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The Expert Advisor BotMAn uses Moving Average data and an adaptation block. The entry/exit points are located at the points of intersection of the moving averages. The direction is determined by the adaptive system of the Expert Advisor using values of the moving averages.

Input Parameters

  • First MA Period - period of the first moving average indicator;
  • First MA Method - averaging method of the first indicator;
  • Second MA Period - period of the second moving average indicator;
  • Second MA Method - averaging method of the second indicator;
  • Adaptation Level - level (in points) that is used by the adaptive subsystem, must be a positive value;
  • Fixed Lot - fixed lot value;
  • Variable Lot - variable lot as a percentage of free margin.

The screenshots demonstrate the backtest results. The test was conducted on EURUSD and M1 timeframe in the "Every tick" mode, test period was 2013.01.07 - 2013.07.06. The settings were: fixed lot of 0.1, the period of the first indicator - 270, the method of averaging - Simple, the period of the second indicator - 100, the method of averaging - Exponential, the adaptive level - 40 points.

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Version 1.3 2014.10.15
Added input parameter Close on Reverse. If parameter value is true, position will be closed when opposite trading signal appear. If parameter value is false, position will be closed only when price reaches the Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.
Version 1.2 2014.08.05
New 'Trailing Stop' parameter has been added for automatic trailing of the Stop Loss level in the direction of the open position at the distance equal to Trailing Stop points far from the price.
The trailing mechanisms works as follows:
- If the Trailing Stop parameter is set to zero, the option is disabled.
- If Trailing Stop is less than Stop Loss, the mechanism is enabled as soon as the position profit exceeds or becomes equal to the Trailing Stop value.
- In other cases the trailing mechanism is enabled as soon as an order is placed.
Version 1.1 2014.07.28
Added input parameters Stop Loss and Take Profit.
If Stop Loss and/or Take Profit are not zero, orders can also be closed when reaching the corresponding price levels.