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Ilanis is and Expert Advisor for stock trading, it can be used for trading on Forex and other markets, including commodities, metals and index markets.

To determine the market entry, the EA uses the modern and ultra-light adaptive indicator FourAverage.

Principle of position maintaining is similar to that of the popular Forex robot Ilan, using averaging. But unlike Ilan, Ilanis uses an accurate entry into the market. The robot pays a lot of attention to position control, if the price goes in the expected direction. This is done by increasing the lot based on Martingale (ExpLot coefficient can be set in the settings, usually from 1.1 to 1.8).

Trading is based on the idea that 80% of time the market is moving in a flat. Long trends can be dangerous for the Expert Advisor, but they are rare. Some extraordinary events, like war, economic collapse, etc., can cause such trends. Information about these events can be found on news sites. It is advisable to turn off the EA in such cases. If this fails, through a flexible system of money management the robot is able in most cases to bring the combined position (even those open against the trend) to profit, the amount of which may considerably exceed the initially planned one. Although risks are higher in this case.

The main rule when working with Ilanis: do not be greedy, do not increase the lot, use the settings obtained after a proper optimization. Do not forget to optimize parameters for the current market from time to time.

Ilanis EA monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/fastinvestments

The Expert Advisor is configured to work on EURUSD, M15

Ilanis Expert Advisor

  • Works with all dealing centers that use the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.
  • Works with both "Instant Execution" and "Market Execution" brokers.
  • Automatically determines the number of digits in quotes and works with quotes that have any number of decimal places.
  • Resistant to a temporary loss of connection or a short-term computer shutdown. After starting the computer, the Expert Advisor will pick up its orders and continue trading steadily.
  • Always works only with its own orders even if you have decided to trade manually in parallel.


  • Sets – override settings in ---=BUY SETTING=--- and ---=SELL SETTING=--- with the built-in presets.


  • BUY - Enables BUY.
  • PeriodFA1 - Calculation period of the FourAverage indicator (1-200).
  • Average1_1 - The first level of adaptive smoothing, a value of 0-300.


  • SELL - Enables SELL.
  • PeriodFA2 - Calculation period of the FourAverage indicator (1-200).
  • Average2_1 - The first level of adaptive smoothing, a value of 0-300.


  • StLot - lot size of the first order. If the value is negative, it is used as a fixed lot (Example: Lot = -0.01 the trade will be opened with the size of 0.01 lot). If the value is positive, specify the volume per 1000 units of the deposit (Example: Lot = 0.04, deposit is $2000, the trade will be opened with the volume of 0.08 lot).
  • ExpLot - lot multiplier for the subsequent orders in a series.
  • MinProfit - the minimum profit for closing the series. In the deposit currency per 1 lot of the initial volume.
  • StopLoss and TakeProfit - Positive values: In points of the first order in a series. Negative vaalues: In deposit currency per 1 lot of the first order in a series.


  • BlockOpenOldPrice - disable opening at a price better than the previous trade.
  • StopIlanis - disable opening new series, the current series will be continued.
  • NotWorkingHours - hours when trading is disabled. For example: "0, 1, 2, 3, 22, 23".
  • NotWorkingDayWeek - set week days when trading is disabled. For example, "1, 5" means that trading is disabled on Monday and Friday.


  • MaxSpread - if the current spread is greater than this value, the trade will not be opened.
  • Slippage - acceptable slippage.
  • MagicNumber_ - beginning of the range of magic numbers occupied by the Expert Advisor. The EA occupies 50 numbers.
Rafael Cadosch
Rafael Cadosch 2019.06.25 13:39   

Hello, >Good day :)

Can I use in other currencies, or only EURUSD, DO i have to find setting for other currencies, or use the EURUSD file ? Can I make a portfolio or major currencies trading ?

iTrader 2019.05.02 21:40 

I've been using it for over a year and it's fantastic. Slowly my account increases without scares.

