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I have been developing, testing and correcting this automated scalping system for a long time: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/test-standart.  

Last sets in comments: #1919

Highlights to pay attention to

1. During live operation of the EA, the GMT offset parameter is determined automatically based on local time of the computer (GMT_Offset_AUTO=true).

This parameter provides synchronization of the expert settings with the MetaTrader 4 server time.

To ensure the correctness of settings it is necessary:

  • to compare the GMT time in expert information area on the chart of currency pair, to which the expert is attached, with http://time.is/GMT (or other reliable source).
  • If the values do not match, then set GMT_Offset_AUTO=false and set a value of GMT_Offset_Manual according to the instructions in https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/682539

2. In order to activate the News filter function, enable "Allow WebRequest" and add https://sslecal2.forexprostools.com/ to the URL list for WebRequest.

To do this, open Tools > Options > Expert Advisors. Check the option "Allow WebRequests for listed URL:". Add https://sslecal2.forexprostools.com/ and click OK.

3. By default, in the expert settings, the trading lot size is set to 0.01 for every 50 units of balance.

After testing on real accounts this parameter can be changed depending on your preferences. I recommend using a fixed lot (Use_Fix_Lots) or a recovery money management (Use_MM_Reg_1 or Use_MM_Reg_2).

4. The expert works on any timeframe equally well, as it automatically takes the necessary data from multiple timeframes.

As the expert uses multiple timeframes for the analysis, it is necessary for the quotes of all timeframes (M1, M15, M30, H1, H4) to be downloaded in the terminal for testing. At the same time, the test itself is produced on the M1 timeframe.

5. For brokers with the rule "First In First Out", enable the parameter FIFO_MODE = true.

6. The EA logs information on spread, slippage and other useful information when performing trades, and also when it is possible to make trades.

To write this information, set the parameter Record_Deals = true;

To view this information:

  • go to MQL4/Files in the terminal folder and open the corresponding file (this action can be made in time which is not coinciding with time of opening of transactions by the expert and when there is no open transactions of the expert);
  • after viewing, close the file (so that the expert could write down information further).

    Main Parameters

    • ==== GMT and DST ====
    • GMT_Offset_Manual - the difference between your broker's server time and GMT.
    • GMT_Offset_AUTO - enable/disable the automatic detection of GMT Offset, using the local computer time (does not work in the strategy tester).
    • Adjust_DST_Universal - enable/disable Daylight Saving Time correction (for the tester).
    • ==== Lot and MM ====
    • Use_Fix_Lots - enable/disable fixed trading lot;
    • Use_MM - enable/disable the lot value as a percent of deposit based on StopLoss;
    • Use_MM_Reg - enable/disable recovery money management (trading lot will not decrease in case of drawdowns);
    • ==== Grid and Martingale ====
    • Multiplier_of_trade_Lot - multiplier for a trading lot when opening a new position in the positions grid;
    • ==== Days without Trade ====
    • Use_Holidays_Pass - do not trade during the holidays.
    • ==== Record of deals in the file ====
    • Record_Deals - enable/disable logging of the EA operation details in a file.
    • ==== First In - First Out ====
    • FIFO_MODE - enable/disable the First In First Out mode.
    • ==== News Filter ====
    • Use_NewsFilter - use the news filter;
    • ==== Strategies select ====
    • use_select_Strategy - select strategy from 1 to 6 using optimization in the Strategy Tester.
    • ==== TIMING ====
    • GMT_Open_Trade_Hour - hour to start opening trades, GMT;
    • GMT_Open_Trade_Minute - minute to start opening trades, GMT;
    • Period_Open_in_minute - time duration for opening trades in minutes;
    • GMT_Monday_OH - time to start opening trades on Monday;
    • GMT_Friday_CH - time to stop opening trades on Friday;

    The full list of the EA parameters can be found in the blog: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/695169

    Bewertungen 108
    Mehdi Faraz Fard
    Mehdi Faraz Fard 2020.07.10 23:22 

    Good EA.

    Federico Sistri
    Federico Sistri 2019.06.04 14:08 

    Dmitry Voyko
    Dmitry Voyko 2019.04.18 14:08 

    Автор, обладающий незаурядным умом воплотил свои идеи в прекрасный инструмент биржевой торговли! Моя искренняя благодарность

    Mehdi Faraz Fard
    Mehdi Faraz Fard 2020.07.10 23:22 

    Good EA.

    John 2020.07.05 13:25 

    Good support but a Bad Ea!

    artcapital 2019.11.29 14:52   

    Советник не работает! Слив

    Johan Olwage
    Johan Olwage 2019.11.03 10:30 

    I have traded with this EA LIVE for the year 2019 to date, 1st November. Performance was disappointing. It won a little on USD/CAD, lost a lot on USD/CHF and flat on EUR/CHF with recommended set files. Sorry, but I can only rate this 2 star as maybe it may find a way to perform again with re-tests and new set files.

