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Grid King

Grid King is a revolution in grid trading.  The main focus when developing the EA was safety, by eliminating the margin-call risk which is usually associated with most grid systems on the market.  It also strives to achieve much higher returns than the average grid system, by spreading risk amongst multiple pairs and strategies which all have a limited effect on the account-equity.  Where almost all grid systems will blow your account when things get bad, Grid King will only take a small loss and recover very fast.  More details about this in the blog.

The EA has been stress-tested for a period of 19 years and passes all those years succesfully without any high drawdown. (*Please use recommended accountsize guidelines -> see below)

The EA is also already optimized for 29 pairs!  


The budget friendly LITE version can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/39926

Recommended broker: http://icmarkets.com/?camp=48854

The EA uses a unique Spread Equalizer Algorithm (S.E.A.), which dramatically decreases the impact of spread and slippage on the stability.

At the moment, 2 strategies are used for entry:

  • "Volatility breakout" strategy, where the EA will trade in the direction of strong price movements.
  • "Return to Mean" strategy, where the EA will exploit the fact that price always returns to the mean.

Please read the blog before using the EA! -> https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/724854

live results A:  -> https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/619924

live results B:  -> https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/535006

Key Characteristics:

  • Minimum recommended starting capital: 500$ (using cent account)
  • very stable growth curve as result of smart averaging techniques
  • "safety first" approach in development
  • optimizable for any market
  • ONLY grid-system on the market that passes 18 years of stress-tests on historical data on multiplepairs
  • fully automatic
  • Not sensitive to spread, commission, or account type, but ofcourse a low spread ECN broker will work better and is recommended!
  • You can use the same magic numbers on different pairs.  But the 2 different strategies must use 2 different magicnumbers
  • One of a kind S.E.A. (Spread Equalizer Algorithm), which greatly improves stability for bigger spreads and slippages
  • Easy Setup: With the OneChartSetup, you can run all pairs from a single chart!

Parameter List:

Recommended Setup:

  • Enable autosettings and run only the optimized pairs
  • run only on H1 timeframe
  • Run 1 chart for each pair or use the OneChartSetup to run all pairs from 1 chart.
  • Use  leverage of 1:300 or bigger.  The EA will need enough free margin from time to time, so a high leverage is necessary.
  • works on all brokers (non FIFO only for now)
  • All account types are ok (standard, ECN, STP, Micro)
  • As with any EA, it is recommended you run it first on a demo account to get to know the trading style of the EA
  • Recommended to run on accounts nominated in EUR or USD for best performance of AutoSafety feature.


  • balance < 3000$ -> use a cent account with default settings.
  • balance between 3000$ and 15000$ -> use default settings
  • balance >= 15000$ -> Use 15K set file with GlobalSL
  • It is only advised to run "Aggressive" or "Very Aggressive" mode when using the default settings, but not recommended!
  • When running all pairs, "Very Conservative" or "Conservative" mode is advised

      Never forget that past performance is no guarantee for the future

      Tam Nguyen
      Tam Nguyen 2020.05.28 13:55 

      Hi all! Here is my honest review that I've been testing this for the past months of wim's grid king. I believe this is one of the best MT4 and MT5 expert adviser I have ever used and unlike other authors who forces every individual who buys AN EA for 20000000000000000000000000000 bucks to give a 5 star rating.

      Wim does not ask for a 5 star rating, His EA isn't too expensive, I believe its a fair price. His support is very good

      I like to let most of you know that you SHOULD disable some pairs because there could be consecutive runs throughout the whole week. This is how the grid works and stop out is at some point inevitable. You rather lose 2k than lose the entire account.

      ekso420 2020.05.01 16:28 

      Powerful EA, I recommend you do not use the minimum balance as I had some issues with it. Very responsive developer, thanks.

      sa3edos 2020.04.17 12:33 

      I have been trying it on a demo account for a week and it is working very well, now I will move it to my real account and hopefully I will get the same result

      BlueDot 2020.01.16 20:15 

      The Grid King is about risk management Grid with Martingale EA.

      Noe of EA has this level of defensive system.

      The author is one of very few honest challenger.

      Be realistic and patient.

      Terdsak 2019.12.23 11:45 

      Great work, Great EA, Wim keep improve and update, this is my main EA of 2019

      RIZA DOEK 2019.12.14 20:54 

      Great EA . Great work. Follow the instructions of Wim and everything is good.

