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Multi Strategist

NEWS Dec 9, 2019: New features are currently tested for Version 3.5, update only few days a way. 

NEWS Dec 9, 2019: Please make sure you  installed  version 3.4. Older Versions are not longer compatible with newest Metatrader Live-Update. 

NEWS Nov 28, 2019 N ew Update coming soon (V 3.5):

Improved Risk Managment! With the next Update to you will be able to limit max potential DD: The number of max allowed parallel trades will be  set automatically, depending on the real current DD risk.

  • Quicker StrategyTester
  • Price increase with Update!

 NEW: Check out free Signals (for demonstration only. "Full throttle" setting is high risk) 

Set files to signals: here

Multi Strategist is a fully automated Expert Advisor. It utilizes  seven indicator-based trading strategies which work in combination or separate. Each strategy uses a unique indicator combination. The strategies have been developed by cloud-based Strategy screening and each strategy has been tested and selected out of billions of possible strategies.

Full Description:  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/731320


Indicators implemented in the strategies are among others:

  • Moving Averages
  • Pivot Points (Standard or Fibonacci)
  • Stochastic Oscillator
  • Directional Movement Index (DMI) & Average Directional Index (ADX)
  • Alligator
  • Momentum
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  • Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD)
  • Williams Percent Range (WPR)


  • Easy to use
  • The market changes over time, so change  with it!
  • Seven trading strategies available to optimize trading.
  • Parallel Mode(Hedging accounts only): Strategy will trade in parallel to each other.
  • Average True Rangeis used to calculate volatility sensitive   stop losses and take profits
  • Integrated Money Management
  • Trailing stopssupport profit taking and loss limitation.
  • Partial Closing of positions.
  • Optional automatic trade closing on Fridays
  • Developed and optimized for, but not limited to, EURUSD H1. Easy to optimize further.
  • Spread filter
  • Info Panel

Recommended use

  • Test the EA on Demo first, do not use on real-money before you understand the risks.
  • Option A (recommended)
    • Get a vServer / VPS pre-installed with Windows (online search "Windows VPS")
    • Install Metatrader on the VPS
    • Activate AutoTrading
    • Load the expert advisor on the EURUSD H1 Chart using the supplied set files. Set InfoPanel true.
  • Option B)
    • Register a virtual server (VPS) via MQL5 software.
    • Load the expert advisor on the EURUSD H1 chart using the supplied set files.
    • Synchronize the terminal with VPS by clicking on "Synchronize experts, indicators".

  Recommended settings

  • Account balance: >1000 EUR (please contact author if you plan to use small Account balance)
  • Risk per Trade: < 5 % . The higher MaxPositions is, the lower risk per single trade should be set, because of parallel trades.
  • optimization settings: e.g.
  • auto MinProfit Multiplier: 0.3-0.0.9 (lower leads to more trades and higher winning rate but less avg profit per trade)
  • auto TrailingStop Multiplier: 0.3-3
  • Strategy combinations


Full Description:   https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/731320


    mikiamo 2019.11.14 15:20 

    Отличный робот (EA). Выполняет свою работу как надо. Хороший, уверенный и стабильный профит за первую неделю +8%. Много гибких настроек. Подойдет как для начинающего трейдера, так и для профессионала. Разработчик очень отзывчивый, помогает с настройками, оказывает активную поддержку, слушает пользователей, изучает вопрос и предлагает решение. Постоянно обновляет и совершенствует Советника (EA). Я очень доволен.

    Excellent expert Advisor (EA). Does the job right. Good, confident and stable profit +8% first week. Many flexible settings. Suitable for both novice trader and professional. The developer is very responsive, helps with settings, provides active support, listens to users, studies the issue and offers a solution. Constantly updates and improves EA.

    noshali 2019.11.06 18:05 

    Solid EA...author is continuously working on making it even better. Back tests and demo producing results as advertised.


    Already earned what paid for EA. so far so good

    il_rispetto 2019.10.30 20:47 

    A great job Julian, I noticed that EA works as in the test chart

    ritatrading 2019.10.25 11:29 

    Vorest nur gemietet, aber bisher hilfreicher Kontakt.

    Santacruzler 2019.09.19 19:48 

    User didn't leave any comment to the rating

    Version 3.4 2019.12.03
    Mandatory Update to make EA compatible with Mql5 VPS.

    What’s the Problem?

