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Light Orders Copier

High-speed trades copier (trades duplicator). Made for copying trades with adjusted lot size and direction at same account.

It can be useful for subscribers of SIGNALS service. If you are a subscriber of trading signals then you can see that trading lot size can be different from signal provider to subscriber.

Provider can use too high or too low lot size that can be inappropriate for your deposit amount and risk.

Another feature of this copier is a trading reverse. It can be useful for loss strategies - in this case BUY order can turn to the SELL order and vice versa.

So it can give a chance to take a profit instead of loss.

Example 1: Original lot size is 0.01. We need to increase it at 10 times.

Solution: Set Lot multiplier to 9. In this case EA will copy trade and the newly lot size will be 0.01x9=0.09.

Total lot size will be 0.01 + 0.09 = 0.10 lots.

Example 2: Original lot size is 0.1. We need to decrease result lot till 0.02

Solution: Set CopyMode = REVERSE and Fixed lot size 0.08.

Total lot size will be Buy 0.1 + Sell 0.08 = Buy 0.02 lots.


  • CopyMode - Orders copy mode. There are available 2 modes: direct copying and reverse copying.
  • Trades operations - 1.Open and close orders 2.Open new orders only 3.Close old orders only.
  • Signal's definitions - 1.By Magic (ID) number 2.By orders' comments
  • Magic Number Management - to choose Magics:  1.Any magics  2.Magics from list  3.Exclude ignored magics from list (uses ";" separator)
  • Order's comments - If orders' comments line is empty then copy ALL trades. If not empty then copy just trades with specific comments
  • Lots Managing - 1.Lots multiplier  2.Fixed lot size  3.Lots per 1000$ account balance
  • SL and TP mode - 1.Copy source SL and TP  2.Do not copy SL and TP  3.Copy SL only  4.Copy TP only  5.Copy defined SL and TP
  • Defined SL - set specific SL if the above property <SL and TP mode> allows it
  • Defined TP - set specific TP if the above property <SL and TP mode> allows it
  • Duplicated profit XX points - invisible TakeProfit - to close duplicated order when profit reached XX points. If 0 then OFF
  • Max Slippage - Max slippage that allows to open duplicated trade. If 0 then OFF - new trades will open in any way
  • Better Price - Copy trades by better price difference, points. If 0 then not used. In this option activated then Slippage is disactivated.
  • Max DropDown - Max drop down % to stop copying new trades. If 0 then OFF
  • Custom orders comments - You can mark duplicated orders with your own comments or leave it empty
  • Working pairs - 1.All pairs  2.Selected pairs from list  3.Ignored pairs from list (uses ";" separator)  
  • Duplicated orders Magic ID - change it if you are going to install 2 or more LightCopiers at few charts. Use unique Magic at each new chart.
  • Max spread - to skip duplicate trades if spread reached XX points
  • SendPush MT4 notification - Allow to send push-messages of trade opening/closing events to your mobile MT4 terminal.
  • WAV-file for Open trades - WAV-sound file name for trade opening events.

Mohammed Al Badaai
Mohammed Al Badaai 2020.03.26 10:14 

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Resonate 2020.01.23 18:59 

Excellent product and support. Confirmed with the author before purchasing that it works with MT4 VPS as well as third-party VPS. It's working perfectly on MT4 VPS for me, and allowing me to scale a signal's volumes up. I thought this was done by MT4 automatically, but this allows me to make the correction and add further boost as desired. Thanks Mikhail!

jk15 2019.08.23 01:54 

If I could give 10 stars I would.

Firstly Mikhail is always there to help answer any questions you have. Not sure when he sleeps as replies very quickly. Does not matter the question, he always replies in a friendly and helpful manner.

For the copier it works perfectly. Easy to install and use. Have used it to double my trades and also do fixed lots - no problems at all. Opens and closes per the master trade with no issues.

Not sure why you would try wasting your time looking for a free one as this will pay itself back in one trade if you are looking at increasing your lot sizes as you a confident of making a profit. Do not waste your time and risk your trades. Go with something that is proven and has the support to back it up.

Would not hesitate recommending Mikhail and this product to others to use.

From my side I have run this on two signals and one EA and no issues.

Keep up the great work Mikhail - wish all sellers could be as helpful as you and provide great products that work as they say on this site.

alex 2019.06.23 18:15 

i use this EA since a few months and it works pretty much good. i also instructs the autor for a job and he have done a very good and fast job :):)

Irfan 2019.03.22 09:59 

This is a very good EA. Mikhail has developed this product keeping in mind different trading styles, customers might have to adjust the functionality. Mikhail is very helpful and he promptly replies to your queries.

sf72 2019.03.14 16:19 

The perfect product, for what I need.