      Attila Nagy
      Attila Nagy 2019.10.23 20:16 

      I have been running this EA for 3 months on live ECN 3k balance account with the recommended set file and 15 k Cent account also.

      Decent profit, and stable, low DD.

      jamal hamdan
      jamal hamdan 2019.08.21 15:17 

      Great EA With Low Risk i tested with real account &lt;33 Wilm is the Best

      Hani koshaji
      Hani koshaji 2019.08.13 18:18 

      Great EA with great support. Wim is very professional and passed the market’s time-test

      Roberto Cosimi
      Roberto Cosimi 2019.08.09 08:30 

      I remove this expert and it is very dangerous to prove it also the author's signals that disappear and come back again

      Ryanzad 2019.08.08 07:50 

      successful Grid system .. good job Keep Going

      Paulo Jorge  Trindade Matias Polaina
      Paulo Jorge Trindade Matias Polaina 2019.08.05 15:17 

      Been following the recommended setups. Been setting conservative option. Account was blown in 2 weeks!

      Hassan Raza Syed
      Hassan Raza Syed 2019.06.24 09:39 

      The most vital component of a long-term successful Grid system is having a robust entry strategy. And I believe this EA certainly possess that, which leads to relatively lower draw downs and shorter grid duration.

      Sam Khardif
      Sam Khardif 2019.06.18 02:45 

      1 month very happy with the result.

      lutz66 2019.05.16 15:34 

      Good job Wim. Keep it up.

      free_signals 2019.05.03 20:53 

      Running it on a 5k account. At the moment I'm not satisfied. Perhaps it is good with bigger balances. Sh.t Grid for me. Sorry Wim...

      Kris Tungkarak
      Kris Tungkarak 2019.04.26 04:13 

      Been running GK since 4th April on ECN and Cent account. Decent profit, stable, really good EA. (5*)

      update 2019-May-27: Grid King hit 2 stop-losses with trailing TP, still in profit (but not much), stable. (5*)

      update 2020-Mar-18: Stopped because too many SL for me. The account did not wipe, but i have stop using all grid strategies altogether, not just GK.

      LKKRXR 2019.04.08 11:26 

      The most considerable, stable and frequently upgrade EA (In positive way) I have ever seen.

      Saya pann
      Saya pann 2019.04.06 06:29 

      So far very good.. Very low DD and stable profit at all time! Excellent Support from Wim..

      salle5 2019.04.05 22:06 

      This is the best EA I´ve seen so far, easy to use, steady good profits. You have to follow the rules and use Wim´s setfiles and you´ll get profits every day.

      Wim gives quick support if needed. Don´t set the risk to high or run too much pair and everything´s running fine.

      Thank you Wim.

      07stani05 2019.04.01 20:07 

      EA is very promising and Wim answers all questions and is very helpful. 5 stars good work !!

      Top Forex
      Top Forex 2019.03.22 07:35 

      Best EA on mql5 and outstanding support!

      HO YUEN DAVID SIN 2019.03.16 04:53 

      For me this is the best EA. It is stable and profitable. It is my main adviser now. And Wim is working hard on this EA. Update frequently and help with fast maner. I like it the best! five star!

      Georgios Daskaleas
      Georgios Daskaleas 2019.03.08 07:59 

      6 out of 5 Stars. Needless to say, more. To all users: please try to implement Grid King precisely the way its author recommends. It is a nuclear weapon to our trading arsenal; however, as all nukes, you don't want to blow to your hands. So do not be greedy and let this Robotic Application to do what it has been created for: make enormous profits CONSIDERING the entire risk someone takes.

      UpDate: I am using high-risk settings (50% possible DD) on my peril. I know the consequences, and I am willing to accept them. However, in 12 days, my account is up 12%. A possible DD will be covered in about three months. Saying "thanks" to Wim is the least I can do.

      Update: After three months using Grid King, the only thing I can say is that -for the time being- is, really, the King.

      Update: June 2nd, 2019: My account is up (Balance to Balance) 106% with a running %DD of 16%. The average return per month is 22.12%, using after the second-month medium risk settings. It's a monstrous return. Nothing less than congratulations to the author.

