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Light Orders Copier

High-speed trades copier (trades duplicator). Made for copy trades with adjusted lot size at same account.

It can be useful for subscribers of SIGNALS service and may others.

If you are a subscriber of trading signals, then you can see that trading lot size can be diffrent from signal provider to subscriber.

Provider can use too high or too slow lot size that can not be appropriate to your deposite amount and risk.

Another feature of this copier is a trading reverse. It can be useful for loss strategies - in this case BUY order can turn to the SELL order and viceversa.

So it can give a chance to take a profit instead of loss.

Example: Original lot size is 0.01. It need to increase it to 10 times.

Solution: Set Lot multiplier to 9. In this case EA will copy trade and the newly lot size will be 0.01x9=0.09.

Total the lot size will be 0.01 + 0.09 = 0.10 lots.

Important! It is nessasary to run EA just at 1 pair (symbol) and at 1 local computer or VPS-server.

The pair's name or timeframe doesn't matter because EA take care of all pairs and trades.

In other case each EA instance can put additional trades.


  • CopyMode - Orders copy mode. It is available 2 modes: direct copying, reverse copying, and turn OFF.
  • Orders' Magic Number - Orders' magic number (ID). It allow to choose ID of copied trades. By default is = -1, that means copy ALL trades.
  • LotMultiplier - Lot multiplier.
  • FixedLot - Uses fixed lot. If 0 then OFF
  • Copy TakeProfits - Copy TakeProfits (Yes/No). For trades with small TP targets better to turn it to OFF.
  • Copy StopLosses - Copy StopLosses (Yes/No). As well, for trades with small SL targets better to turn it to OFF.
  • TimeOut - Available time to orders' re-send (seconds) for manually closed trades. Recommended value is 3..5 seconds. To turn it OFF set it to 0.
  • SendPush MT4 notification - Allow to send push-messages of open/close trades events to your mobile MT4 terminal.
  • WAV-file for Open trades - WAV-sound file name for open trades events.
  • WAV-file for Close trades - WAV-sound file name for close trades events.
Arnaldo Leitao Siqueira Junior
2017.04.13 03:23 

The best is the support of Mikhail 24/7 in whatsapp!

2017.04.12 00:30 

Great support/ product, I just have one question and hope to see an answer from you guys, I'm using a signal and a VPS server, May I know what is the best way to migrate this EA and the signal into the VPS server? thanks

Tran Quoc Cuong
2017.04.04 03:53   

I've used for a month. The EA is working very well. Very good PRODUCT but good PRICE !!

2017.03.31 03:05 

Very solid, no problems so far. I use to multiply lots on calm and it works a treat. Also Mikhail support was very good to explain to me the basics. Would definitely use his services again. Cheers, Will.

2017.03.15 23:53 

Product works just like it is supposed to and has friendly, quick support.

2017.03.09 18:24 

Solid product.....performing great on live accounts...excellent customer service...Mike responds quickly to questions.

2017.02.23 21:26 

Great product. I am using it with real signals on live account and have no issues. Developer is pretty awesome with support. Just waiting for his new EA to be released.

Good product and good developer and best support.

2017.02.15 08:25 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2017.02.14 16:03 

It works well, simple and effective! Thanks to Mikhail for the great support!

Saleh Alghanem
2017.02.14 00:09 

Perfect , good job bro

Van Der Poldo
2016.10.26 11:45 

Very good EA.

I use it to increase size of signal lot and no problem.

Mikhail gives all the support, is patient and answer quickly.

Version 1.5 - 2017.03.10
New features at 1.5 version, according to traders requests:
1. TimeOut (seconds) - time limit to make duplicate trade. If duplicate trade will close manually after TimeOut limit then it will not resend again. To turn this feature off, set it to 0.
2. Sounds and push notifications added.
3. Increased copying speed.

IMPORTANT! Install just one instance of LightCopier at any pair. In other case, the duplicate can be put twice or more times.