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Greed Advisor PRO

PRO version of the Greed Advisor Expert Advisor.

This is a flexible grid Expert Advisor, created specifically for greedy traders. Operation principle: set the desired daily profit, and the robot will attempt to achieve this result by any means possible. It uses the dangerous martingale principle to cope with drawdowns, because making the order chain profitable is the main purpose of the robot. Do not forget about the risks of martingale. In general, the EA is intended for those who understand why they need it.

An important advantage of the EA over its analogs is that you can easily customize each of the 12 grid orders. This flexibility allows finding quite profitable parameter combinations by reoptimizing the EA for the current market.

The Expert Advisor operation logic

The daily initial signal for entering the market is the price breaking the High or Low of the previous day. This deal (#1) is often enough to receive the profit planned for the day. But sometimes, after opening the first deal, the price reverses and the deal starts accumulating loss. In such a case, the next order (#2) comes into play, which is located at the specified distance from the first order. This orders may be either in the same direction as order #1, or opposite to it. This means that if order #1 was a "Buy", then order #2 may be either a "buy" or a "sell", depending on the settings. The lot size for opening order #2 can be greater than the lot size of order #1 by the specified number of times.

In case the price goes in the wrong direction again after opening the second deal, then order #3 is opened after a specified number of points and with a lot size greater than the previous by the specified number of times. This order can also be opened in any "direction". The chain can build up to 12 orders, it is very important that individual parameters (step, lot, direction) are defined for each order in the settings.

Differences of the PRO version

There is a mode, where not the EA, but the trader opens the first deal in a chain at his own discretion and based on his trading strategy. Then the robot comes into play. The prospect of such a human-computer combination can not be overemphasized, because it gives incredible flexibility by combining the best of the two worlds.

Expert Advisor Settings

  • Profit - target daily profit as a percentage of the deposit (1=1%).
  • Lot - initial lot per Depo deposit units (0.01-...).
  • Depo - amount of the deposit size for Lot ($100-...).
  • Max_Orders - the maximum number of simultaneously opened orders (1-12).
  • First Trade Is - the first deal mode: automatic or manual.
  • Magic Number - unique number of the EA's orders.
  • Order (№) Reverse - open the order in the same (false) or opposite (true) direction to the previous.
  • Order (№) Distance - the distance on points for opening an order (0.0001 = 1 Point).
  • Order (№) Multiplier - lot multiplier.
  • Recommended timeframe - H1.
  • Symbols - GBPUSD, USDCHF, AUDUSD... you can try the others.
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