      Update: July 23rd, 2019: My account's enjoying a return (Balance to Balance) 168% with a running %DD of 7.5%. This is since February 12th of 2019, and annualized exceeds 350%...It is simply amazing. God Bless you Wim.

      Update October 20th, 2019: GK is marching. My account is up 220% after a high of 270% (13.5% retreat) two days ago due to 3 hedging. I was expecting this correction though, and that is healthy for a trading system. The new version 5.0, looks very promising passing heavily back-testing techniques. Do NOT stop, Wim.

      Update 21-3-2020; 13 Months Usage:

      At this point and amid pandemic, something which never happened since the 17th century AD, I feel that I need to comment on the behavior of this Expert Advisor. The reason why is that I firmly believe that here we have something unique which approaches the notion of Werner Heisenberg’s “singularity.”

      Grid Kind is a simple as an idea EA: it employes a mean reversion based strategy supported with relevant averaging down money management. What we traders call a “grid-strategy.”

      Well, until now, everything sounds familiar, but I will elaborate bellow why it is not exactly like that.

      Mean reversion strategies tend to fail or have enormous intolerable drawdowns, especially in periods of high volatility. What we are experiencing right now in the markets, is something unique to modern society’s history, and thus, watching the Cable with an ATR equal to 500 pips, daily, doesn’t surprise us at all.

      In such a kind of turmoil, Grid King did NOT fail. It is remarkable and notable. And not ONLY did not fail, but it didn’t produce with its trades high volatility in my equity curve. On the contrary, the volatility open P/L did not exceed other times and remarkably is lower! As an engineer, an economist, and a Ph.D. in the financial analysis field, this is a rather unusual event from a scientific (experiment-observation-empirical results) point of view.

      Is that pure luck? Is that a stochastic event that does not say anything about the quality of the trading strategy itself?

      At this point, I am incapable of answering from a scientific -again- angle of analysis. The practical FACT and the most important for a trader, though, is that my balance equals my equity right now, in that kind of extreme situation we’re living. There’s no running drawdown, and there’s not any big cluster of “grid” orders open.


      Even if trading the financial markets with the implementation of an averaging down cost method seems like a “suicide” mission, the facts for this expert advisor shows the opposite ultimately. I have been using Grid King as my primary algorithmic trading strategy since February 12th 2019, upon the 80% of my portfolio. I have to confess that I have been following some settings of my own (avoiding strategy A, since October 2019), and I wasn’t “careful” in my risk tolerance level. The results right now are that my equity is almost up to 280%, with a maximum unrealized investment drawdown of 57%.

      Was I so lucky for the last 13 months? Again I do not know. The only thing I know is that I am still here, alive, and trading.

      I wish good health and “green” pips to everyone.

      alfred ziegenbein
      alfred ziegenbein 2019.02.10 12:15 

      Over the period 20 December 2018 to 8 February 2019 I have run Grid King live on an AUD50k demo account using the conservative setting and with all recommended trading pairs enabled. I have been highly impressed with the consistent accumulation of profits. Only once in January did a currency pair (EURCHF) cause anxiety as total grid positions exceeded 11.5 lots. But that is the nature of grid trading. I had no issues with XAUUSD in January, perhaps because of the conservative setting used (?). I have noticed that profits between the A and B strategies of Grid King favour the A strategy on about a 3:1 ratio. I'll continue to monitor this. I am also highly impressed with the work that Wim continues to do to refine Grid King. It says to me that he is determined to provide a product that strives for peak performance. 5 stars.

      Poltergeist 2019.01.31 09:57 

      Well, we had some turbulent times so far ( EURAUD stop out in Dec 2018 and at end of Jan 2019 we had it on XAUUSD) but as I see on my demo and now also real account the EA is giving stable profits and is eliminating the SL we had. The author is permanently improving the EA and answering fast on messages. Each user has to keep in mind that one day a stop loss in hight of the selected risk may occur. This is part of the "game" and each user should be aware of it. Even that maybe also 2 currencies may hit the SL at the same time.

      UPDATE 01.04.2019: +23%!!!! in March total performance on my real account with Grid King running on conservative risk (a few days were running on medium risk). This is phenomenal!

