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Scalper Dream

The Scalper Dream Expert Advisor trades based on price movement speed.

Trading Strategy

The EA is designed for trading the rebounds after significant price impulses. The EA trades at market, exiting positions by stops or trailing stop. The EA features the ability to swap the signals using the Reverse parameter. In this case, the positions are opened in the direction of the price movement.

If the trade volume is set to zero in Lots, the lot size will be calculated depending on the deposit size and the risk specified in Risk.

The EA has been optimized on the period of 01.03.2016-01.04.2016. Symbol - EURUSD M15.


Trade volume settings

  • Lots - trade volume.
  • Risk - risk management.

Settings for opening positions

  • StopLoss - stop loss of orders.
  • TakeProfit - take profit of orders.
  • TrailingStop - trailing stop.
  • Spread - maximum allowed spread.
  • Speed - price movement speed.
  • Reverse - change the trading direction.
  • Slip - slippage.
  • Magic - magic number.

Trading time settings

  • StartHour - hour to start trading.
  • StartMin - minute to start trading.
  • EndHour - hour to stop trading.
  • EndMin - minute to stop trading.

Settings for error handling

  • MaxEntry - the number of attempts to place an order.
  • LongPause - long pause after errors.
  • ShortPause - short pause after errors.
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