    Vitard 2019.09.01 19:15 

    Походу, советник можно выкидывать - все лето сплошной слив, Константин от обсуждения самоустранился...

    Nuno Simoes
    Nuno Simoes 2019.08.06 17:58 

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    Yuri Tikhonov
    Yuri Tikhonov 2019.07.03 09:36   

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    [Gelöscht] 2019.06.24 18:20   

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    Luigi Vella
    Luigi Vella 2019.06.21 02:37 

    Now not profitable with any brokers..

    wesleykwok 2019.06.18 15:49 

    Very poorly done EA. All lost trades

    Espritstars 2019.06.11 16:16 

    Приобрел советника 3 месяца назад. В первый месяц заработал порядка 30% от депо с немного завышенным риском. С 12 мая он перестал вообще работать и принес убытка в районе 50% от депо с тем же риском.((. После разбирательств с брокером(Альпари) выяснилось, что они поменяли поставщика ликвидности с 12 мая.

    После советник перестал зарабатывать вообще! Сейчас торговля на нем полностью приостановлена. Нет подходящего брокера. Система должна работать на разных брокерах и в разных рыночных условиях. Красная цена ему 30 долларов от силы!

    Nicola2018 2019.06.07 11:33   

    Good morning I would like to know why the Expert advisor does not open positions on my account.

    I set the time, I made the strategy tester with positive results, I have an ECN Pepperstone Razor account and I work on the USD-CHF pair.

    I bought the Expert advisor the day before yesterday and it didn't open any position to me yet.

    Thank you

    Federico Sistri
    Federico Sistri 2019.06.04 14:08 

    Lisa Acos
    Lisa Acos 2019.05.23 03:29 

    I have more than 4 years testing different EAs in mql5 site. All I will say about Frankoscalp is that is the only one I keep using. So... Results talk more than words.

    Do not expect the holy grail. But its a good one.

    And also I think Konstantin is the most pacient and honest programmer that I know so far.

    peronpmt4 2019.05.08 15:04 

    Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

    Dmitry Voyko
    Dmitry Voyko 2019.04.18 14:08 

    Автор, обладающий незаурядным умом воплотил свои идеи в прекрасный инструмент биржевой торговли! Моя искренняя благодарность

    Pavel Malyshko
    Pavel Malyshko 2019.04.07 00:53   

    Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

    Anton Kochyn
    Anton Kochyn 2019.04.01 18:12 

    Отличный советник! Стабильный не требует много нервов и нет больших просадок. При грамотном использовании не только стабильно приносит доход но и очень хорошо зарабатывает. На данный момент считаю лучшим что есть на этом ресурсе!

    Hefajatur Rahman
    Hefajatur Rahman 2019.04.01 06:57 

    runiing last 1 week...

    why the EA backtest good result but in real acc always faced loss in eurchf and usdchf

    runnung default setting and last i made hide sl and tp to 60 and 32

    same result...loss

    Mikhail Klyuchinsky
    Mikhail Klyuchinsky 2019.03.11 14:12   

    I sell FrankoScalp: 4 activation from 5 possible for 150, - USD

    Reason: I created the scalper.

    Продаю FrankoScalp: 4 активации из 5 возможных за 150,-USD

    Причина: создал своего скальпера.


    Alfredo Loprieno
    Alfredo Loprieno 2019.02.24 16:56 

    The best EA!!!!!!!


    MichaelPuett 2019.02.15 19:23 

    This is the best EA I have used. Period.

    Word of advice is to check your spreads - the EA will do very well if you can get tight spreads. Since it is trading around 5PM EST all the spreads will be large so look for CHF pairs with tight spreads.

    Iury Mendes Da Silva
    Iury Mendes Da Silva 2019.02.13 13:55 

    Guys, we got big losses in the last two weeks. But this happens, Indeed, many night scalpers got losses in the last two weeks, probably because China markets were closed. FS is a good EA, and signals prove this. There is not a holy grail in forex, or everone would be rich. And, if you are greedy, using 3 or 4 times the recomended lot, you will probably blow your accounts. I almost blowed one of mine, but I know that this happend because I was greedy. So, 5 stars for the excellent work.

    Vallyloonsy 2019.02.13 11:06 

    I've lost 3/4 of my deposit on 11th of Feb, SL hadn't worked correctly on ECN acc.