    If you have a VPS running and SL:300 is in the comment, then you are affected. The problem is how Mql5 VPS handles the program code at initiation (OnInit function). The error caused to set all trades to min lot 0.01 and a StopLoss of 30 pips. (It says 300 in the Comment, but SL will be 30, which is currently lower than wanted). The timing and decision making of opening a trade was not affected by the error.

    - Other VPS like MQL5 VPS (where you do not have actual access to the OS desktop) may also be affected.

    - Update is recommended to all users.
    • What to do If you are affected and have trades open:
    o Update MultiStrategist EA.
    o On your PC and load EURUSD H1 and the updated MultiStrategist on it.
    o Input your set file.
    o Resync with VPS.
    o You need to adjust the StopLoss of your current trades manually.
     All current trades should have a StopLoss and take profit of 58 pips (if there are not already trailing of course)..
     If you do not know how to manually adjust the StopLoss and TakeProfit than please contact me.

    o Please Contact me for any questions
    o Subscribe to Twitter @EAMulti to receive news.
    o Please Use EA only on 3 and 5 Digit brokers.
    Version 3.3 2019.11.26
    1) bug fix:
    In rare cases one parallel trade more than specified in MaxPositions could have been opened if two strategies signaled at the
    exact same time. Please update.

    2) minor adjustment on InfoPanel. For comprehension: "Risk" stands for "Risk per trade".
    Version 3.2 2019.11.16
    adjustments in Partial Closing Positions:

    Partial Closing Settings
    •Use Partial Closing: if true profitable trades get partially closed at certain level of profit.
    •Auto MinProfit: if true, sets the profit as ratio to TakeProfit that has to be reached to do a partial close.
    •Auto MinProfit (TakeProfit-Ratio): Example: 0.5 means half of the potential profit at TakeProfit has to be reached to do a
    partial close.
    •Manual MinProfit in currency: if Auto MinProfit is false, it will set the minimum profit in currency to do a partial close.
    Example: 50: 50$ profit has to be reached to do a partial close.
    •Close-Keep-Ratio: Sets position size to be closed as ratio. Example: 0.75: 75% of the position gets closed and 25% of the
    position remains.
    o If set to 1: whole position gets closed as soon MinProfit is reached.
    o If lotsize is to small to do the desired partial close, nothing will happen.
    Version 3.1 2019.11.16
    Adjustments in the optional InfoPanel. Buy and Sell Profit should now be properly displayed .
    Version 3.0 2019.11.15
    Upgrade can be done also with open positions.
    How To Upgrade:

    - Save your settings as .set file
    - install Upgrade
    - Load previous set file

    Changes V3

    - Infopanel settings:
    - 'Panel on the right' – if true InfoPanel will appear on the right.
    - 'Move downwards' - moves panel downwards on the y-axes.
    - 'Scaling' - changes size of Panel
    - 'Scale Correction' - if scaling settings in Windows 10 have been changed.
    E.g. if Win10 scale is 150% then Scale Correction must be = 1.5
    - 'Autoscale' - if true panel size adjusts to current chart window size.
    - 'scaling autoscale' - the autoscaled panel can be changed in size.

    - NEW Feature: Partial Closing (optional)
    - 'Partial Closing' – if true profitable trades get partially closed at certain level of profit in current currency.
    - 'MinProfit-TakeProfit-Ratio' – sets the profit as ratio to TakeProfit that has to be reached to do a partial close.
    - 'Close-Keep-Ratio' – Sets how much of the position shall be closed: 0.75 means 75% of the current position will be closed
    after reaching the MinProfit-TakeProfit-Ratio.

    - Minor Fixes:
    - InfoPanel now shows the correct profit, also if several charts are open.
    - Trailing can now effectivly turned of if needed.
    Version 2.1 2019.10.09
    Beautified settings menu.

    + new option under MaxPositions: NoNewTrades

    NoNewTrades allows you to let the EA finish active trades without starting new Trades.
    Version 2.0 2019.10.07
    New Feature added:
    - Parallel Mode: Buy increasing the setting "Max positions" from "one" to "seven", each Strategy will trade in parallel to each
    This means up to six times more trades per month possible!

    - Overworked InfoPanel (has to be activated in settings).
    Version 1.2 2019.09.23
    minor fixes.
    Version 1.1 2019.09.19
    Descriptive changes in Info panel: Strategy numeration was from 1 to 7 , now 0 - 6 , like in the settings and description and code.
    Changes do not affect the function of the EA nor the function/logic of the set files.