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Bollinger with WPR scalper

The Expert Advisor trades based on Bollinger bands and Williams` Percent Range. It also uses other indicators. It can perform a lot of trades, so you don't need to wait for new positions (with appropriate settings and with the H1 timeframe). The EA has the trailing stop and stop loss calculation functions depending on the currency pair movement strength.

The EA can be used on any currency pairs and timeframes from M5 to D1. Do not forget to optimize parameters.‌‌

Input Values

  • Lots - lot size (if 0, the lot volume is calculated based on the % of account free margin);
  • Percentage of free money - the percentage of free margin to open each new trade (applicable when Lots=0);
  • MaxSpread - maximum spread for opening trades (on the accounts with floating spread, for the trade to open when the spread is not too large);
  • Magic - a unique identifier (use different magic numbers if multiple Expert Advisors run in your terminal);
  • TakeProfit - take profit (in points);
  • MaxStopLoss - maximum possible stop loss (in points);
  • PeriodDynamicStop - dynamic stop loss calculation period (if 0, the maximum stop loss is used);
  • DynamicStopFactor - dynamic stop loss calculation multiplier;
  • TrailingStopValue - trailing stop value in points (0 - not used);
  • MaxCountBuyOrders - maximum allowable Buy trades opened by the EA at a time (recommended 1-3);
  • MaxCountSellOrders - maximum allowable Sell trades opened by the EA at a time (recommended 1-3);
  • CountBarsBetweenTrades - the minimum distance in bars, after which an additional trade can be opened (recommended from 5 to 20);
  • OrderComments - comments to opened orders;
  • TradeEveryTick - trade each new tick (slows down optimization, but may improve profit in real trading);
  • BollingerPeriod - Bollinger bands period;
  • BollingerDeviations - Bollinger bands deviations;
  • Bollinger2Enable - enable/disable the second Bollinger bands indicator;
  • Bollinger2Period - second Bollinger bands indicator period;
  • Bollinger2Deviations - second Bollinger bands indicator deviations (this parameter value should be less than the first indicator deviations and may even become negative);
  • MoreTransactions - allow the EA to react to weak signals and to open more trades;
  • PeriodWPR - WPR (Williams` Percent Range) period;
  • LevelsWPR - WPR levels (1-50, automatically converted to lower and upper levels);
  • PeriodWPR2 - second WPR period (0 - second WPR is not used);
  • EnableAutoClose - enable automated closing of trades;
  • PeriodForClose - WPR period to close trades;
  • LevelsForClose - WPR levels to close trades;
  • AdxPeriod - ADX indicator period;
  • MinAdxLevel - minimum ADX level;
  • MaxAdxLevel - ADX indicator maximum level;
  • Trading start hour - trading start hour;
  • Trading end hour - trading end hour;
  • ShowInfo - enable the display of information.
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