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POWR Trend Trader

Our most popular indicator in our fleet of indicators. The POWR Trend Trader is the highest grossing manual strategy for trading on the market today. This indicator is upgraded with more Profit Points and also introduces Re-Entry alerts. The POWR Trend Trader (PTT) is our premier indicator! What this indicator can do for your profits is staggering!


  1. The POWR Trend Trader has a Master Trend Meter at the bottom of the chart. We actually re-coded the main indicator that turns your candle colors green and red so it’s far more accurate when identifying great long and short trades.
  2. We have also introduced the Trend Codes which are very valuable to traders by simply entering the code into the indicator and being able to get the best long and short trade alerts, immediately.
  3. The POWR Trend Trader can also be dialed down to a setting of 1 verses the POWR Trend Line Candles where you can only go down to a 4. This creates more accurate trading possibilities.

Be sure to watch the POWR Trend Trader tutorial for details and understanding on how this very powerful indicator works…you’re going to love this one!

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