I have tried many robots and this is the one I like the most and the most profitable.


Llevo utilizándolo más de un año y es fantástico. Lentamente mi cuenta aumenta sin sustos.

He probado muchos robots y este es el más rentable.

Thank you Mikhail

camilla.mk 2019.04.21 12:30 

Excellent expert, stable and profitable! You just need understand what he doing, Congratulation, Very good EA . I use now for few months on life account but I found it works the best on Eur/Usd

Franki112 2019.04.17 20:17 

The ILANIS works after backtests since two weeks with a life acount. It works like a colony of ants - again and again small profits but continuous -great.

Thank you.

Staffan Ofwerman
Staffan Ofwerman 2019.04.12 17:29 

I like this EA. It's doing a great job. And that's what I prefer.

Nicola Furini
Nicola Furini 2019.01.04 18:27 

Few small profits and bigger losses...

Ievgen Alantiev
Ievgen Alantiev 2018.12.19 18:52 

Хороший, торг умеренный с высоким шансом. Профит низкий но "Жадность фраера сгубила" так что грех жаловаться. Отличная работа спасибо.

Lunno Goncalves
Lunno Goncalves 2018.10.30 14:09 

So far so good, one of the best profitable EAs, at low cost.

Rene Killandi
Rene Killandi 2018.06.09 14:19 

22.03.2018 Great EA as long as You don't get greedy. Stay with 0.01 and let it run. Stable results with minor differences on different real accounts (EURUSD spreads - 6, 12 and 18; interest-swap-balance terms included). Great ability to pick up broken strategy - I tried to screw it by manually closing EA-s winning trades in the middle and yet it always found a way to close a whole pot with a nice profit (semi-automatic trading). Nice play.

EDIT 10.05.2018. If You know what You do, then GET GREEDY. Different timeframes with optimization can give unexpected results. This EA is absolutely killer if You get to know and understand it.

FINAL EDIT 09.06.2018. I love that Ilanis EA, I really do! It is like having LEGO set of FOREX market - You can create and run Your own strategy tailored to Your needs, trading habits, risk tolerance, financial boundaries etc. Also You can play safe with default settings. Super!

Dmitry Petrov
Dmitry Petrov 2018.03.29 12:21 

Отличный эксперт , стабильно работает и приносит прибыль!

Arnulf-P Keisinger
Arnulf-P Keisinger 2018.02.09 12:02 

Bin sehr zufrieden machen Sie weiter so.

Gabriel Ribeiro da costa
Gabriel Ribeiro da costa 2018.01.12 20:22   

Como vai? Eu já compra para robot já receber robot mas não consegui colocar robot também não tem Download

Só usado iPad pro

me agurda por favor responda

muitos obrigado

Luigi Salvatores Buigues Morillo
Luigi Salvatores Buigues Morillo 2018.01.12 12:14 

muy buena herramienta .siempre que se haga una buena gestion .felicidades :)

Ruben Higes
Ruben Higes 2017.09.17 22:30 

Muy buena .

156585799 2017.08.14 06:04   

你好,请问usdjpy的 5分钟图 如何设置,我已购买软件,现在不敢实盘,看到你提供的图片里有usdjpy 的设置 但是 买来的 版本 没有reinvestment=true reinvestmentdepo=200 因此我不能设置初始金额

David 2017.06.04 09:59 

I'm satisfied. It is good that everyone can optimize according to their needs.

hermes holguin
hermes holguin 2017.05.06 07:38 

Absolutely DANGEROUS EA, This will blow any account anytime! it make small wins constantly but when the loses came you better be ready. the DRAWDOWN IS HUUUUUUGE-MUNGUS!!! you are better of spinning a coin yourself TRUST ME.

jarednoynay 2017.04.06 17:59 

Works very well if you optimize the settings for conservative drawdown for each currency pair and time frame. I now have this EA on 5 pairs on the M5 timeframe with 0.01 starting lot each.