Also very friendly, when it comes to questions, super quick respond to a question. That´s why: Five stars.

Hazim Abd
Hazim Abd 2019.02.07 10:16 

just bought the EA and install it with the help of the author step by step , great sales support , i will rate it 5 stars and update here after 1 month of testing

Joseph 2018.08.15 14:06 

Excellent product. Excellent after sales service! Keep it up!

D G 2018.08.09 13:53 

Great product! Excellent support ! Investment is paid off instantly.

aldelcon 2018.07.18 02:14 

gran trabajo, me ayuda justamente en lo que necesitaba.

Ammar Hashmi
Ammar Hashmi 2018.04.04 12:27 

extra ordinary support and level of understanding . i really appreciate the support and help from your side. and also its very easy and user friendly interface .

Poh Kay Seng
Poh Kay Seng 2017.07.07 23:34 

It is simple to use and works well and the support is excellent! Thanks Mikhail

Zekai1983 2017.06.11 01:40 

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Arnaldo Leitao Siqueira Junior
Arnaldo Leitao Siqueira Junior 2017.04.13 03:23 

The best is the support of Mikhail 24/7 in whatsapp!

joinpromanagers 2017.04.12 00:30 

Great support/ product, I just have one question and hope to see an answer from you guys, I'm using a signal and a VPS server, May I know what is the best way to migrate this EA and the signal into the VPS server? thanks

Tran Quoc Cuong
Tran Quoc Cuong 2017.04.04 03:53   

I've used for a month. The EA is working very well. Very good PRODUCT but good PRICE !!

willian0210 2017.03.31 03:05 

Very solid, no problems so far. I use to multiply lots on calm and it works a treat. Also Mikhail support was very good to explain to me the basics. Would definitely use his services again. Cheers, Will.

scoho7 2017.03.15 23:53 

Product works just like it is supposed to and has friendly, quick support.

1q2w3ezx 2017.03.09 18:24 

Solid product.....performing great on live accounts...excellent customer service...Mike responds quickly to questions.

newtrojan 2017.02.23 21:26 

Great product. I am using it with real signals on live account and have no issues. Developer is pretty awesome with support. Just waiting for his new EA to be released.

Good product and good developer and best support.

landvx 2017.02.15 08:25 

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jivan72 2017.02.14 16:03 

It works well, simple and effective! Thanks to Mikhail for the great support!

Saleh Alghanem
Saleh Alghanem 2017.02.14 00:09 

Perfect , good job bro

Van Der Poldo
Van Der Poldo 2016.10.26 11:45 

Very good EA.

I use it to increase size of signal lot and no problem.

Mikhail gives all the support, is patient and answer quickly.

Versão 1.82 2020.02.04
Optimized some parts of code. Functions remains the same.
Versão 1.81 2020.02.04
1. Added an input "Better Price" to copy trades if the difference between source order open price and current price became > Better Price, points. Example: Source order BUY open price Ask = 1.00000, BetterPrice = 50 points. In this case, the duplicated order will be open if the Ask price became <0.99950 (when source order has a floating loss).

2. Fixed minor bug in lots calculation by per 1000$ balance option.
Versão 1.8 2020.02.02
1. Added source Magics list. You can select 1 or more magics to copy original trades
2. Added new orders lots size management - by 1000$ balance. For example, 0.1 lot per 1000$, if balance increase to 1100$, then it will be 0.11 lots
3. Now you can install LightCopier at a few charts with different settings. In this case use unique "Duplicated orders magic number" for each new chart.
Versão 1.7 2020.01.21
1. Extended option: to work at
- all pairs
- selected pairs from list
- pairs exclude ignored pairs
2. Corrected TP and SL at reverse mode
Versão 1.6 2017.07.26
Versão 1.5 2017.03.10
Novos recursos na versão 1.5, de acordo com os pedidos dos comerciantes:
1. TimeOut (segundos) - limite de tempo para fazer o comércio duplicado. Se o comércio duplicado será fechado manualmente após o limite de TimeOut, ele não será reenviado novamente. Para desativar esse recurso, defina-o como 0.
2. Sons e Push-notificações adicionados.
3. Aumento da velocidade de cópia.

IMPORTANTE! Instale apenas 1 instância do LightCopier em qualquer par. Em outro caso, a duplicata pode ser colocada duas ou mais vezes.