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The EA is for the professional traders working with trend strategy .

 Trend following Alligator indicator and oscillators , can work with any symbol or market in MT5 


  • all properties and parameters  can be adjusted , periods , methods, levels
  • money management, risk management, Account setting and option
  • Auto Stop loss , take profit , trailing stop and many options.

 Three moving averages crossing to  find  the trend (Alligator) and oscillators to confirm the trend 

the strategy uses multi time frame combination of indicators and three moving averages to fine the best entry point wen the fast MA cross the other slow MA , the MACD, Stochastic and RSI  combined together to find the best entry point in the trend and the StdDev  is the trend filter , this strategy will reduce the risk off volatile move of price as it consider the trend action more than the price action , can work on mini account from low as  500$ or standard account up to  10,000,000$ tested  .

trade scenarios

  •  swing trades wen alligator teeth (mid MA) cross jaw (slow MA) 
  • faster swing trades, alligator lip (fast MA) cross above ore below teeth (mid MA) and jaw (slow MA) ,
  • wen braking the highest high or lowest low and RSI above or below the 50 level
  •  wen braking the lowest High or highest low  and RSI above or below the 50  level
Oscillators to confirm the trade
    •  MACD above or below is signal and above or below zero 
    •  RSI above 50  for buy  ore below for sell & levels 
    • stochastic  up or down & levels 
    •  StdDev indicator , wen StdDev moving  up we have trend
Exit trade
    • for closing the trade (stop loss & take profit MA) crossing a stop loss & take profit MA ,Fast MA & mid MA .
Account protection 
    • Margin cut off setting in Cash
    • Margin cut off wen Margin > Free Margin 


        • Alligator moving averages
        • RSI
        • MACD 
        • Stochastic 
        • StdDev  
        • Stop loss and take profit moving average,


        • Alligator MA , fast, mid slow
        • Lowest-High & Highest-Low 
        • Highest-High & Lowest-Low 
        • MACD
        • RSI ,levels
        • Stochastic , levels
        • StdDev
        • Stop loss take profits MA
        • Trade box , include stop loss take profit and trailing stops,
        • settings and lot size 
        • Account mini or standard 
        •  Money Management 
        • Lots Optimized  
        • time days and week trading
        • push notification,
        • Email notification, 
        • magic number,

        the EA is for the professional traders who understand the indexes and oscillators 

        it dose not guaranty profit, 

        Before use you should search the optimal parameters for each specific symbol and time frame,

        back test Demo version on real account and real data , before you buy,

        work better with  high volume trending markets like Forex majors ,

        using  account standard option (account mini false ) for symbols with lot size equal 1 recommended for better lot optimization but could have  a lode on deposit on mini accounts ,

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