Tscheff 2017.03.31 09:27 

Ilanis is a state of the art EA. If you purchase Ilanis you definitely don't buy a pig in the poke. Author is very supportive and his professional way of describing optimisation processes on his homepage is worth reading through. I can only recommend to follow his instructions otherwise it'll be dangerous for your balance.

Furthermore, I can only agree with previous reviews that you have to be very tolerable (holding negative positions for a couple of days!) regarding drawdowns but it will pay off one day or another! Don't be too hasty and do not close positions manually.

Currently looking for conservative settings, so hints and recommendations welcome.

boand74 2017.03.19 21:26 

Very quiet with the default settings.

With proper optimization can be very profitable.

H371B82db 2017.03.19 21:12 

Dosent work, waste of money!

Alexander Eichhorn
Alexander Eichhorn 2016.12.06 19:54 

Очень хороший Советник! Пока приносит окала 20% на реальном рынке.

billc 2016.11.28 16:19   

Hi Mikhail, can you get back to me at wjc26@hotmail.co.uk


Riland Jones
Riland Jones 2016.11.23 03:49 

I'm having great success with this bot. I optimized a little and my winning trades are around 98%. I've been using small lot sizes and going up slowly. This is the only bot I use for 9 different pairs, it's a definite winner

Nurettin Kilincarslan
Nurettin Kilincarslan 2016.09.12 08:24 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Nesho Marinov
Nesho Marinov 2016.09.02 10:43 

I can give 5 stars to the EA with conditions.

- Works on life account and only for EURUSD 15 min

- I'm using it with the default settings

- don't be greedy, in my case runs on VPS with 0.01 lot size for 1000 USD account and 1:200 leverage


Rule #1 - make an optimisation to avoid drawdown,

Rule #2 - be sure you can afford drawdown higher then 50%

Rule #3 - don't be greedy, see rule #2

As I received couple of questions regarding this EA, I can re-confirm my review. It works very well with the default settings on EURUSD and M15. Just don't be greedy.

Vasilii Batov
Vasilii Batov 2016.03.24 18:01 

Норм Советник!

sergio.russo 2016.02.17 06:56   

Я не знаю пока. Ночь прошла без реакции. Хотя море рынок был активный

Andrey Tsygankov
Andrey Tsygankov 2015.10.24 02:45 

Здравствуйте, оптимизировал поставил, на реал ForexClub, баланс 250, спред 25 pips, результаты впечатляют, не супер прибыль, но торгует уверенно в плюс. Жду обновлений если будут.

Обновляю свой отзыв . Хотелось бы поделиться со всеми, по поводу оптимизации данного эксперта. Оптимизируем на М15, берем период полтора года,т.е восемнадцать месяцев, баланс берем именно такой, с какого будем начинать реальную торговлю (лучше всего 300$ и больше) и очень важно правильно выбрать начальный лот, в данном случае для депозита 300 мы берем лот для оптимизации 0.03, затем проводим оптимизацию все как рекомендует автор на своем сайте, получаем результаты и выбираем верхнюю строчку по прибыли, правой кнопкой мыши щелкаем по этой строке и выбираем установить входные параметры, затем заходим в свойства эксперта и проверяем установились ли наши входные данные и теперь уменьшаем начальный лот , ставим 0.02, и начинаем тестировать , у нас 18 месяцев, и тестов будет 18, т.е первый тест будем проводить с первого месяца потом со второго и так далее, если эксперт проходит все 18 тестов успешно то эти параметры можно использовать для реальной торговли, рекомендую оставить при выборе периода оптимизации оставлять в конце месяц , чтобы потом тестировать эксперта на периоде на котором он не проходил оптимизацию, если эксперт пройдет тестирование за этот месяц успешно это будет служить дополнительным подтверждением что оптимизация прошла успешна. Оптимизацию проводим каждый месяц берем всегда полтора года. Всем удачи.

maxim101 2015.06.18 20:45 

Отлично работает. Только фиксируйте прибыль и не жадничайте.