    Hussain Sajwani
    Hussain Sajwani 2019.02.11 17:32 

    This EA will give profit then one day it will blow out your account. check comments on 2019.02.11 what happened to all who bought this EA. Also, check my comment with picture from my real account what happened to it.

    fl-fx777 2019.02.11 03:13   

    I finally decided to remove this dangerous EA from my MT4, since it only made small gains and made huge loses. It happened again today Feb 10, 2019!

    Rating zero.

    Stefan Holzner
    Stefan Holzner 2019.02.11 02:06 

    Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

    Mervin Zkani
    Mervin Zkani 2019.02.10 23:11 

    very poor support and risk management

    This ea is so dangerous and have no proper stop loss

    Very low reliability.

    Small gains vs huge losses

    Money loosing machine!!!!

    Anatolii Masliukov
    Anatolii Masliukov 2019.01.28 21:51 


    Стабильный, прибыльный эксперт.

    John Brennan
    John Brennan 2019.01.27 09:34 

    Last year I paid $290 for this EA and at the time it would not work with my broker. However, since then we have seen some major improvements which now means it will now work with my preferred brokers Activtrades and Tickmill and not just Alpari who keep rejecting my applications. Heres hoping further improves will keep on coming as I really like Franko now

    Cunsheng Cao
    Cunsheng Cao 2019.01.27 04:04 

    For now 5 stars! Works very well on alpari ECN, but need some improve on other ecn borkers.

    MMOmaster35 2019.01.25 21:31 

    Was good but no longer works on any broker.

    Ievgen Alantiev
    Ievgen Alantiev 2019.01.10 04:09 

    Пока работает, поддержка хорошая, претензий никаких. Надо время для более достоверных данных.

    Adam Moosa
    Adam Moosa 2019.01.03 17:54 

    I am not sure whether this is a good or bad EA. I can't make a judgement, But I have tested this EA simultaneously with Alpari Nano (Fixed Spread) and IC Markets True ECN account. As per my experience, Alpari account was growing while IC Markets account is losing. Not satisfied at all. But I appreciate developer's effort to make this EA better and better.

    Andrey Karachev
    Andrey Karachev 2018.12.24 22:43 

    Great EA

    Equinix 2018.12.11 11:30 

    Thanks a lot to Konstantin for this EA, Thanks a lot for great bot and great support. Best EA in the world.

    Update: 6/19

    Recently, it takes wrong position, i think it needs huge update to match with today's market condition.

    At this time do not recommend unless author fix it.

    Alexander Sinner
    Alexander Sinner 2018.12.08 20:05 

    für $290 gekauft. Der EA handelt nicht bis kaum. Geringer Verlust ist entstanden. Für einen EA der $290 kostet ein absoluter Reinfall. Nicht zu empfehlen. 0 Sterne!

    bought for $ 290. The EA is not barely. Little loss has arisen. For an EA of $ 290 costs an absolute flop. Not recommendable. Zero stars!

    Aleksandr Vlasenko
    Aleksandr Vlasenko 2018.12.06 16:30 

    Excellent EA!

    JAROMIR KISON 2018.12.04 14:50 

    EA is only working with a fixed spread account, that means that it only works with a very limited amount of brokers. AND all fixed spread brokers are market makers.No ECN/STP accounts possible. EA is working best with Alpari Nanao account, but you cannot make money with a cent account.

    Therefore my findings are that this EA is working, but useless.

    Seyedmohammad Ramezani
    Seyedmohammad Ramezani 2018.12.02 07:54 

    I set it on my ecn account. its really amazing & profitable.

    The Ea works really good on Nano Account too. Excellent Support by developer,

    if there is unlimited rating. i gavie this ea 1 milion stars to FrankoScakp.

    Thanks to you Konstantin Kulikov.

    Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez 2018.11.29 18:29 

    Habe Frankoscalp für einen Monat (30$) gemietet um zu sehen ob sich ein Kauf lohnen könnte. Die erste Woche ist morgen vorbei, und die EA hat bis jetzt gar nichts getradet.

    1 Stern, weil 30$ am Tag für so wenige Trades einfach zu viel ist - und weil der Verkäufer den Preis jetzt auf 50$ erhöht hat. Natürlich passe ich es an wenn ich mehr von der EA sehe!

    Nachtrag: Es bleibt dabei, diese EA hat bei mir in einem Monat Miete nichts (0) gemacht. Sei es wegen ..... warum auch immer. Nichts!

    didom 2018.11.08 23:13 

    Excellent on Alpari Nano! Excellent support!

    Moreno Dainese
    Moreno Dainese 2018.11.02 21:12 


    Vhug84 2018.09.22 15:24   

    For this week EA, I will update my comment in a few days. It seems an interesting EA in the tests.

