduecoglioni

The EA waits for a TP or SL to trigger, and then opens a position in the opposite direction. It checks if there is enough money before sending a trade request. OnTradeTransaction.

CandleRange CandleRange

Two histograms in one window, showing the maximum average price deviation in points from the initial value.