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This is a channel strategy. The Expert Advisor uses candle Open prices.

Currency pair - EURCHF , timeframe - M1.

Monitoring Signals

For any questions please send me a private message.


  • Narrow spread, good commission, good execution are important when choosing a broker. ECN account (5-digit quotes).
  • Properly manage risks, set AutoLot or FixLot according to your equity.
  • In BrokerGMT specify your broker's GMT summer time. No need to switch to broker\s winter GMT.
  • To backtest the EA, in BrokerGMT specify your broker's GMT summer time.
  • The Expert Advisor uses candle Open prices, you can test it using Open prices. No need to use 99% modeling quality.


Money Management

  • AutoLot - enable/disable automated lot calculation as percent of deposit.
  • FixLot - trading a fixed lot if AutoLot is disabled.
  • MaxRisk - lot calculation as percent of deposit, risk %.
  • StopLoss
  • TakeProfit

Orders Managements

  • Open_Order - order opening parameter.
  • Conservative - enable/disable the conservative trading mode.
  • Step_Order - only applicable for the Conservative mode. The distance between orders in points, the EA will open orders with a step of Step_Order, if there is an Open_Order signal.

Trading hours

  • BrokerGMT - specify your broker's summer GMT.
  • StartHour - operation start hour.
  • StartMinute - operation start minute.
  • EndHour - operation end hour.
  • EndMinute - operation end minute.
  • FridayExit - disable trading on Friday. The EA trades only till the specified hour is reached. Only open orders are tracked after that, no new orders are opened.

Trading day

  • DayWeek = TRUE - enable/disable, when off the EA will not trade.
  • SUNDAY = true
  • MONDAY = true
  • TUESDAY = true
  • WEDNESDAY = true
  • THURSDAY = true
  • FRIDAY = true


    • MaxSpread - maximum spread.
    • Slippage - slippage.
    • Magic - order ID.
    • Comments - order comment.
    • SellColor - display the sell label on the chart.
    • BuyColor - display the buy label on the chart.
    • CloseColor - display the order close label on the chart.
    • StopColor - display the StopLoss and TakeProfit labels by orders on the chart.
    Ian79 2017.04.15 13:29 

    After experienced some big losses last year (which is why I gave 2 stars at first), a new version of Jedi has been released and seems less risky than in the past. I am in slight profits this year and that is why I raise the rating to 3.

    It is encouraging and I will keep updating depending of future results.

    Igor Holko
    Igor Holko 2016.11.14 10:27 

    Very good EA. With conservative settings "TRUE" also very safety.

    Jeremy Roach
    Jeremy Roach 2016.09.23 18:38 

    Sensible EA - slow growth, very low risk. yes losses but its controlled. Version 1.7 looks like it could be better.

    Igor Otkidach
    Igor Otkidach 2016.09.14 14:41 

    Достойный эксперт! У меня работает на реальном счету последние полгода. результат +97%.

    ZHE WEI 2016.08.26 10:34 

    Use this EA, you only need the lucky.

    BlueDot 2016.08.14 18:41 

    Author' help is 5 star

    The EA back test & demo is 5 star

    The real account result is 1 star.

    I have been use more than one month with my real account. Very small gain and huge lose.

    Ryan Mann
    Ryan Mann 2016.05.31 15:03 

    Nice steady growth, EURCHF niche during low vol trading, my fav type of trading. Have been using for a couple months on live account here are results:http://i.imgur.com/nYqbdek.png Support is very helpful, he also use this EA for a long time so that always good to know. Just a nice simple way to trading with SL and TP and trailing profits :)

    traderfx13 2016.05.27 03:25 

    I rented this EA for 1 month and the author was very supportive with the issues I had with order placement where it needed to retry placing the orders on certain occasions. However the performance of the EA was not good. The EURCHF was very trendy during the month and the channel was almost always exceeded and the EA needed to average the trades against the trend - eventually losing quite a bit few times. The support is the reason I give 2 stars instead of 1. Eventually it comes down to.. did I make or lose money with the EA? I lost.. so I don't recommend it.

    Ke Zhang
    Ke Zhang 2016.04.07 03:00 

    very good

    dimitris 2016.04.01 22:28 

    It has performed very well on demo account and it performs very well on real accounts! The developer is very supportive, and his response is fast in any request.

