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Well Martin

The Well Martin Expert Advisor looks for entries in a calm market and increases the lot after a loss.

Trading Strategy

  • The EA is designed to trade in a quiet market.
  • The EA trades using market orders, and exits positions using stop orders.
  • StopLoss and TakeProfit levels are set through modification.
  • After a losing position, the EA increases lot by KLot.
  • If MaxLot is reached after a series of losses, the EA switches to the minimum lot set in Lots.
  • If you set Lots to zero, the lot will be calculated based on deposit and the Risk parameter.
  • The EA opens positions alternately, i.e. buy-sell-buy or sell-buy-sell.

The EA has been optimized on data for 01.11.2005-01.11.2010. Symbol EURUSD Н1.

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Settings of the Expert Advisor

Trading Lot Settings

  • Lots - trading lot
  • KLot - lot increase
  • MaxLot - maximum lot
  • Risk - risk management

Position Placing Parameters

  • StopLoss - the stop loss value
  • TakeProfit - the take profit value
  • Slip - allowable slippage
  • Magic

Indicator Settings

  • ADXPeriod - period of the ADX indicator
  • Level - level of ADX
  • BBPeriod - period of Bollinger Bands
  • BBDev- deviation of Bollinger Bands

Trading Time Overwrite

  • StartHour - trading start hour
  • StartMin - trading start minute
  • EndHour - trading end hour
  • EndMin - trading end minute

Error Handling

  • MaxEntry - number of attempts to place an order
  • LongPause - a long pause after an error
  • ShortPause - a short pause after an error
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