    Victor Gangan
    Victor Gangan 2018.09.17 22:06 


    Советник, действительно, рабочий. Купил его 23 августа, на сегодняшний день добавил почти 8 долларов к начальному депозиту в 50 долларов. Наверняка до конца месяца прибыль составит более 10 долларов: по-моему, очень неплохо:– от 20% за месяц!!! И это я еще только начал экспериментировать с настройками – пока советник работает на минимальных оборотах.. Кстати, по поводу брокеров. Из тех, что рекомендует автор, у меня счета пока у двух – Nord FX и Alpari (этот запущен позже), автор рекомендует для диверсификации открыть и у третьего из рекомендованных брокеров.. Так вот, третий, но другой, «нарисовался» сам, случайно: у меня был небольшой счет на Tiсkmill, решил испытать советника – работает. Открывает сделки, правда реже. В общем, всем удачных экспериментов и торговли!!!

    Albina Alibaeva
    Albina Alibaeva 2018.09.14 19:45 

    Лучший на MQL !!!

    Mikhail Ryzhachenko
    Mikhail Ryzhachenko 2018.08.21 08:12 

    Добрый день! Давно хотел оставить отзыв, но моё мнение немного поменялось в хорошую сторону. В начале моего пользования данного советника случился печальный опыт работы с другими брокерами. Оказалось, что почти никто из брокеров не подходит, кроме счетов Альпари-нано (где ведется мониторинг автора), но к сожалению на этих счетах есть ограничение по лоту, поэтому приходится довольствоваться небольшой, но всё же прибылью. Поэтому система рабочая, но с ограничениями. Автору респект!

    Поменял на 5****, т.к. продукт обновляется и появились новые возможности торговли с другими валютными парами.

    Поменял на 3***, т.к. альпари поменял правила и советник не торгует(

    Поменял на 4*, вышла новая версия, пробуем торговать.

    Gerard Ngawati
    Gerard Ngawati 2018.08.09 04:02 

    This took a 12 percent loss in less then a day. Not good.

    Plamen Ivanov
    Plamen Ivanov 2018.04.27 10:34 

    Awesome results with Modern set since the last update. Great support, great price, great EA :)

    Jianhui Jia
    Jianhui Jia 2018.04.16 06:00 

    This EA can do conditional selection of good market, can get satisfactory returns, DD is relatively small, has been purchased and run for a few days, and now it looks quite satisfactory. Thanks for this great EA

    Franck 2018.03.25 07:33 

    EA will only work on selected broker which is the one the developer use. If you're using another broker, it will be very difficult to be profitable. I used 3 different brokers, and EA only lost money. Scalping is very much broker sensitive. Broker used: AXI, Alpari, IC market = Not working.

    Mikedpa1 2018.03.25 03:45   

    I rented this EA 8 weeks ago and have been running it on a live account. Konstantin was very helpful with setting up some parameters for the trade size I needed for my account balance. he was also very helpful with setting up a few other parameters. the trade size/risk settings are dependent on you brokers margin requirements, if US based your leverage is obviously lower and you must adjust accordingly.

    This EA trades 2200-2300GMT only, it opens the trades and then manages them. I had trouble initially because my broker "closes" during that time of day and the spreads get to wide for the EA to open any trades. I changed my time for the EA to trade from the default to 1 hour later 2300-2400hrs GMT. this is NOT what is recommended per the default settings, but it has been working well for me as the spreads on USDCHF and EURCHF return to normal at those times.

    this EA is very detailed on times to trade, daylight saving time changes, no holidays, no trades the last 3 days of the month, or the 1st day of the month, no trades on Sunday night unless you enable it. for example the last week of January 2018, no trades at all with the way the calendar worked out. these settings can all be changed but I have been having good function as is. I did enable Sunday night trading just for fun.

    so far the EA has had a negative return for me of 3% since January 15th 2018. the EA trades almost every night and will open multiple positions on the pairs you choose per the developer's rec's. and actively manage those positions. the profit has been consistent but the EA will then take a few losses that out pace the gains. i have done some manual trading to cover those losses.

    i'm running on a VPS with very low latency and will continue to use the EA for now as the drawdown is not large and i would like to see where this goes. Thanks for the god Job Konstantin.

    3/24/2018 EA has continued with losses, I will stop it. maybe it's because I had to change my time of day to trade. to 2300hrs GMT due to spreads.

    Zhi Hu
    Zhi Hu 2018.03.17 02:14 

    Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

    Valter Oliveira
    Valter Oliveira 2018.03.08 00:21 

    The seller gives good support by quickly answering any questions about the product.

    Considering the divergences in previous reviews, I believe that the type of account or broker may have influence on the performance of the EA.