Atep Novic
Atep Novic 2015.05.06 08:45   

still need improvement of loss

Luis Paulo de Oliveira
Luis Paulo de Oliveira 2015.04.06 20:40 


nadya_savchenko Savchenko
nadya_savchenko Savchenko 2014.12.01 18:41 

+100. Я довольна, реальные деньги и стабильность. Не знаю кого как,а меня всегда пугали роботы с обещаниями заработать немеренно денег за короткий срок.

Sergey Petrekeyev
Sergey Petrekeyev 2014.11.27 07:53 

Добрый день! Присоединяюсь к предыдущему посту, прибыль относительно небольшая, но главное это прибыль!

Version 3.5 2019.04.30
Added the ability to disable the graphical panel. To do this, create a global variable "Panel" = -1
Added the ability to disable comments to orders. To do this, create a global variable "Comment" = -1
Version 3.4 2018.05.15
1) The filter settings by time have become more convenient and functional.
2) The StopLoss parameter received a functional for closing positions at a loss in the deposit currency.
3) Added TakeProfit parameter.
Version 3.3 2018.01.10
1) Added built-in parameter presets for the major currency pairs.
2) The "MinProfit" parameter is now specified for 1 lot of the starting volume.
Version 3.2 2017.10.31
1) New values for the deal opening settings.

2) Changed some parameters. The full description of the parameters: http://excstrategy.ru/Experts/Ilanis/DescriptionOfSettings

3) Attention!!! Changed the calculation principle of the StLot parameter.

◾StLot - lot size of the first order. If the value is negative, it is used as a fixed lot (Example: Lot = -0.01, the trade will be opened with the volume of 0.01 lot). If the value is positive, specify the volume per 1000 units of the deposit (Example: Lot = 0.04, deposit is $2000, the trade will be opened with the volume of 0.08 lot).
Version 3.1 2016.08.23
1. Changed the order of closing the series. Large volumes are closed first now.
2. Now you can block opening at old prices. This option is enabled by default !!! BlockOpenOldPrice = true;
Version 3.0 2016.08.09
1. Improved functionality of the trading panel.
2. Added a setting that blocks the opening of trades in a series at the near price range.
Version 2.9 2016.07.14
Code optimization.
Added filter for opening positions by hours.
Added filter for opening positions by days of the week.
Version 2.8 2016.02.04
EA interface improvements.
Fixed the zero division error during the panel operation.
Version 2.7 2016.02.02
Added the Excel report module.
Added the information panel.
Version 2.6 2015.09.03
1) Added accounting of commissions and swaps.
2) Added spread filter.
Version 2.4 2015.08.14
1. Fixed closing orders that do not belong to the EA.

2. Added the StopIlanis parameter: if 'true', the EA continues working with the current orders, though a new series is not opened.
Version 2.3 2015.07.15
Fixed an error concerning placement of the order grid.
Version 2.2 2015.07.13
Improved control over positions in case of connection fault and requotes.
Version 2.1 2015.05.28
The order grid has been expanded to 15.
Version 2.0 2015.04.06
The settings are more conservative now
Fixed the optimization acceleration function
Version 1.8 2015.03.05
Added comments to positions.
Expanded EA log.
Version 1.6 2014.12.01
- Fixed lot calculation error.
- Added speed up optimization function.
Version 1.5 2014.11.27
- Fixed the volume error occurring when the terminal with a plenty of open orders is disabled multiple times.
- Improved the visual appearance of the parameter menu.
- Changed MoneyManagment section settings.
- Optimized the code.
Version 1.4 2014.06.23
1. Significantly increase the optimization speed.
2. New default parameters.
3. Eliminated errors appeared with some brokers.
Version 1.3 2014.06.09
Fixed error that caused EA hanging when there was not enough money.