      J.T. Mays
      J.T. Mays 2019.01.31 00:38 

      One of the selling points of Grid King is that 'The EA has been stress-tested for a period of 18 years and passes all those years successfully without any high drawdown'. Yet today's stop out with XAUUSD is the now the second within two months. The first was EURAUD in Dec 2018 (author removed the signal showing that stop out) and now today's XAUUSD stop out (30 Jan 2019). To anyone thinking about buying this EA, I strongly recommend you wait until the author can provide a signal on a real account with all pairs showing it can survive at least 6 - 9 months without any stop outs. Don't make the mistake I made and purchase the EA without proven results.

      jc4fun 2019.01.29 17:49 

      Running since 2 weeks and get really satisfaction with the EA and the work of the Author. I appreciate. Thanks you

      jurev 2019.01.28 17:20 

      I updated my previously good review to 2 stars, after 15 months of running Grid King on my 2 live accounts. I have posted my charts in the comment seciont: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/33065#!tab=comments&page=88&comment=15286624

      Eric Gimonet
      Eric Gimonet 2019.01.24 17:24 

      Thanks Wim for the EA.

      It's really a powerfull EA.

      Yes, it's a grid EA, yes, you will have DD but security settings are easy to use.

      Wim add more pairs weeks after weeks after stress testing his development.

      Again, thanks Wim.

      Tang Ou
      Tang Ou 2019.01.24 16:24 

      Running with default setting. Every day runing up to 6% DD with small profit like 0.5%. Profit looks very small while DD looks high. The key is that it is consistant day after day and can survive even with few hundreds' pips movement. Grid system is always running good until disaster event comes. Forturnately, this EA has stop loss which won't wipe out my account, unless few pair running a loss at the same time, which won't happen according to history testing, but we never know about future. This makes Forex Trading very interesting.

      Paulus Verhoogt
      Paulus Verhoogt 2019.01.10 10:07 

      Although I had a stopout (EURAUD) after a couple of days of use (something that can always happen) I still believe this is (to my knowledge) the only martingale EA to go with. Clear (and acceptable) stopout levels combined with a multi-currency approach. Great support and frequent updates that makes the EA getting better and better. At this moment I run all (15) the currencies on the "very conservative "lotsize step" risk factor. After a couple of months I hope to switch to the conservative setup.

      Johannes Katzer
      Johannes Katzer 2018.12.19 07:40 

      This EA makes a very good impression. The total concept makes sense, the author is very responsive and the product is constantly improved.

      haraichi 2018.12.17 15:07 

      For me, Grid King is the first Grid system effort.

      I do not trust this system 100% yet, but at the moment it is a very comfortable ride.

      My revenue goal is to run safely GRID KING at 0.01 lot for 100 days and to get a profit above 1500$

      If that is the case, I will change the star to 5.

      I am looking forward to that time. Thanks wim

      blauboot 2018.12.15 14:27 

      Logic behind the money management is comprehensive, straight, effective - in short: For a grid EA amazing. Trade entries are precise, EA makes money as expected. Five stars.

      donpier 2018.12.13 19:12 

      At this moment I'm testing but based on the backtests I've made I have high hopes regarding this EA.

      Another thing I must mention about is support and help you get from author after purchase.

      It is the best I have ever met here in mql market.

      If Grid King will perform well in forward testing I will update my review to 5 stars.

      Antonio Martinez
      Antonio Martinez 2018.12.12 22:24   

      Typisch. Passt es nicht mehr, werden die Signale entfernt und neue gestartet. Perfekt für das Vertrauen ;-)

      PETER LUISI 2018.12.10 09:54 

      Dangerous EA. Don't use it

      Roberto Cesar Ruarte Pedraza
      Roberto Cesar Ruarte Pedraza 2018.12.08 21:41 

      The ea is delivering very good on my demo account testing. There was some dd but within safe limits configured. I'll take the ea to live in the next months.

      Update: I am testing now on very conservative settings on my live accounts on 15 pairs, so far profits and low dd.

      Jonathan Moss
      Jonathan Moss 2018.12.08 09:03 

      Lost $2800 on EURAUD after less than 1 week live. Hard to be positive about this. I followed the instructions to the letter. Medium risk. If you carry on trading Grid King, I recommend no EURAUD. It doesn’t have as many pull backs like other pairs.

