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Ultimate Scalper winner Pro

Ultimate Scalper Pro checks for  Early Entries, the used algorithm is based on CCI, RSI, MA, ATR. 

This indicator is a powerful trend one, it shows the market clearly, NO Noise, NO Repaint. you can use it with your own strategy or indicator, personally i use it with CCI, MFI, my own TMA bands non repaint and CSS indicator, it gives entry with the Lowest Drawdown, especially when used with (oversold and overbought) indicators and currency strength indicator.  

Basically entries like this: ''see picture2'' simple strategy...

1- Buy signal when the white line=red line and CCI croos up level -70. "picture2"

2- Sell signal when the white line=green line and CCI cross down level 70. "picture2"

Note: avoid trading when red line=green line. or when the white line is between the green and red lines.


Recommended Time Frame is M15


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Version 1.1 2019.12.14
code improved