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Moving Band

Moving band is a trend based, custom indicator which combines multiple Moving Averages and Bollinger Band.


  • Trend based Indicator
  • Does not repaint
  • No False Signals
  • Works on all Time Frames
  • Applicable on Forex, Indices and Stocks

Input Parameters

  • Show Indicator after Testing: True/False
  • Sound an alert: True/False
  • Send an email: True/False
  • Send a notification: True/False


  • The signals are generated with intersection of multiple Moving Averages with mid Bollinger Band
    • Buy when Green arrow appears
    • Sell when Red arrow appears

Take Profit and Stop loss:

  • Take Profit: Profit should be taken while
    • In a Buy position: Red arrow appears
    • In a Sell position: Green arrow appears
  • Stop Loss:
    • For a Buy position: appearance of Red arrow
    • For a Sell position: appearance of Green arrow


  • Works on all timeframes
  • TF preferred for intraday trading - M1, M5
  • TF preferred for positional trading - H1, H4

Money Management

  • Martingale Strategy can be used to recover losses if any
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