      *update*The overview says it hasn’t had any high drawdown for 18 years, but this is not true as authors own signals (since removed) had the same drawdown I and many others suffered 2 weeks ago. Would respect transparency more. Please update overview to reflect this. “Ea hasn’t had high drawdown for 2 weeks” would be more truthful.

      ework 2018.12.07 11:28 

      I continue to study this EA, so I will come back as the research covers more ground, but in the meantime...

      I have added another star as I see Wim really covering the areas that were not clear at the beginning + the performance is consistent so far + I really appreciate the manual entry feature, this really adds a completely new dimension to this EA.

      More to come.... :)


      I have a good feeling about this EA, but I also think I will be coming here many times and changing my rating back and forth...let's see.

      On first instance it looks good, you can tell it's well coded (at least so far), Wim is responsive, the EA is executing well....but once again....so far.

      I know there are plenty of you out there that are more than happy not having a clue how EAs work, and will slap 5 stars on anything.

      I've been trading long enough to know that if you do not understand EXACTLY how an EA works, you might as well just buy lottery tickets.

      I don't have the feeling that I understand how Grid King works, and I am hoping Wim either explains it better, clearer and in more detail, or that his explanations on the blog cover ALL our questions.

      I hope to give this EA 5 stars one day, but for now 3 is good enough.

      I will review this once I understand what's under the hood.

      Leonidas 2018.12.04 18:06 


      Bonasoro87 2018.11.21 10:25 

      I absolutely recommend this EA. It is not the classic grid system with the risk of losing everything if things go wrong, the manufacturer has taken care of this very much making GRID KING very safe. I tried this EA both in demo and in real and the operations are identical. I recommend following the manufacturer's advice to the letter and keeping a low risk. Good Trading to everyone.

      Pankom Sriboonlue
      Pankom Sriboonlue 2018.11.21 03:37 

      Purchased the EA on the first launching day.

      The concept is very interesting, Mean Reversal + Breakout, Most important thing is the EA keep getting better and better.

      Running on Demo with Medium Risk show 100USD/Week with Less than 7% Max DD

      Will go Live Very Soon.

      Thank to Wim MoneyMakers.


      hansbb 2018.11.20 17:27   

      Have already purchased this gridEA, because of the safety reason of the gridsystem.

      Currently running on a demo account.

      Wim is very professional and will answer questions immediately.

      Have already bought another EA from this maker, which I already have on a live account (this also runs as it should)

      Will give an update in a couple of months, when he goes live...

      Version 8.94 2020.04.16
      added the support for PLN and SGD stocks
      Version 8.93 2020.04.09
      fixed small bug regarding balance allocation algo
      Version 8.92 2020.03.30
      Version 8.92
      - fixed option to remove SL/TP "after" the hedge trade is succesful, instead of before
      Version 8.91 2020.03.26
      Version 8.91
      - Fixed rollover-filter bug
      - fixed bug for manual settings
      Version 8.90 2020.03.19
      added option to remove SL/TP "after" the hedge trade is succesful, instead of before
      Version 8.80 2020.03.11
      - added extra control to prohibit double hedging
      Version 8.70 2020.03.02
      Version 8.7
      - Fixed bug that could lead to double hedging
      Version 8.60 2020.02.26
      Version 8.6
      - Fixed small bug regarding end of year/start of year filter
      Version 8.50 2020.02.25
      - fixed bug that could potentially lead to wrong calculation of max loss value
      Version 8.40 2020.02.04
      improved performance for 15K set (new set available for download)
      Version 8.31 2020.01.06
      Version 8.31
      - Fixed small bug for infopanel when using manual settings
      Version 8.3 2019.12.11
      fixed normalization issue with Fast Recovery
      Version 8.2 2019.12.10
      Version 8.2
      - Adjusted default parameters
      - Added Fast Recovery option (more risky)
      - Adjusted predefined risk settings. very conservative is now at "5%" instead of "10%" Others adjusted as well
      Version 8.1 2019.12.06
      Version 8.1
      - slightly adjusted default parameters
      Version 8.0 2019.11.19
      Version 8.0
      - Fixed regarding Max Lotsize parameters
      Version 7.9 2019.11.15
      Version 7.9
      - Fixed bug that could display wrong info on infopanel when only running 1 strategy
      Version 7.8 2019.11.12
      Version 7.7
      - Added algorithms to make the EA handle manual closing of hedge-trades