    I rented the FrankoScalp EA for one month for evaluation.

    Mathews Achankunju
    Mathews Achankunju 2018.02.27 23:10 

    Thank you Konstantin Kulikov for being kind and helpful.

    02/28/2018 Using EA on TradersWay FIX (Signal 2 pair Aggressive with Mon) and Alpari-Cent(Signal Nano test 2 settings). Will update about performance after a month.

    Stiloyd 2018.02.20 12:21 

    пустышка, за неделю ни одной сделки, и одной звезды жалко, ещё раз убеждаюсь чем больше нахваливают тем хуже продукт.

    Ocsko Pal
    Ocsko Pal 2018.01.25 15:50 

    Frankoscalp is the best EA! Well traded on real accounts. Konstantin quickly helped me solve my problem.

    Thank you!

    Fatih Bulut
    Fatih Bulut 2018.01.18 22:57 

    Good support! Good EA! It is all about finding the right broker

    Leong Teng How
    Leong Teng How 2018.01.09 15:32 

    update comment. use default setting have some win, still in monitor

    michlmuc 2017.12.28 21:43 

    One of the best Night Scalpers. I'm using it for more than a year and it is generating good profit for me. It is helpful to watch out for news events during trading times and disconnect ea if necessary. Presently I'm using it on EURCHF, USDCHF, CADCHF (lowest drawdown), and EURGBP (high drawdown).

    melayelen 2017.11.15 13:09 

    Just see the solid author signals performance. Appreciate the many updates and parameters EA have. I've been using this EA since 2016. 2 years and I never seen a better one. Don't n expect 52468 trades per day. This is accurate and waits for the moment to enter the market. With patient, deposit grows. That's the important thing! Thanks Konstantin. Honest guy.

    Dmitry Vavilov
    Dmitry Vavilov 2017.11.08 09:14   

    Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

    Sanga Chotikapakorn
    Sanga Chotikapakorn 2017.10.27 02:52 

    After use it for more than 3 months, NO PROFIT, ONLY LOSS!!!

    Broker : IC MARKET

    Mohamed Alghedefe
    Mohamed Alghedefe 2017.10.19 12:25 

    the best ea

    Adam Goman
    Adam Goman 2017.10.12 15:24 

    Ни чего плохого говорить не хочется, автор молодец, но советник свое отжил, перестал им пользоваться так как не торгует, нет сделок, наверняка из аз ночного спреда. П.С. Как только на рынке появляется закономерность ее тут же убивают советники.

    Jaldip Ramani
    Jaldip Ramani 2017.10.10 01:51 

    Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

    Mayor Interfax
    Mayor Interfax 2017.09.28 20:07 

    Советник работает прекрасно. Автор очень отзывчивый человек, отвечает на вопросы и идет навстречу. Тестов никаких я не проводил, запустил сразу в торговлю на фиксированном спреде.

    1. Старт с малым депозитом.

    2. Осторожность робота.

    3. Учитывается фактор новостей.

    4. Готов к старту сразу, можно в настройках не копошиться.

    В целом все очень хорошо, но иногда, если что-то идет не так лучше обратиться за помощью к автору. Также внимательно выбирайте брокера, у многих ночью расширяются спреды вплоть до 10 пунктов. А брокеры об этом не предупреждают.

    Zhenzhou Yin
    Zhenzhou Yin 2017.09.25 04:12 

    Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

    Eng Hoe Teh
    Eng Hoe Teh 2017.09.23 15:21 

    5 star product

    [Gelöscht] 2017.09.19 13:26   

    Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

    Ilnur Shakirov
    Ilnur Shakirov 2017.09.08 21:13 

    Советник имеет хорошую проверенную временем стратегию и простые настройки. Результаты просто впечатляют на реальном счете.

    Хорошая поддержка, практически всегда на связи, помогает с любой мелочью.

    Надеюсь этот советник будет еще долго меня радовать.


    Mohammad Shaban
    Mohammad Shaban 2017.08.17 07:59 

    update 17/8/2017 : ok, my last comment was not fair as i was upset with pig losses franko scalper made for me after long time of profits because losses wiped out many weeks of profits, thanks to smart trump, I need to be fair and say this EA is well made and well crafted, author is professional and give good support and constant imrpove of his EA, the only bad thing about this EA is risk to reward ratio which is something like 10:1 !! , so if you run in very bad day you could lose 10 or 20 days profits! , so after long use of this EA on my real account I recommend the following:

    1. Risk always not more than 1% (less is better) dont be greedy, you will regret it when you run in to bad days.

    2. tight spread and real ECN broker is a must (I use icmarkets, and author use tickmell and alpari, tradersway)

