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DynamicStep is a very simple Expert Advisor with a minimum of parameters.

It works on netting accounts. Works on all timeframes.

Its operation is based on following the market. Orders are opened on every candle. Thus, the position constantly changes following the market.

The main objective is to optimize the bot in such a way as to always remain in the market trend. To do this, perform the optimization as often as possible. Changes in the market - changes in parameters.

Only two parameters are to be optimized: Step and Limit.

The robot requires a deposit of at $10000 for normal operation, as it needs to be able to open numerous orders.


  • Risk – calculate the lot depending on the deposit.
  • Step – step for grid calculations.
  • Limit – restrict operation to one direction.
  • LongPr – close when reaching the specified profit for Long (in percent).
  • ShortPr – close when reaching the specified profit for Short (in percent).
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