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Dolphin EA

Dolphin EA is a grid Expert Advisor. It opens a grid of orders located at a specified level from each other. An order direction is defined by the built-in filters. No stop loss is used. All orders are closed by take profit.

The EA works on any timeframe.


  • Filtr - number of points from the average for opening orders (for example, 200). 0 - disabled.
  • AutoTakeProfit - enable take profit auto detection. Take profit should not be less than the TakeProfit parameter.
  • TakeProfit - take profit in points.
  • Autolot - minimum lot calculation based on the balance. For example, 2000 means that the lot of 0.01 is opened per 2000 currency units, i.e. if the account balance is 10 000, the volume of orders is equal to 0.05. 0 - fixed lot.
  • Lot - fixed lot value.
  • level - distance between orders in points.
  • StopIf - drawdown percentage. If the drawdown exceeds the current value, no orders are opened.
  • Maxsread - maximum spread.
  • MagicNumber - magic number. Note: Using the trading strategy implies that the magic number changes by +1 (multiple times).
  • Trade_Comment - order comment.
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