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MA Zigzag Trend - indicator for MetaTrader 5

2017.07.19 10:51

Another ZigZag trend indicator based on extremum points of SMA indicator. It connects high price at maximum points of SMA indicator to low price at minimum point. Uptrend lines are red and downtrend are blue in the main chart window. SMA Period is selective as an Input parameter.

MA(44) Zigzag Trend

MA(44) Zigzag Trend

CMqlParams CMqlParams

MqlParams container class that uses method chaining to quickly add params and reduce lines of code.

Daily Open Line Daily Open Line

An simple Indicator displaying daily opening line.

RSI Trend Indicator RSI Trend Indicator

A simple trend indicator based on the RSI changes.

RSO, Relative Strength Oscillator RSO, Relative Strength Oscillator

RSO is an Oscillator version of RSI.