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Moment Catcher

The Moment Catcher Expert Advisor works on most currency pairs and it generates massive profits.

It has various parameters (lot size - fixed or relative to the Equity, Stop Loss and Take Profit levels, Trailing Stop, Reverse Orders and thresholds like minimum balance and equity variables), and it is not bound to a specific timeframe.

It uses a unique technology to identify small trends and get profit on trend and non-trend markets.

You can decrease the lot size (e.g. FixedLot = 0.01 for a real account) until you get more confident with the results while testing the input parameters.

In version 4.0 "Signal Filter" and "Signal Strength" were added to filter random price activity that was causing problems to real accounts in high volatility - non trending periods.

I will be posting signals with various parameters in order for you to be able to see which settings provide the best results.

Any of my customers can create a signal on a Real Account (even a paid one) with the EA after contacting me first for my consent. 

Feel free to ask me any questions.

Nothing more to say, just look at the screenshots.

Ivan Vasilev
Ivan Vasilev 2019.12.01 17:00 

Tests in the "strategy tester" must be performed at - Modeling: "Every tick based on real ticks" !!!

So you will find out that it is SCAM !!!

With the settings given by Sotirios Karkalakos, and with all other possible settings, this EA manages to make only and only LOSS !!!

Daniel Fernando Buhl
Daniel Fernando Buhl 2016.07.26 17:02 

Terrible EA, Horrivel . , Second only , zeroed my demo bank in less than 1 week , crap , I lost my money , Do not buy !!! and not to lease < SCAM !!!!!!

eltrader 2016.05.04 11:00 

Great EA! After some optimization it generates steady profits!

Xudong Yang
Xudong Yang 2013.12.24 13:25 

Garbage EA, only loss engine, I optimized it again and again, only big loss. I tested developer's setting at his broker, always loss, loss.... I consulted Okkama, he don't use it also because it does not work.

Иван Чемадура
Иван Чемадура 2013.11.13 13:24 

Отличный эксперт! :)

Виталий Власов
Виталий Власов 2013.06.12 14:01 

After reworking robot is on profitable road, thank's developer.

roman1974 2013.06.03 21:39 


I wanted to tell you something.

Some time ago I bought this EA, and EA was this loser.

But after hard work of Sotirios Karkalakos, various tests and various upgrades,

This EA and finally a winner.

I set to work on the real account.

At the time goes very well, even if there small difference between signal demo and a real account and always a winning EA.

Thanks Sotirios Karkalakos