    3. Very reliable VPS service with latency not more than 2ms , i use forexvps.net.

    wish you all profitable life with forex. (I just wish the author improve risk to reward ratio, ti will be my dream)

    20/5/2017: worst expert ever, dont recommend to buy it, after more than 5 months of using it on real account ecn icmarket, losses take all profits and more, no good

    Igor Sharankov
    Igor Sharankov 2017.08.14 13:28   

    Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

    Wei Song
    Wei Song 2017.08.13 09:31 

    Haobo Sun
    Haobo Sun 2017.07.01 11:53 


    Jeferson Andreata
    Jeferson Andreata 2017.06.29 15:03 

    I see that EA only worked well on brokers with low reputations. And now that these poor brokerages have arbitrarily stopped EA's profits, the developer has run out of strategy.

    I believe that the developer should not abandon the people who bought the EA but rather prepare some new strategy that works in trust brokers.

    I only change the qualification if the developer arranges this.

    Sergej Eliseev
    Sergej Eliseev 2017.06.16 23:53 

    Это лучший ночной скальпер из всех, что я использовал! Абсолютная находка для искушённых скальперов. Автор все хорошо продумал и реализовал много настроек, которые позволяют каждому использовать софт по своему пониманию. Хочу отметить, что для успешной работы этим софтом нужно немного знать нюансы ночного скальпинга и соблюдать меры предосторожности, следя за политэкономическими новостями. Тогда и будет успех. Константин, благодарю за отличный советник!

    Giuseppe888 2017.05.30 20:02 

    This EA is like a song: That's the way I like it.

    update: The song is over. Don't give up Konstantin !!! Let us dream again !!!

    This EA is a contrarian night trade with stop loss very wide, handle with care.

    So, the gain of weeks are burn in one night, One Night in Bangkok ... Not much between despair and ecstasy

    Wei Liu
    Wei Liu 2017.05.15 13:11 

    I have been buying for up to 6 months, testing different brokers, so far, different brokers will behave very differently, but the trend is profitable. Thank you very much for the author's contribution to us.

    Every time the communication is very timely, I found the problem, the author will soon upgrade the 1.8 version to 1.9 version,

    Now I have found the right broker, earning more than 10% per month, my signal can be shared to everyone


    Andrey Boyko
    Andrey Boyko 2017.05.05 20:10 

    Советник стабильно зарабатывает с приемлемыми просадками. Не грааль конечно но своих денег стоит. Автор отвечает на вопросы и постоянно обновляет советник. В целом впечатление хорошее за пол-года использования. Не пожалел что купил.

    Fallet Willy
    Fallet Willy 2017.04.01 09:11 

    Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

    burak bahadir
    burak bahadir 2017.03.28 01:24 

    Great so far! Still testing..

    This function is great! - " Improved the additional algorithm for closing transactions "use_Close_Analysis_Time=true". "

    I am running with the settings below-

    2 pairs- eurchf / usdchf


    Aggressive mode=on

    Feng Li
    Feng Li 2017.02.17 12:22 


    mayamak 2017.02.16 22:07 

    Very good EA. I'm runnig it on AUTOMATIC_PARAMETERS=enable. Results are same as signal provided by developer.

    Italo Martins da Cruz
    Italo Martins da Cruz 2017.02.16 18:25 

    Tenho usado o EA em minha conta e tenho resultados positivos,constantes e o principal com DD baixo. Começarei em Tradersway e estou otimista em ter bons resultados. Parabéns Konstantin pelo bom produto.

    Jianping Xu
    Jianping Xu 2017.02.16 06:29   

    What procedure does the program run on?5、15 or30?

    Evgenii Timoshin
    Evgenii Timoshin 2017.01.30 16:01 

    Советник показывает результаты такие же как на тестировании. Все сделки открываются вплоть до пипса, все зависит от брокера. Те кто пишет, что эксперт не работает, тот безграмотный человек. Так как, не разобравшись в тонкостях работы советника, пишут отрицательные мнения. Если придерживаться рекомендациям разработчика, соблюдать условия использования советника, то прибыль гарантирована !!!

    Changqing Jia
    Changqing Jia 2017.01.22 23:54 

    very good ea

    Manabu Yanagita
    Manabu Yanagita 2017.01.10 02:10 

    Trash EA!!

    dimitris 2017.01.06 23:26 

    Good EA. Good support.

