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UniFractal Trader

UniFractal Trader is based on 5-modes proprietary 1-bar fractal algorithm in combination with Moving Average, signal filtering by VMeter indicator, Trailing Stop and option to reverse trade signal. Standard fractal indicator uses 2-bar verification process, which means that order cannot be sent until 3rd bar after fractal. Fractal algorithm of this expert allows to trade on 2nd bar away from fractal, which means entering each position 1 bar earlier before trend ends.

This expert considers FIFO("First In - First Out") rule and does not increase lot position needlessly, therefore if order with same symbol (pair) and magic number has been detected, it will not send buy or sell order for this particular symbol and does not use Martingeil or any other lot multiplication method. However, in compliance with FIFO rule and to avoid cloning order on same pair, it can still be run on different pairs' charts in order to trade multiple pairs simultaneously.

External Parameters:

Signal settings:

  • ReverseSignal - Reverse Trade Signal

Trend detection: Moving Average (MA) settings:

  • EnableMA - Enable Moving Average Trend Detection
  • MAPeriod - Moving Average Period
  • ReferenceMAShift - Reference MA Shift reference MA shifted N bars relative to current MA for trend detection

Uni-Fractal settings (can be used in any combination for fractal detection):

  • E_Fractal - Mode 1
  • I_Fractal - Mode 2
  • C_Fractal - Mode 3
  • O_Fractal - Mode 4
  • M_Fractal - Mode 5

Signal Filtering by VMeter (controls when orders are sent or closed):

(Note: if OpenOrderOnVMeterLevel and CloseOrderOnVMeterLevel set to equal then OpenOrderOnVMeterLevel is enabled only)
  • EnableVMeterFilter - Enables VMeter Filter
  • VMeterRange - VMeter scanning Range
  • OpenOrderOnVMeterLevel - Send Orders on VMeter Level 1 to 4 (0 = sends orders on any level)
  • EnableCloseOrdersByVMeter - Enables Close Orders By VMeter
  • CloseOrderOnVMeterLevel - Closes Orders on VMeter Level 1 to 4 (0 = closes orders on any level )

Order settings: Take Profit, Stop Loss and Slippage are set in pips (1 pip=10 points=0.00010):

  • TakeProfit - Take Profit (pips)
  • StopLoss - Stop Loss (pips)
  • Lot - Lot Size
  • Slippage - Slippage (pips)
  • Magic - Magic Number

Trailing Stop: Stop and Step set in pips (1 pip=10 points=0.00010):

(Note: Take Profit should be set to 0 or at least twice as large as Trailing Stop)
  • EnableTrailing - Enables Trailing Stop
  • TrailingStop - Trailing Stop (pips)
  • TrailingStep - Trailing Step (pips)

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