      Version 7.8
      - Fixed bug regarding potential double first trades
      Version 7.6 2019.10.25
      Version 7.6
      - Added Balance Allocation mode that takes in account the hedged equity
      - Fixed bug that could lead to double "first trades" when using the ReverseGrid parameter
      Version 7.5 2019.10.17
      Version 7.5
      - Added Quick Close S.E.A.
      - Added Reverse Grid at X trades
      Version 7.4 2019.09.25
      Added support for crypto based accounts
      Version 7.3 2019.09.09
      Version 7.3
      - Fixed bug that could lead to hedge breakdown closing only at 0.01lots
      Version 7.2 2019.09.05
      Version 7.2
      - Fixed potential early closing of the grid when using the GlobabSL set when pairs are trading at different lotsizes
      Version 7.0 2019.08.27
      Version 7.0
      - Fixed hedge breakdown for accounts that have minimum lotsize of 0.1lots
      - Added "Continue Trading" for the hedging algorithm. It replaces the Recovery Mode

      Important information:
      - The "continue trading the hedged pairs" option replaces the Recovery Mode so it can all run from 1 chart
      - BUT: if you were running the recovery mode BEFORE the update, and you have trades open in the recovery mode, you MUST let the EA finish those trades in Recovery Mode (the new version will NOT pick up those trades unless you also put it in recovery mode). So this means you must keep running the recovery mode on the second chart like before, but set the parameter "Maximum pairs allowed to trade simultanuously=-1". this will make sure the Recovery mode will continue the monitoring of those trades, but will not start new ones. On the 1st chart, you simply run the new EA with continue hedging enabled.
      Version 6.99 2019.08.20

      Version 6.99
      - fixed the "close all trades at maximum allowed equity DD"
      Version 6.98 2019.08.15
      updated default settings
      Version 6.97 2019.08.13
      Version 6.97
      - Fixed potential bug that could cause same trade to be set multiple times after failing
      Version 6.96 2019.07.25
      Version 6.94
      - Added option to minimize grid before hedging
      - Added option to show "Margin Used" to infopanel

      Version 6.95
      - Changed the "Maximum total equity drawdown allowed before closing all trades (per 0.01lots)" to "closing biggest grids" (those with Open Profit > Max Loss)
      - Infopanel update: pair is also showing status "TrailingTP" in the OneChartSetup
      - Added "recovery" setup when using hedging. Must be used on seperate chart with different magic numbers! This is so that hedged pairs will continue trading;

      Version 6.96
      - Improved some coding
      Version 6.93 2019.06.27
      Version 6.93
      - Fixed small bug regarding Hedge Breakdown algo using Max Closing of day profit when multiple pairs are hedged
      - added "Hedge" button for single chart setup
      - Fixed StrictDirection-filter for single chart setup
      Version 6.92 2019.06.26
      Version 6.92
      - Added HedgeButton for OneChartSetup infopanel. It allows the user to quickly hedge a pair when needed.
      Version 6.91 2019.06.20
      Version 6.91
      - Quickfix for the last update
      Version 6.90 2019.06.19
      Version 6.90
      - Added option to add extra pips to TP and FlashTP
      Version 6.89 2019.06.15
      Version 6.88
      - Added Hedgebreakdown - Max % of Daily Profit closing - algorithm. When enabled, the EA will try to limit the hedge breakdown closing to a certain % of the profit of that day

