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Daily Open Line - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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Published by:
Muhammad Syamil Bin Abdullah
votes: 33
2017.06.16 16:50

This Indicator draw Horizontal line at start of trading day till at opening price level. Recommended use on H1 and below timeframe.

Automatically bring charts one by one to the top Automatically bring charts one by one to the top

This indicator helps to move charts one by one to the the front, just like slide show, and make your hands free.

Size of candles (text) Size of candles (text)

The size of a candlestick. The size is calculated by the following formula: "minuend" minus "deduction".

CMqlParams CMqlParams

MqlParams container class that uses method chaining to quickly add params and reduce lines of code.

MA Zigzag Trend MA Zigzag Trend

Another ZigZag trend indicator based on extremum points of SMA indicator.