    Mikhail Rozhkov
    Mikhail Rozhkov 2016.12.22 18:10 

    Очень хороший и прибыльный советник! Очень точные точки входа, и умный режим закрытия сделок, делают своё дело! Депозит растет уверенно. Автор очень хороший и отзывчивый человек! Всегда помогает советами, с настройками подсказывает, постоянно модифицирует данного советника, так как он сам пользуется своей разработкой и в его интересах улучшать советника! Сигналы опубликованные автором, соответствуют действительности, т.к. сравнивал свою торговлю и его сигналы, всё совпадает с точностью 100%. Конечно многое зависит от брокера, так что читайте внимательнее рекомендации и слушайтесь советов автора! Да прибудет с Вами Профит! Моя оценка 5 звезд, было бы 10,поставил 10!

    Joel Summermatter
    Joel Summermatter 2016.12.14 18:08 

    good EA, good support!

    Ayaz Ahmed
    Ayaz Ahmed 2016.12.12 01:32 

    Real trades and backtesting results are not same. I do not want to give 1 start but that is the minimum i can give !!

    Scrad 2016.12.11 18:09 

    First Months -11%, second Months -10%, i tested this EA on 2 Broker and no one worked on it.

    Samuel Huang
    Samuel Huang 2016.11.18 22:18 

    EA going through rough period, but overall gains still decent.

    Keeping it at 4 stars for now.

    jinhee Lee
    jinhee Lee 2016.11.10 15:50 

    I'm still testing on demo account. It works good so far.

    Update: 11.10 I am currently using this ea on both of real and demo and found the results seem almost same. I got 5% profit this morning at default 1.6 risk with it.

    Yuan Liu
    Yuan Liu 2016.11.07 04:17 

    safety and profitable, very good!

    Marcelo Pereira De Carvalho
    Marcelo Pereira De Carvalho 2016.11.03 21:04 

    I am very pleased with the EA. Konstantin Kulikov is really doing a great job. I have tested many EA's and this is certainly the best and the only one I'm using with consistent gains.

    Gorkoo 2016.11.03 09:30 

    This Ea only work with small lot size. If you try lot bigger than 1 you will face slippage. This is becouse it trades in asian session and in pairs with low liquidity.

    [Gelöscht] 2016.11.02 20:17   

    Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

    Hongfan Gu
    Hongfan Gu 2016.10.29 03:27 

    Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

    Frank B
    Frank B 2016.10.26 14:29 

    Good work :-)

    Indy1000 2016.10.20 23:18 

    FrancoScalp is amongst the best EA's in the Market. I rented for a month but have since purchased the EA. Used with a wisely chosen broker and USDCHF as the primary symbol it creates consistent positive results.

    I understand that EURCHF and USDCHF compliment each other, it will be interesting to see how they perform. since September I have 100% win rates with USDCHF symbol on all my best brokers.

    Thank you to Konstantin, who has been extremely supportive.

    mashkov1989 2016.10.18 11:13 

    сделал за месяц +5% к счету, по тестору за этот же период должно было получиться +27% по этому 4 звездочки , а так работает, советую.

    Единственное была бы аренда по меньше было-бы более привлекательно из-за этого тоже 4 звездочки)))

    sk100 2016.10.15 16:16 

    So far good result with FrankoScalp,many thanks!

    tavoupat 2016.10.14 12:05 

    Real trades and backtesting results are not same.

    too expensive for the expected result

    dt1 2016.10.13 08:01 

    Real trades and backtesting results are not same.

    darek1610 2016.09.06 00:45 

    very good support! very good EA thanks!!!!

    Version 3.1 2020.07.13
    Code optimization, full copying from MT5 version to eliminate possible differences in trading by EA.
    Version 3.0 2020.05.08
    1) Martin parameters added: Use_Grid_mode, Multiplier_of_trade_Lot, Signal_Only_for_First_Transaction.
    2) Added HighLow filter.
    3) The Minimum_Duration_for_deals parameter has also been added, allowing you to choose which positions the Minimum_Duration_of_deal_in_seconds parameter will apply to.
    4) Some old parameters are changed or renamed.
    Version 2.9 2019.11.22
    1) Added parameter:
    "Total_open_for_Buy_and_Sell" - if Total_open_for_Buy_and_Sell=false, then Total_open_transactions is applied separately for Buy transactions and Sell transactions.
    If Total_open_transactions=1 and Total_open_for_Buy_and_Sell=false,
    it is possible to open one BUY transaction and one SELL transaction at the same time.
    If Total_open_transactions=1 and Total_open_for_Buy_and_Sell=true,
    it is possible to open only one transaction.

    2) The news history for the strategy tester replaced by 2019 ("NewsFilter").
    Version 2.8 2019.04.30
    1) Added the parameter "Close_Loss_only_by_SL" - closing of negative trades only by StopLoss (virtual or real).

    2) The news history for the strategy tester is updated until May 19, 2019 ("NewsFilter").
    Version 2.7 2019.01.25
    1) Added another type of calculation of the volume of trading lot.