      Version 6.89
      - Added "Hedge At Trail_TP level" when using Trailing TP
      Version 6.87 2019.06.10
      - Added option to add Swapcosts into grid closing calculations
      Version 6.86 2019.05.06
      Version 6.86
      - Fixed possible wrong pair "hedged" at re-initialization of EA
      Version 6.85 2019.05.06
      Version 6.85
      - Quickfix for Hedge closing size too small after restart of the EA
      Version 6.84 2019.05.06
      Version 6.84
      - Added option to adjust maximum attempts to close or modify trades each tick (to prevent MT4 overload)
      - Added extra info about Trailing TP setup on infopanel
      - Fixed bug where Failed Hedgetrade is not retried
      Version 6.83 2019.05.02
      Version 6.83
      - Fixed the "Maximum number of trades...." parameter
      - Fixed potential problem with trailing TP when TP is hit during rollover time (market closed)
      Version 6.82 2019.04.18
      Version 6.82
      - fixed wrong "total open profit" on the infopanel when grid is hedged
      - Adjusted Xauusd strategy B minimum lotsize to 0.02 instead of 0.03
      - fixed bug in hedging breakdown! important fix!!
      Version 6.81 2019.04.12
      fixed but that could cause the EA to crash if the setup of the EA is not done correctly
      Version 6.8 2019.04.10
      - Added "Rollover filter" to skip trading during rollover period
      Version 6.7 2019.04.07
      Version 6.7
      - Fixed bug with smallest possible hedge closing size
      Version 6.6 2019.04.02
      - Improved Hedging technique, including splitting up of hedge trades for big accounts
      - Fixed Infopanel wrong information when starting up in the weekend
      Version 6.4 2019.03.29
      Version 6.2
      - Added INFORMATION MODE: only show info, but don't trade
      - Added Hedge-Breakdown mode

      Version 6.3
      - Add TrailTP mode
      - Added Withdrawal mode for strategy tester

      Version 6.4
      - Added option to Hedge the Max loss SL when using the TrailingTP mode
      Version 6.1 2019.03.18
      - fixed some things for those who have a "zero divide" problem sometimes. It will also show more information about the problem with the setup
      Version 6.0 2019.03.15
      Version 6.0
      - Added GBPAUD
      - added GBPNZD
      - added EURNZD
      - added NZDJPY
      - added NZDCHF
      - Fixed bug in Failed Trade recovery
      - Added "Close Trades" buttons for OneChartSetup
      Version 5.5 2019.02.25
      Version 5.4
      - Added Max Equity DD parameters based on $/0.01lots

      Version 5.5
      - Improved "Max Pairs Open" algorithm for OneChartSetup
      Version 5.3 2019.02.21
      - Really fixed the infopanel for XAUUSD this time, also for OneChartSetup
      Version 5.1 2019.02.21
      Version 5.1
      - Fixed infopanel showing wrong Max Loss for XAUUSD
      Version 5.0 2019.02.21
      Version 5.0
      - Improved OneChartSetup info panel a bit more
      - improved many pairs and overal risk vs reward
      - fixed small bug
      Version 4.52 2019.02.08
      Version 4.52
      - More improvements on infopanel
      - changed Autosafety parameters -> Now there is a choice of 4 options: A) do not use autosafety; B) Close the grid when Max Loss is hit. C) Hedge grid when max loss is hit and stop trading the pair. D) don't close or hedge, but show a warning to the user

      - fixed hedging option for onechartsetup
      - changed Maxloss way of working -> it is now part of the autosafety settings. When you leave it to "0", the autosafety will use my optimized Max Loss based on historical max DD. When you fill in a value (like "1000") it will discard my optimized value and use this one instead;
      Version 4.51 2019.02.07
      Version 4.51
      - Major improvements to the infopanel
      Version 4.50 2019.02.05
      added NZDUSD
      Version 4.41 2019.02.02
      Version 4.41
      - Adjusted the info parameters + OneChartSetup for CHFJPY
      Version 4.4 2019.02.02
      Version 4.3
      - fixed historical profits not calculated at initialization when using OneChartSetup

      Version 4.4
      - Added CHFJPY
      Version 4.2 2019.01.30
      fixed bug causing the slow backtesting
      Version 4.1 2019.01.29
      fixed small bug that caused the SEA virtual grid to be filled in empty at initialization when there are existing trades open
      Version 4.0 2019.01.29
      Version 4.0
      - Introducing the OneChartSetup!
      - Adjusted safety parameters "minimum equity" and "minimum free margin" to more safe settings
      - eurcad and audcad improved stability
      Version 3.50 2019.01.22
      Version 3.5
      - Added Usdcad
      - fixed bug for "GOLD" pairs!
      Version 3.42 2019.01.19
      Version 3.40
      - improved stability for euraud

