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Kumo Breakout indicator

Kumo Breakout Indicator is a trading system based on Ichimoku Kumo levels.


Trader can set Ichimoku parameters like:

  • Tenkan-Sen (tk)
  • Kijun-Sen (kj)
  • Sekou-Span-A (ku)

that are the classic parameters allowed on Ichimoku indicator on Metatrader.

Other interesting parameters: "Configure Alerts"

  • PopUpAlert= true or false
  • PushAlert=true or false
  • Mail= true or false
and personalized texts for eMails:

  •  TextMailUp1="WP Buy ";
  •  TextMailUp2="WP Buy write here your text";
  •  TextMailUp3="";
  •  TextMailDown1="WP Sell ";
  •  TextMailDown2="WP Sell write here your text"";
  •  TextMailDown3="";

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