    2) The news history for the strategy tester is updated until January 26, 2019 ("NewsFilter").
    Version 2.6 2018.12.05
    1) Optimization for the main currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, NZDUSD.

    2) The news history for the strategy tester is updated until December 31, 2018 ("NewsFilter").

    3) New parameter: Minimum_Pips_at_Profit - the minimum number of profit points for closing a positive transaction.
    Version 2.5 2017.11.21
    1) "multiplier_of_trade_lot_for_opening_of_week" - lot multiplier for the EA trades during the market opening on Monday. (To reduce the risks, as this is the most unpredictable time.)
    2) The log file with the EA operations ("Record_in_txt") can now be viewed at a time other than the time the EA is allowed to trade and when there are no trades opened by the EA. Without changing the "Record_Deals" parameter to "false", as before.
    3) The history of news for the strategy tester is updated to November 14, 2017 ("NewsFilter").
    Version 2.4 2017.10.12
    1) News archive till October 7, 2017 is added.
    2) The option allowing to note jumps of spread on a chart.
    Version 2.3 2017.08.25
    Parameters made more convenient for optimization.
    Version 2.2 2017.07.17
    1. Additional parameter in the filter of news: "AllSpeaks".

    2. The parameter limiting the minimum transaction lifetime: "not_close_transaction_number_second".

    3. In the AUTO_PARAMETERS mode, it is possible to change all the parameters in the "Common Parameters" block.

    4. Downloaded the news archive (1/1/2015 - 7/10/2017) for testing with the news filter enabled.
    Version 2.1 2017.06.09
    1) Protection against gaps.
    2) Skipping holidays.
    3) Field for entering currencies in the filter of news.
    4) Skipping the beginning and end of month.
    Version 2.0 2017.05.03
    1) Block of parameters: "News Filter";
    2) block of parameters: "Trailing Stop";
    3) additional filter on an entrance to the transaction: "add_filter_of_entrance";
    4) option of alternative settings at the included mode "AUTO_PARAMETERS": "Alternative_Set_at_AUTO".
    Version 1.9 2017.03.03
    1) Additional options in the AUTO mode for quick control.
    2) Ability to close a profitable transaction at any spread.
    3) The internal improvements to prevent the EA incorrect operation in emergency.
    Version 1.8 2017.02.10
    1) Improved the additional algorithm for closing transactions "use_Close_Analysis_Time=true".
    2) Added the ability to select the trading direction (Buy or Sell).
    Version 1.7 2017.01.24
    1) Internal optimization not related to trade logic.
    2) Parameters of the maximum spread can be changed if AUTO_PARAMETERS=true.
    Version 1.6 2016.12.22
    1) Functions regulating the opening of new orders relative to the already open orders.

    2) The recommended currency pairs: EURCHF, USDCHF, GBPCHF, EURCAD, CADCHF, GBPCAD.
    Version 1.5 2016.12.06
    1) Added ability to close open positions using FIFO rule; First In First Out. All positions that are opened within a particular currency pair are closed in the order in which they were originally opened.
    2) Added option to record the information of the expert (opening / closing of positions), to a file for future analysis.
    3) Ability to set a custom maximum opening spread and closing spread for BUY and SELL positions.
    4) When back testing, a custom date can now be assigned for the beginning and end of DST (Daylight Savings Time) for more accurate back testing results.
    5) Added the ability to limit open positions in time.
    Version 1.4 2016.10.24
    1) Added the ability to set GMT_Offset based on the local computer time.
    2) Added the ability to set the pause in the time interval for opening orders.
    Version 1.3 2016.09.26
    1) Optimization for the following currency pairs is performed: EURJPY, USDJPY, EURAUD, AUDUSD.
    2) The number of strategies is increased (more transactions).
    3) Magic numbers and comments to strategies can now be set manually and in the AUTO mode.
    Version 1.2 2016.09.06
    1) Strategy 2 and strategy 3 for currency pairs are optimized: EURGBP, EURCAD, USDCAD, GBPUSD, EURUSD.
    2) Parameters are divided into two blocks for simplicity of setup:
    ◾MANUAL_PARAMETERS - block of parameters to be filled manually;
    ◾AUTOMATIC_PARAMETERS - block of parameters recommended to be set automatically (AUTO_PARAMETERS = true).
    Version 1.1 2016.08.19
    Parameter is added: Use_safety_SL_and_TP - on/off use of safety Stop Loss and Take Profit for restriction of losses, in case of switch-off of the terminal for the long time (for those who aren't confident in the VPS server).
    Safety_StopLoss = 2*StopLoss, Safety_TakeProfit = 1.2*TakeProfit.