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EA Cypress

EA Cypress is a universal Expert Advisor for EURUSD, which allows both trading in fully automatic mode, and managing orders opened by the user. For this purpose, it provides buttons for switching modes and opening/closing orders on the chart. Recommended timeframe is M5. Market entries are based on the RSI and Stochastic indicators. It works using Buy and Sell market orders. It supports working with a part of the equity left in reserve. The EA displays the information on the open positions on the chart in two languages, Russian or English (defined in the settings), as well as the account status and the current profit.

Input parameters

The product works both on 4 and 5-digit quotes. Set the parameters as for 4-digit quotes, the EA automatically recalculates them for 5-digit quotes.

  • Select Language - select the language to display the information on the chart.
  • Trading mode - select the automatic or manual trading.
  • Max Spread - the maximum allowable spread for opening orders.
  • Max Slippage - the maximum slippage for opening and closing orders. Increase the value, if slippages occur or quotes come very quickly.
  • Start Work - trading start time.
  • End Work - trading stop time.
  • RSI Period - period of the RSI (Relative Strength Index) indicator.
  • UpLevel RSI & Stochastic - the upper level for RSI and Stochastic for opening Sell orders.
  • DownLevel RSI & Stochastic - the lower level for RSI and Stochastic for opening Buy orders.
  • K-Period Stochastic - К - period for the Stochastic indicator.
  • D-Period Stochastic - D - period for the Stochastic indicator.
  • Slowing Stochastic - slowing of the Stochastic indicator.
  • Reserve in % - percentage of the equity that will not be used in trading.
  • Use Autolot - true - use autolot; false - do not use.
  • Percent For Autolot - percentage of the equity to calculate the autolot.
  • Manual Lot - trading lot, if autolot is not used. Not used when autolot = true.
  • Lot Multiplier - multiplier for the next locking lot.
  • Take Profit, points - the amount of target profit in points (specify as for 4-digit quotes).
  • Max Lock Orders - the maximum number of open orders.
  • Distance, points - distance to open locking positions (specify as for 4-digit quotes).
  • Breakeven Orders - the number of open orders to move all positions to breakeven.
  • Show Info Table - true - show the information block; false - do not show.
  • Font Size - font size for the information block and buttons.
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