    Igor Yakovlev
    Igor Yakovlev 2016.02.17 10:18 

    Отличный стабильный советник, торгует на реале, я доволен.

    Dilshod Maksudov
    Dilshod Maksudov 2016.01.23 00:34 

    Использовал примерно неделю в минус не ушел на реальном счет, да и огромного профита не было, но это связано с тем что ставил минимальный риск и минимальный лот, наблюдал вроде работает нормально в силу не хватки времени и отъезда вынужден был забросит, сейчас опять начну торговать и наблюдать на реале глянем. Пока твердая 4 за советник по торговле буду отписываться что она творила со счетом.

    Разработчик отзывчивый старается помочь и разобраться в проблемах разрабу твердая 5 не за советник а за отзывчивость!

    Version 2.0 - 2017.06.12
    Optimized the strategy.
    Version 1.9 - 2016.11.18
    Corrected the settings block.
    Version 1.8 - 2016.11.01
    Analyzed the Version_17 parameter.

    Corrected the code.

    Either old or new parameters can be used.
    Version 1.7 - 2016.09.19
    New parameter Version_17 (EA version 1.7), enabled by default.
    The strategy, as well as order opening and closing have been updated.
    Parameters have been optimized, the EA trades one order, i.e. there can only be one open order at a time.
    Risks have been reduced, the system features better characteristics.

    Version_17 = TRUE - if you disable this parameter, the EA will continue to trade like in version 1.6, in this case you should change settings and specify the ones used in version 1.6; please contact me if you need settings.

    The order management function has been changed:

    AutoLot - enable/disable automated lot calculation as percent of deposit.
    FixLot - trading a fixed lot of AutoLot is disabled.
    MaxRisk - lot calculation as % of deposit, % of risk.
    Version 1.6 - 2016.04.20
    Added enabling/disabling trading by days of the week.

    By default, all days of the week are enabled.

    Trading Day

    DayWeek = TRUE - enable/disable, if disabled the EA will not trade on any day of the week.
    SUNDAY = TRUE - enable/disable
    MONDAY = TRUE - enable/disable
    TUESDAY = TRUE - enable/disable
    WEDNESDAY = TRUE - enable/disable
    THURSDAY = TRUE - enable/disable
    FRIDAY = TRUE - enable/disable
    Version 1.5 - 2016.04.15
    Added the automatic correction of time. It is no longer necessary to change the trading time parameters of the EA, only the time zone of your broker needs to be entered in the BrokerGMT parameter.

    By default the EA time is set to the GMT+0 time zone, the time adjustment is automatically calculated based on this time zone.

    Improved the function for modifying the StopLoss and TakeProfit.
    Version 1.4 - 2016.03.17
    Added conservative trading mode. Now, it is possible to start trading with a small deposit, for example, 100 USD.

    Conservative mode allows you to configure risks more efficiently.

    Conservative - enable/disable.
    Step_Order - works only in Conservative mode. Distance in points between orders. Orders with Step_Order step are opened if an Open_Order parameter signal appears.

    Added AutoLot - enable/disable automatic lot calculation.

    If disabled, a fixed lot set in StartLot is used in trading.
    Version 1.3 - 2016.02.09
    Improved the order close function.
    Version 1.2 - 2016.01.29
    Optimized code for MQL4.

    Changed the order close function. Now, the stop level type (Stop Level) is of no importance.

    Improved the Trading hour function:

    StartHour - operation start hour.
    StartMinute - operation start minute.
    EndHour - operation end hour.
    EndMinute - operation end minute.
    FridayExit - disable trading on Fridays, trade only up to the specified hour, after which no new orders are opened, though previously opened ones are managed.
    Version 1.1 - 2016.01.14
    Added ability to configure the filter by RSI.
    It is used in order to more accurately capture the price at the upper and lower parts of the channel.

    RSI_Period_Sell - RSI period for selling.
    RSI_Applied_price_Sell - price type.
    RSI_Level_Sell - sell only above this value.

    RSI_Period_Buy - RSI period for buying.
    RSI_Applied_price_Buy - price type.
    RSI_Level_Buy - buy only below this value.