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ADX Signals

The ADX Indicator is known to be used to determine the trend direction. Not only that, but it also has deviation (+DI and -DI) that determine the direction of the trend as well.

The role of the indicator is to spot the trend and its direction and generate signals accordingly.

Indicator Settings:

- ADX period : default is 14 periods (it works best with the timeframe H1).

- Signal Width : the size of signals arrows.

- Signal Distance : the distance of the signal arrow from the candle.

- Signal colors : the signal arrows colors for the buy signal and sell signal.

- Alert : choose whether to get an alert when there is a signal or not.

- Comment : choose whether to show the last signal (Buy or Sell), and its running profit.

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Version 1.1 2020.07.28
- General Improvements.