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Monitoring of EA TurboFan trading - https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/487286

By default, TurboFan is configured to trade the GBPUSD currency pair (M15 time frame). However, after additional configuration of this Expert Advisor, it can be used for trading on other currency pairs.

TurboFan trading strategy – how does it work?

With the help of several moving averages EA TurboFan determines the direction of the market trend, waiting for the price correction and makes a deal in the direction of the main market movement. The EA determines the trading target and automatically sets the Take Profit level.

If the quotes begin to move in the opposite direction, EA TurboFan starts trading in a new direction, and the previous deals are withdrawn from the drawdown by concluding auxiliary market orders.

Thus, EA TurboFan trades simultaneously in two directions. While one direction is in a drawdown, the EA earns on the opposite trading direction, which significantly reduces the drawdown and hedges trading risks.

EA TurboFan intelligent functions:

In its work EA TurboFan uses several effective intelligent functions, namely:

  • trailing open profitable trades – which helps to get the maximum profit during long market trends
  • full or partial locking of trades that have fallen into a drawdown – this helps to prevent uncontrolled growth of the drawdown in the unprofitable trading direction
  • partial closing of deals – which helps to manage trading capital more flexibly and increase the amount of trading profit

How do I start using EA TurboFan?

To start using EA TurboFan, you only need to install EA on the GBPUSD currency pair with the M15 chart timeframe. You don't have to do anything else. 

EA TurboFan is fully configured for automated trading and does not require any additional configuration!

Recommended settings to start using EA TurboFun:

Minimum capital to start trading: 3000 USD or more
Currency pair: GBPUSD (or other currency pairs after additional setup)
TimeFrame for trading: M15
Recommended broker - ICMarkets or other broker with market execution and leverage of 1:100 or more.

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