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Compression Duo MT4

The system compresses a lot of factors of the price movement. Each factor contains some useful information. Due to compression we get the elements that contain useful information (clearly describing a specific property). Further trade decisions can be easily made using these elements. Factors are gathered from ranges with different periods in order to increase the informational capability of the final elements.


The system is based on universal models. This has increased scalability of a trading strategy, its flexibility, while achieving the ease of configuration for adaptation to any symbol and timeframe.

Universal model - algorithm for making trade decisions, which can be used to calculate any element: position directions or the stop/take levels, or money management (Extra Money Management). In order to calculate the position direction and stop/take levels, up to 6 models can be used at the same time, one per each phase. To calculate the Extra Money Management up to 3 models can be used. By default, the EA has 41 built-in models. I plan to gradually increase their number by adding higher quality models.

Phase - separate step for calculating trading decisions, the result of which would be: stop/take levels or position direction. There are 6 of them, each uses one model. Different phases can use the same model.

Extra Money Management is an addition to the money management. The goal is to improve trading performance by managing the base lot. 3 models can be selected for this mode. Each model uses the percent (adjusted manually), which modifies the base lot (calculated basic money management).

Before using the EA, it should be calibrated (optimized in the strategy tester). Recommendations for optimization:

  • Recommended symbol: any.
  • Recommended timeframe: I recommend using H1 and above. There is a correlation: the higher the timeframe, the higher the reliability of the results.
  • Ticks generation mode: Every tick or Control points, since minute bars can be used in the calculations.

Settings for optimization are in the following blocks:

  • Trading System Settings
  • Money Management
  • Extra Money Management

The Difference Between DUO and TRE Editions?

The only difference is that "TRE" contains fewer models (41 vs 21) and does not contain Extra Money Management. DUO contains models of higher quality than in TRE.

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Version 4.21 - 2015.10.05
- Added new, better models:

- Fixed errors
- Increased the speed of calculations.
- Added the manual stop loss and take profit limiter (in points, with automatic conversion for the necessary sign).
- Added criterion "Custom" for optimization in the strategy tester.
- Money management: added a choice of 3 modes of calculation in % of:
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