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Expert opens trades by level and uses no indicator. It can be used with multiple currency pairs with correct settings. Depending on the currency pair, trading sessions are mostly short before the newyork close to the middle of Japan session.Due to independence of indicators, the expert can be optimized for several currency pairs and trading times. In case of extended drawdown, take profits are adjusted to exit the market sooner and if at all possibly profitable. The built-in news filter prevents the opening of new trades when important news is upcoming. 

There is no martingale or grid in this EA. Every trade is protected by a stop loss and once in the profit zone, profits are protected by trailing stops.

Signal monitoring (https://www.mql5.com/en/users/ugur-edin/seller).


  • GMT offset of your broker - GMT offset of your broker
  • DST offset - broker is on Daylight Savings Time
  • Session open hour - opening hour
  • Session close hour - closing hour
  • Setting string - set of values that optimize the general trading behavior of this EA
  • Entry fix lots - fixed lot size per trade without money management
  • Use money management - enable money management
  • Minlotsize for every X amount of balance - min lot size for every X amount of balance
  • Stop loss (points) - Stop loss (points) 
  • Maximum allowed spread - allowed spread
  • Take profit at drawdown take profit at drawdown of n
  • Change take profit at drawdown - change take profit after drawdown to n
  • Custom Magic - unique ID identifying Expert and Pair
  • Use Newsfilter - set true to use newsfilter
  • Add Currencies Show - show additional currencies - divided by comma
  • Add Currencies Block - block additional currencies - divided by comma
  • Length of your providers Prefix - length of your providers prefix
  • Distance news label left - news display from left
  • Distance news label top - news display from top
  • Receive notifications - receive notifications
  • News suspend trading on score  - suspend if score (Heavy=3, Medium=2, Low=0)
  • Disable trading x hours before news - disable trading x hours before news
  • Disable trading x hours after news - disable trading x hours after news
  • News source - http://forex-navigator.com/ffcal_week_this.xml

Qingui Meng
Qingui Meng 2019.08.30 13:33   

This ea loss is too big, now it is a downward trend to hold many orders, a stop loss is around 15%, if 4 orders all stop loss will lose 60%, which is very terrible, this is a failure result, people do not buy, I now loss more than 10%

Win Thu
Win Thu 2019.08.05 13:13 

One of the best scalpers for CHFJPY pair. It comes with great performance, steady growth with low DD.

Highly recommended...

Version 1.30 2019.08.10
- User can choose max trades per trading session
- User can change closing level
Version 1.10 2018.08.17
- Bug with in case set DST true fixed