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Successful Algorithm EA

The Successful Algorithm EA is based on the MACD indicators. It captures the movements in the direction of the main trend. It has multiple smart filters, which filter out the weak and false signals.

The Successful Algorithm EA determines an entry point, and buys or sells based on that point.

Profitable trades are closed by take profit or trailing stop. Unprofitable ones are averaged by the EA. An order grid is created in the same direction, a breakeven level is calculated, and the grid is closed by take profit or trailing stop when the price reaches it.

Ready to go without any particular setup on the EUR / USD pair.

The EA does not need any kind of complicated setup and is ready to work with multiple symbols.

It is recommended to optimize the EA settings for each currency pair. Timeframe: from М5 to Н4, H1 recommended.


  • Timeframe MACD - MACD timeframe
  • Timeframe filter - timeframe of the smart filter
  • Fast EMA - period of the fast moving average of the MACD indicator
  • Slow EMA - period of the slow moving average of the MACD indicator
  • SMA - MACD signal line.
  • Lots - fixed lot.
  • Take Profit OFF/ON - enable/disable take profit.
  • Take Profit - take profit in pips. 10 is 10 pips.
  • Stop Loss OFF/ON – enable/disable stop loss.
  • StopLoss - stop loss in pips. 10 is 10 pips.
  • Grid step - order grid step in pips.
  • Grid coefficient - increase of the grid lot size.
  • Max orders - the maximum number of grid orders.
  • Magic - identifier for orders.
  • Use Trailing OFF/ON - enable/disable trailing stop.
  • Trailing method - trailing method (by extremums of candles, by fractals, by the ATR indicator, by the Parabolic indicator, by the MA indicator, or by points).
  • Indent - offset from the calculated stop loss level.
  • Timeframe indicators - timeframe of the trailing stop indicators.
  • Step move - step for moving the stop loss.
  • Minimal profit - minimum profit for trailing in points.
  • Period ATR – period of the ATR indicator.
  • Period MA - period of the MA indicator.
  • Comment - custom comment.
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Version 1.10 - 2017.03.03
The indicator settings for EA optimization are now set as external variables.