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MultiLimitStop EA Demo

This EA (TRIAL VERSION) is designed for automatic placing of pending orders (sell limit, buy limit, sell stop, buy stop) including Stop Loss & Take Profit levels (editable) with only one button click. This EA can make order multi pending level / pending orders grid.

So, with this EA placing pending orders will be faster, more accurate and more efficient.

Main Purposes

  • Automation Pending orders grid style trading.
  • Automation of the process of placing the Pending Orders:
    • fast
    • accurate
    • efficient
  • Automation of close Orders / Pending Orders.
  • Manage orders like Delete Pending, Close All, Close buy only, Close sell only.
  • Avoiding unwanted triggering of Placing Pending, Stop Loss, Take Profit in case the broker's stop level is different than usual.
  • Make work easier and faster.

EA Input Parameters

  1. Lots - default is 0.01.
  2. Inc_Lots - to increase lot when make order more than one, default is 0.01. If 0, lot does not increase.
  3. MaxOrder - max order per click button, default is 5.
  4. Distance - distance from the current price to place the first order, default is 15.
  5. Step - distance between order to next order / next level, default is 20.
  6. TakeProfit - Take Profit level in units of the price chart, default is 10.
  7. StopLoss - Stop Loss level in units of the price chart, default is 0.
  8. MagicNumber - used to identify the orders made by this EA, default is 0.
  9. SC_Comment - comment made by this EA, you can input anything.
  10. Color1 - color of displayed info.
  11. Color2 - color of displayed info.

For full version please go to https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/22747

Ali irwan
2017.07.25 14:42 

good job