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TradeRunner Pro

This is no martingale, grid, hedge or other averaging strategy.

This expert is a classic break-out-strategy with special filter. It monitors market movements and set pending trades. If not activated in a certain time frame, new levels are set. On activation the experts trails the trade very closely. Every trade is protected by stop-loss.

Best trading times are while London and USA is open. We suggest – and have tested it with – EURUSD and GBPUSD

We also suggest a VPS with very fast ping times and an ECN-broker with tight spreads and without stop level.

Please find a signal for this expert here: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/ugur-edin/seller

Basic Parameters

  • MAGICNO - magic number, unique number to identify Expert and Currency pair
  • Lots - use lot size if money management is set to false
  • UseMM - use money management
  • MaximumRisk - Maximum Risk if money management is set to true
  • MaximumLotSize - Maximum LotSize
  • DecreaseFactor - decrease by a factor of X
  • DecreaseLotSizeAfterXLosses - whether or not to decrease trade sizes after losses
  • IncreaseFactor - increase by a factor of X
  • IncreaseLotSizeAfterXLosses - whether or not to increase trade sizes after losses
  • TimeFrame - Time frame to analyze bars
  • HistoryAnalyse - how many bars to check
  • Schift - how many bars back to start, eg.: 1 analyzes 1-19, 5 analyzes 5-23
  • LastLowHigh - opens pending order only when low and high are set back at least 3 bars
  • Tral_Stop - Points trailing when profit position
  • TrailingStep - Step trailing when profit position
  • StopLossInPoint - loss in points, at which a deal is closed
  • TakeProfitinPoint - take profit in points (if set 0 does not use take profit)
  • PendingOrderExpirationInHours - Pending order delete after x hours
  • StartTradeHour - start trading at
  • StartTradeMinute - start trading at
  • EndTradeHour - end trading at
  • EndTradeMinute - end trading at
  • TradeSunday - False / True
  • TradeMonday - False / True
  • TradeThuesdy - False / True
  • TradeWednesday - False / True
  • TradeThursday - False / True
  • TradeFriday - False / True
  • CloseStartHour - start closing open trades at
  • CloseStartMinute - start closing open trades at
  • CloseEndHour - end closing open trades at
  • CloseEndMinute - end closing open trades at
  • in_NY_DST - set to true if New York uses Daylight saving time (Spring). Set to false if New York does not use Daylight saving time (Winter)
  • GMTOffsetForTesting - GMT offset - for backtesting only

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Version 1.10 2018.12.07
- if one pending order triggered than EA delete the other pending order to avoid double stop loss in high volatility news release
- Trading days can be choosen
- setting changes