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Bober Real MT5


Three variables are available for every strategy, any one of them can be disabled, their period can be changed.

  • type_order=ORDER_FILLING _FOK - order filling type.
  • ReverseTrade=false — trades opens in reverse direction if true.
  • ExitOnBar=true — trades close on each bar only.
  • spreadcover=false — Spread you pay includes in profit trades. It's like trade with zero spread but you should remember that it can decrease exact match between tester's result and live one. It's advisable to check effect of this option in tester.
  • RSI304=4 This option handle only rate of trades.
  • MagicNumber=4444

ATR filter, change parameters of atr while optimization to get the best quality of trades.

  • ATRperiod1=2
  • ATR_from=1
  • ATRperiod1=11
  • ATR_from=6
  • Inp_Lot= Percent , Fixed — percent, fixed lot.
  • Lot_from — select the value to calculate lot from: free margin or balance.
  • RisPercent=30 — risk percent fro the non-fixed lot.
  • Lots=0.1 — fixed lot value.
  • Stoploss=60 — the distance to stop loss.
  • TakeProfit=60 — the distance to take profit.
  • VirtStoploss=20 — the distance to stop loss.
  • VirtTakeProfit=5 — the distance to take profit.
  • Slippage=3 — maximum allowed slippage.
  • MaxSpread=6 — maximum allowed spread.
  • Distance- distance between deals in pips.
  • Maxorders- max number deals per position.
  • Maxorders2- max number of deals per direction.

Time trade: optimize trade range in tester to get the best results.

  • Servertimefilter=true — the operating server time range.
  • Starthour=21
  • Startminute=0
  • Endhour=2
  • Endminute=0
2017.09.15 12:26 

I am very satisfied with the signal, you have to have patience because it does not do many operations, but when it does, it is very profitable.

I can recommend it 100%.

Attila Temesvari
2017.08.18 15:46 

Nice work, its working like the developers account.

Support is fast.


2016.07.04 13:05 

Bober Real MT5 works very well. Identical trades like Arnold. I can recommend

2016.05.10 06:42   

мало того, что работает в убыток, так еще к тому же закрывает открытые в ручную ордера!

Version 4.6 - 2017.09.14
- Fixed bug with closing on hedging accounts.
Version 4.5 - 2017.07.26
Possibility to work on hedge accounts.
Version 4.4 - 2016.11.10
Improved quality of entries
Version 3.9 - 2016.01.15

- Exitonbar - EA closes position on each bar.
- Maxorders - limit the number of deals (type "in") per direction of opened position.
- Maxorders2 - limit the number of all deals per position.


- losscover

Default settings changed.
Version 3.7 - 2015.11.12
Order fill input - ability to choose an order fill type
loss_cover - multiplication of a lot size after a loss. If 1, the option is disabled.