      Version 3.41
      - improved stability for usdchf and audnzd

      Version 3.42
      - improved stability xauusd for different pricefeeds
      - Added Audchf
      Version 3.31 2019.01.15
      fixed XAUUSD for brokers that use "GOLD" instead of "XAUUSD"
      Version 3.3 2019.01.15
      - Added XAUUSD -> LOW DRAWDOWN PAIR! Can be run on 1000$ account!
      Version 3.2 2019.01.14
      Version 3.2
      - Improved Audjpy for S.E.A.
      - Improved audnzd for S.E.A.
      - Improved audcad for S.E.A.
      - improved euraud for S.E.A.
      - Fixed bug for S.E.A. when running lotsize bigger than 0.01
      Version 3.1 2019.01.10
      Version 3.1
      - Fixed some bugs
      - Improved S.E.A. -> better and more stable performance!
      - general improvements
      - improved usdchf
      Version 3.0 2019.01.09
      Version 3.0
      - Implemented S.E.A. (Spread Equalizer Algorithm). This will greatly improve performance for different spreads and slippage.
      - Added GBPCHF, the new number 1 pair!
      Version 2.80 2018.12.22
      improved eurcad
      Version 2.71 2018.12.18
      forgot to adjust EURGBP values internally for the new DD... now it is fixed. You only need to update the EURGBP chart with this one.
      Version 2.7 2018.12.18
      Version 2.7
      - Adjusted EURGBP Max Loss
      - Major improvement gbpjpy
      - Fixed bug preventing audjpy trades
      Version 2.6 2018.12.14
      Version 2.6
      - Improved eurusd with lower DD
      - Added AUDJPY
      - Re-arranged the parameters for a more clear and logical interface
      Version 2.5 2018.12.12
      Version 2.5
      - Added option to NOT trade in same direction between the 2 strategies
      - Added new parameters to control maximum risk
      - Improved EURAUD
      Version 2.4 2018.12.04
      Version 2.3
      - Added option for setting trading hours
      - Added 'Very Low Risk LotsizeStep'

      Version 2.4
      - Added Audcad
      Version 2.2 2018.11.29
      Version 2.2
      - Corrected the text (added AUDNZD) in the parameter information section
      - changed some text in the information section of the parameters, to be more clear for users
      - Fixed some small things
      - Added EURCHF pair!
      Version 2.1 2018.11.23
      Version 2.1
      - fixed Maxloss bug on accounts with minimum lotsize = 0.1 (this happened on some cent accounts with 0.1minimum lotsize...)
      - added color option for buy/sell arrows
      - Added AUDNZD pair
      Version 2.0 2018.11.21
      Version 2.0
      - Added option to select trade direction (for strong trending markets)
      - Added Max Loss Allowed value and next lotsize increase information in the information panel
      - rearranged information panel
      - Added manual trading option
      - Improved trailingSL and hard TP algorithms
      Version 1.9 2018.11.21
      Version 1.9
      - Added 'total historical profit' information for the pair on the information panel
      - Changed "correlated pairs safety" to only work when they are in the same trade direction
      - Fixed small bug with Hard TP
      - Added option for trailing SL on Flash TP instead of closing the trade
      Version 1.8 2018.11.19
      Version 1.8
      - fixed buttonsize (can be manually set now)
      - added option to use only portion of balance
      - added 2 new safeties: correlated pairs and max number of pairs.
      - improved on chart visuals and information
      Version 1.7 2018.11.16
      Version 1.7
      - Added button on chart to force close of all buy trades or sell trades
      - Added option to set hard TP on FlashTP levels (+extra pips)
      - Added Gbpjpy
      - fixed bug concerning lotsize calculation
      Version 1.6 2018.11.15
      Version 1.6
      - added new autosafety parameter for extra control on the function
      - reviewed autosafety's historical max equity DD based on 99.90% tickdata
      - improved grid closing technique
      Version 1.5 2018.11.13
      Version 1.4
      - Added an option to close all trades should "total" equity drawdown exceed a certain percentage.
      - Adjusted eurusd to lower risk grids

      Version 1.5
      - Add trade retry algorithm if trade should fail
      Version 1.3 2018.11.11
      Version 1.3:
      - improved gbpusd stability
      - improved usdjpy stability
      - fixed bug regarding portfolio trading
      Version 1.2 2018.11.11
      - improved eurusd stability
      Version 1.1 2018.11.10
      Version 1.1:
      - Added "hedge" option -< instead of closing grid when exceeding max historical DD, the trades will be hedged so the user can manual manage the hedged trades.
      - added security for MT4 restart.
      - added warning when using to high lotsize or too small balance for your setup.